Engagement of Prince Rainier & Grace Kelly

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Yes Stephanie wore it to 1982's Red Cross Ball, pics can be found on the Retrospective thread. Apparently the bottom part was removed or redone.
The pictures of the civil ceremony are simply great! Thanks for the photos, queenforthelight!:)
Thanks for the beautiful photos.She was a fairy tale princess,unforgetable:flowers:
Thanks for the photos.You are doing a great job.Grace is always chic:flowers:
Your photos are great,Queenfothelight.The second one ,with her dog Oliver,is very funny.In the last one ,she has received in a box,her wedding shoes.I have seen this box in the Grace kelly exhibition both in Monaco and Paris.
Beautiful photos.She is unforgettable:flowers:
You photos are always great,Queenfothelight.The first one ,is very funny,Grace in los toros, in a corrida in Spain:flowers:
I like these photos very much,specially the second one with the doll.Thanks so much for posting:flowers:
Beautiful photo of Grace in los toros in Spain.Thanks for posting
During a stop over on their honeymoon cruise, Princess Grace of Monaco and Prince Rainier took in a bull fight in Majorca. In keeping with custom, the victorious matador dedicates his "kill" to the guest of honor, in this instance the lovely American princess-bride of Monaco's ruler. The matador does this by offering the honored guest his tricorne hat after accepting the honor, Princess Grace is shown returning the hat.
Grace said in one ocassion,she liked Spain very much and Spain was one of her favourites countries.
Thank you for all wonderful photos, Princess Grace always noble, elegance, beautiful...
Beautiful photos.Grace loved her dog Oliver very much
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