Engagement of Andrea Casiraghi and Tatiana Santo Domingo; 2 July 2012

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What do you guys think? True or false?
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I hope it´s true. I like this couple so much!
They gave here the wrong age of Andrea; he just turned 28, not 30, so...hmm....
Well, according to Royal News here in TRF, not only it's true as it's also afficial. Congratulations to the happy couple. It was about time those two to take the step ahead in their relationship.:clap: :clap: :clap:

I wonder how P. Caroline's feelling...
Aww I hope it's true! They've been together for so long. Congratulations to the happy couple if it is true!
I just saw the news on TRF blog, so I'm taking it as official and wish the happy couple much joy and happiness on their engagement.
Don't you think that, if it was true, there should be something about it on the official site ?
Congratulations to Andrea! :heart: Tatiana looked a bit like Andrea's mother, Princess Caroline, when she was young...
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Technically speaking, Andrea Casiraghi has no title. His late father was not granted any title after marrying Princess Caroline.
It is great that the couple has made a decision to marry.
Don't you think that, if it was true, there should be something about it on the official site ?

Is Andrea, or any non princely members of the family, ever mentioned on the official website?
If true its great news, to me it seems they have been together forever and kudos to to Andrea that he didnt turn into an international playboy what could have easily happened. He's always had a serious side, so does Tatiana.
Happy news.
Still nothing to the Palace's website? Anyway, very happy new!!! I aklready dream to the wedding ceremony!! Andrea is no 2 to the thone, he desserves a great wedding!!
After a lifetime together, it was about time for them to get engaged.
There isn't any official confirmation of the news.
All the articles mention as their source the Italian Vogue, but Vogue doesn't mention any specific source at all; or better, it mentions very generically "sources very close to the couple" - which IMO means everything and nothing (and instead the article contains several mistakes).
Well, Hola published an article about this supposed engagement in its site. That « makes it official » Ihihih... :D :D :D

Now, seriously, shouldn't an official source say something about this engagement? After all, we're all giving as a fact something that was ONLY published in a magazine. At this moment, who can say for sure that this so called engagement isn't just a rumor, a joke of a very, very bad taste? I still reserve the right to be doughtful about this all matter!!! :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:
If it all confirms, i'll be very happy for them, of course! :heart:
I would take this with a grain of salt.
He might not be a Prince, but why the official site wouldn't annunce it if it was true? I mean, he is the third in line after all...
plus, how realiable is Vogue Italia with all the many mistakes it made in it's article?
I think that the Royal Court would announce it if it were true...:ermm:
Oh, well, I'll withdraw my congrats until this is definitely confirmed!;)
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I believe I was a little bit too fast with my congratulation card.
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