Felipe, Letizia & Family on Magazine Covers

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Thank you very much Adelaide!

That was really kind of you!:D
Cover of Lecturas


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Magazine cover
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agm said:
Magazine cover
Is this German and what in the world does Das 2 Bebe mean? A second baby?

Does any person in Germany take these magazines seariously?
Covers of hola


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From Point de Vue
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More magazine covers
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The title: "Marriage-drama: Letizia's rival is very dangerous...":D:eek::D
Oh yes, I'm already scared...:D
I imagine this German tabloid didn't like Letizia's last green gown and decided to put the one she used more than year ago...;)

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The Princes of Asturias in the cover of this week Hola magazine:

Mathilde1286 said:
When were these taken?
Are there any more pictures in the current events thread?
Hi, Mathilde! Those are from the Russian State Visit Gala Dinner, on February 8th. This thread is plenty of photos. Enjoy!
LaChicaMadrilena said:
"Can Felipe take (i.e. help) Letizia's fear? (or sth like that:))"

Thank you LaChica...

I just wonder what fear is this exactly...:rolleyes:
Anna_R said:
Thank you LaChica...

I just wonder what fear is this exactly...:rolleyes:

They just cannot know what else to invent, gotta credit their creativity though:rolleyes: ;)
Felipe and Letizia in continuous honeymoon by Spain.

"Semana" review

I can not see the magazine bigger.
Can you make it fanleticia please?
can someone, tell me what mean this words?
Paty said:
can someone, tell me what mean this words?
That's the cover of a Portuguese tabloid, from the time Leonor was born. They interviewed the Duke of Bragança (head of the disestablished Portuguese Royal House) and asked him if he would like to see the new Infanta of Spain marrying one of his boys... the poor man gave the only possible answer for such a ridiculous question: yes, sure, the Portuguse and the Spanish royal families had always had strong marriage connections and it would be very interesting... Perhaps not Afonso (who is the heir, so it would be unthinkable...), but with Dinis (the youngest one), it would be a beautiful thing to be seen, etc.

No need to said, the question was made so trap D. Duarte... so they could use it on their cover:rolleyes: :
"D. Duarte wishes to marry baby Leonor with his child!"
i think the german magazines are having the time of their life by printing false stories about the crown couple of spain.. imo if they have not published a false story for a day they would all die in frustration!!! :p :) ;) :p
Covers of Semana, Lecturas, DiezMinutos and Hola

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HOLA is not on the good chanel this week !
leonor's eyes are so breathtaking! those little blue eyes. she's going to be a very beautiful woman someday just like her mother.
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