Easter with the Norwegian Family: 2004 - 2024

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The King and Queen are at Kongsseteren at Voksenkollen in Oslo. Here is a greeting to everyone from the Royal Couple on the occasion of Easter.

« The King and I are deeply and powerfully impressed by all the good work that has been done - the important and great work that has been done these days across the whole country, says Queen Sonja in this video greeting
- Together, we have to deal with this. As a nation and in collaboration with the rest of the world, the King said.
Very good easter"


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lovely, lovely couple! God bless The King and Queen!
Happy Easter fron the Crown Prince Couple:

"The Crown Prince and Crown Princess wish everyone a really happy Easter and send a greeting to everyone who contributes in various ways to voluntary work around the country - both now at Easter and all year round.

- We send a special greeting to everyone who is wondering if I can make a difference. Because you can. No one can do everything, but everyone can do a little, says the Crown Princess."


The kings went friday to their cabin to go skiing during easter holidays, on different trains

There is only one king. I assume you mean the king and queen each went on a different train or did other family members or a foreign king (Carl Gustav comes to mind) join them as well?

Edit: just watched the video and king Harald and queen Sonja both entered the royal train carriage, so they clearly traveled with the same train. No other royals were in sight. The king doesn't seem to be in good enough shape to go skiing but I hope he'll enjoy his time in their cabin.
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There is only one king. I assume you mean the king and queen both went on different trains or did other family members join them as well?
"The Kings" is most likely a translation of "Los Reyes" which means the "Royal couple". It's not uncommon to see this written on social media by people from Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries.
Good that we don't see ML's fiance.
The King and Queen and the crown prince's family gathered at Bygdø Kongsgård at the beginning of Easter week.
Such a lovely family, the King is looking well, and the CP couples children have grown into very attractive adults.

Key word: Grown!

I mean.. how tall is Sverre Magnus? Is he closer to two meters? Haakon is 193 cm (6"4), and it looks like Sverre is taller than his father.
I'd love to see Magnus standing side-by-side with Gabriel, seems those two boys are the tallest of their generation?
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