Engagement of Prince Rainier & Grace Kelly

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In 1955, Prince Rainier first gave Grace an friendship ring of diamonds and rubies. As for her engagement ring, it was a twelve-carat -emerald-cut diamond ring.

I just read about this in the new issue of Harper's Bazaar. It was an eternity band of diamonds and rubies, but when he came out to LA to visit Grace, he realized they do things bigger out there, and purchased the emerald-cut diamond engagement ring from Cartier. Cartier is having some kind of anniversary this year so I'm sure we're going to be hearing and seeing alot about it.
Thanks to Nathalie, I and the other members can see the most important moment of a princess-to-be of Monaco. It's a wonderful capacity to see how her wedding dress is being created and many other things.
Thanks Nathalie!
Thanks dear Artume,a lovely photo.I love her evening dress and white gloves:flowers:
Terrific pics! Thanks queenofthelight. As Elly said, there's was no way she could ever strike a ungaily pose. Gosh, she was perfect.
^^Beautiful pic. They look so in love. A really Hollywood 50's pic!
Yes Stephanie wore it to 1982's Red Cross Ball, pics can be found on the Retrospective thread. Apparently the bottom part was removed or redone.
No Stephanie wore a later Dior dress to the Ball in /82 that was empire cut from his later collections/circa/1957/58

I think HSH Princess Grace was a good sport with all these photographers as the boat is leaving America and she was also living out the mythology of her name by being truly "gracious"
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Thanks queenofthelight for the wonderful pics. Oh, I wish I was there in that momento to see Princess Grace and Prince Rainier personally. But that happened when my father was 4 years old so... :lol:
Grace's engagement gown is one of my all time favorites of her gowns. She wore so many spectacular gowns on and offscreen so that's saying something!

She and Princess Rainier look magical in those pictures. Thanks for sharing them! They are delight to look at!
^I like the first photo, with her parents. We can see that she inherited the best of the Kelly genes :)
She was a very beautiful, classy lady. I imagine how nervous she must have been with all the engagement and marriage :flowers:
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