Felipe and Letizia's 10th Wedding Anniversary: May 22, 2014

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This is very true, we can easily see in other countries that the female spouses can make the rather blah heirs shine (Netherlands, Denmark). I work for a Dutch company and those colleagues still make fun of WA being rather bland, not being the sharpest knife in the drawer, 'Prince Pils', but Maxima woaaaahhhh etc.

In Spain, this didnt work. Long before the gossip press went into overdrive about Letizia, from the day of the engagement, it seemed that people didnt really warm up to her, for whatever reason. It may be because of the way she comes across to many people, cold, bossy, not authentic (even the Prince said that she needs to smile more) and the way she was being handled by the royal house. Her work conduct may be flawless, but it hasn't been enough to win people over. Now the image that has been fed by the gossip press over the last 10 years sticks and it will be difficult to turn emotions around.

A royal man got married, has a few kids, grows some grey hair. Marriage and kids help to bring stability and maturity to a man. Of course some countries' pro monarchy press can praise their wives to bring that stability, but that just happened to every married royal man of this generation.

The last 10 years at least Letizia has made two big contributions to Felipe's royal career in a very difficult situation. Everyone in the Spanish press says these days Felipe's speech in Argentina, then the PoA awards, was a turning point of the public view, it was Letizia who had urged him to improve his pubic speaking since day one and had worked with him. The second thing Letizia had helped him to see more clearly Noos' business before the scandal broke. So Felipe was neither a complicit nor being seen leaving blind eyes as his parents (sure JC switched side when the scandal broke) or sister Elena. I doubt Felipe would be able to shine as today without the help of a woman with Letizia's background.
I dont think it would have gone much differently without that famous sentence, it was her whole attitude, quite snappy/bossy, same the day before at their first outing at Zarzuela II, that didn't go down well.

I am sure that will happen to Letizia too, people won't bother with her much anymore, she will become as boring as Queen Sofia for the public. Within the next 10 years the focus of the aggressive gossip magazines will probably change towards Leonor and Sofia, there is plenty of money to be made with the girls once they become adults and working royals.

She probably can dress better, smile more, but where was Letizia's so called bossy attitude ? She might be bossy in private, but hardly displayed it in public. Even when she said 'let me finish', she said it in a playful way and Felipe was laughing, nothing bossy about. Of course, if a certain sector of press wanted to project a certain image on her, it's not so hard for them to do it, just as 'repeating a lie a thousand times, it becomes the true'.

The girls will certainly become the focus of the press attention in 10 years, especially Leonor with her position, her beauty. But I doubt they will be so harshly judged or criticized like their mom as along as they don't do unethical (criminal) things like Auntie Cristina. Bottom line they are the born royals. Take an example of two high profile foreign royals in Spain Diana and Caroline of Monaco. Diana had always been harshly criticized by the conservative press in Spain, Caroline of Monaco not so much.
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Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia visit the El Greco Exhibition at Santa Cruz Museum in Toledo to celebrate their tenth weeding anniversary

Their Tenth Weeding Anniversary!?! That must have been one heck of an exceptional flower bed for them to publicly celebrate the weeding of it. ;) :D

Sorry, but I just could not resist. :) :)

Out of the two Royal Brides of May 2004, Letitzia dress was my favourite and has a place in my top five list of All Time Favourite Royal Wedding Dresses. There was something just so regal about it and I loved how the neck ruffle/collar framed Letitzia's face so beautifully. Then there was Felipe looking so dashing in his Military Uniform and...Well...There's not much you say in a negative way about a Groom in Uniform IMO. :)

Ten years and two adorable girls later, I think TRH are doing an excellent job of things considering all that is swirling around them. We all know what's going on, so won't rehash it, but IMO both have acted and conducted themselves w/a great deal of dignity. Considering all that has and continues to happen, I can't begin to imagine how hard it must be to be in the Public Eye constantly, w/all the rumours and what not going on, and keep on holding your head high and just getting the job done. All I'd want to do is crawl into bed and cry if our positions were switched, so I have a great deal of respect for both of them.

I hope they had a lovely day privately celebrating it w/those two adorable little girls of theirs.

A very Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary to Felipe and Letizia!! :)
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