Evening, darlings.

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Jan 14, 2008
New York
United States
I just thought I'd say a quick hi to make that little annoying notice at the top go away. I was planning to just lurk my way around the forums and not really engage in discussions, but--who knows--I might opt out to post once in a blue moon. (Since I don't know much about history, but absolutely curious to read up on it and learn from others.)
Welcome to TRF, Alennae! I'm afraid you'll have to post once in a while to stop that annoying little notice coming back, and we look forward to your contributions. :flowers:
Hello Alennae and welcome aboard! I do hope that you decide to participate in conversations. They are so much fun! Happy posting!
Yay. Thank you for the lovely welcome! I shall have to post from time to time then to prove I'm not dead then. People seem like lots of fun here.
You will have a great time.Everbody is happy here.:flowers:

Welcome again..:cool:
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