Earl and Countess of Wessex Current Events 9: November 2005-March 2006

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Sophie looks beautiful. She is an excellent example of how royalty should appear. She is elegant,feminine and yet not stuffy. She looks healthy and radiant. I do hope the Count and Countess appear more often at these occasions--they represent their country marvelously!
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she lookk great, i love the tiara!
The problem with the red dress...was that it wasn't very complimentary to the Countess, at least IMO. A couple of seasons ago, there was a bathing suit that was similar to the dress and unless you had the figure for it (cause it hid nothing :) it wasn't the suit for you. I also dont think red is a good colour for her. Pastels, beige, black, etc. anything but red.
I saw photos of her is red suits and gowns before, the colour is not bad for her. Sophie doesn't strike me as a tall person. The problem with this red gown is that the wide band cuts her down in height even more. If the colour contrast between the band and the rest of the dress is less defined, I think the dress would have worked better for her.
That article doesn't list its source. Unfortunately in the past, some reporters have been shown to invent quotes when it suits them.
Hi Incas.

The source of the article I wrote was, as I stated, the Daily Mail's Richard Kay and Geoffrey Levy. They really can be trusted as they are, in my opinion, two of the best royal reporters around.

And Corazon - do you mean my writing is terrible (aagh! :() or the fact the article says Sophie isn't pregnant is terrible? If it's the first I'll go and hang my head in shame :eek:



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no, not is terrible about the pregnancy, is terrible as the article was write. Is sad the problem with edward's company and is sad than sophie back to work, her work like a royal member of the family is very good. she do very well in her actual position and is sab the back work in her old work because we not see her like now.
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Hi Corazon. :)

Oh right, I think what you meant was you agree that it's a shame the media are again reporting on Sophie's work, bringing up all the past problems she had with her PR company. As I essentially said in the article, personally I really hope she sticks with being a relatively high profile member of the Royal Family (rather than returning to the business world) as I honestly think she's one of the House of Windsor's biggest assets, she's incredibly good at the work that she undertakes but, sadly, she doesn't get enough recognition or thanks for all that she does. I think the same goes with Edward, I really think the Wessexes are two of the nicest royals around.

yes, she is very good in her job in the royal family, is sad thet she need back her old work, I did not mean something bad for your article, I meant that the sophie situation is bad about the work
Ah, A return to the silly season. Its when I really know Christmas is on its way.
Would the Queen actually allow her to go back to work. After the mess from her last job?
I think if Sophie goes back to work, then she needs to be stripped of her titles and be plain Mrs Mounbatten-Windsor.
zeap said:
I think if Sophie goes back to work, then she needs to be stripped of her titles and be plain Mrs Mounbatten-Windsor.

Sophie doesn't hold any titles, though. It is her husband who is the title-holder; she is called Countess simply because she is the wife of an Earl.
i dont think Sophie would taking stripped titles! but if the wessexes got divorces they HM would stripped to Sophie they would known as Sophie,Countess of Wessex like late Diana,Princess of Wales and Sarah,Duchess of York who got stripped titles from ex-mother in law
He's been in the theatre business working with Andrew Lloyd Webber, and in production end as well. I'm sure he knows the entertainment business quite well to carry on conversations with actors. Plus all the travels around the world would entertain any guest.
Whoopi said that she had met him before.
I've just been looking at the engagements section of the official website, and I've noticed that next week one engagement involving Edward, and two engagements involving Sophie have been cancelled.

I wonder why?
pollyemma said:
those boots are a disaster! especially with that suit!

Hello pollyemma

Re your post #25 - I quite agree with you. I actually like the suit and the boots but definately not together. IMO if she had knee high books it would have looked much better (or a longer skirt :p )

Scott :)
sara1981 said:
Why won't people leave our country sports alone? First they try and ban hunting, next it will be shooting.
Well done Countess for supporting the sport and it looks like HRH is a very good shot!
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To quote from the Sun:

"Edward, 41, also took part in the shoot with a group of seven men.
Andrew Tyler of Animal Aid accused Sophie of being “despicably cruel”."

Why then is Sophie the only one getting attacked for this? I don't want to get into a discussion over shooting so i am not going to comment my views on if i am pro shooting or not, but if Edward and seven other men were there then why is Sophie the only one the articles are centered around? I know the Sun are not a reliable scource and are not exactly pro-Royal but all of the papers are reporting the same view, it amazes me how bored and desperate for a story they must be.
Did they ate the pheasants they shot?
I'm against killing for sport any animal but here in the USA people who live in the country areas kill deer but they are eaten. Plus is also the only way to control the population since the major predators are not common any longer. Same with wild turkeys and rabbits/hares. Even alligators are part of southern cuisine! And now there are even ostrich and buffalo farms to mass produce them for food.
I won't eat any of those things, I'm old fashioned steak, pork and chicken guy, but if the animal is for food (and not for fur) I don't see anything wrong either on what Sophie of Wessex did.
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I think the media is trying to make a story out of nothing more than the Countess participating in a perfectly legal and enjoyable country pursuit. As for HRH being described as 'cruel and heartless' is a ridiculous statement. The Countess is a dedicated campaigner for charities and works very hard representing those causes. Who do these people think they are criticising the Countess?
I hope HRH continues to shoot and enjoy her sport...
It seems like people are willing to criticize her for anything. :( I don't see this as a big deal at all. Mountain out of a mole-hill?

But are there any pictures from this event?
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December 19, 2005
HRH Countess of Wessex launches the RNID's 'Breaking the Sound Barrier' Campaign at BAFTA, London

(pictures from uk press)


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