Earl and Countess of Wessex Current Events 6: March-June 2005

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A new thread with lots of news and pictues our lovely couple Edward and Sophie.
I mean that does The Countess of Wessex has lady-in-waiting for her own like The Queen,The Queen Mother,...?
No, only the Queen has ladies in waiting. But it is an odd question because she does have an enqurier that probably does the exact work. But they only call them ladies in waiting when they are in the Queen's service.
HMQueenElizabethII said:
I mean that does The Countess of Wessex has lady-in-waiting for her own like The Queen,The Queen Mother,...?
Sophie does have a Lady in Waiting - apparently she's called Annabelle Galletley.

I found the following article, which states she accompanied Sophie on an engagement: www.blease.com/rdas/pages/ html/dDocuments/Press%20Releases.PDF
The 'title' lady in waiting is only used to refer to the Queen's equeries or valets. It is an honour only the highest lady in the land has. Sophie does have someone who does the job the lady in waiting does for the Queen but it is simply titled something else. You can imagine the jokes that will incur if Prince Charles' valet was called his gentleman in waiting.:D
Claire said:
No, only the Queen has ladies in waiting.

From the The Queen's official website

"Like The Queen, lady members of the Royal Family appoint their own Ladies-in-Waiting."
okay, although Princess Anne tends to deny it.

Edward and Sophie are in France the whole of this week, for the British ski championships. Kind of a working holiday?
Any pics of the Earl and Countess of Wessex in France yet?I have found but no pics.Did you see any pics?
I've looked as well. It is understandable that we didn't see any pics from their holiday, as Ed and Sophie don't give the press any photo calls. But I thought that they would have some of them at the Ski Championship but I have not found any either. I did not realise that Snow sports were so unpopular in Britian I can bearly find anything about it on the web. I found something that might explain it. The race today, the Super-G was cancelled due to soft snow.
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Getty had two pictures today:



Curtsey to the british royal message board
Here are some more photos of Edward and Sophie, yesterday at the British Land Ski Championship. Source: Rex Features. I'm afraid that this is as big as they get.


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More photos. Also from Rex features. I love Sophie's hair tied up. But I have to say that if I ever see the yellow shirt -:eek:


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But at first i thought that is their Royal duty.Because it's in the Royal Engagements Diary but now it's their holiday.
I think that that caption is wrong - or maybe just confused. Edward and Sophie were at St. Moritz (?) last week for their holiday. This week they were at Meribel for the British Land Ski Championships. They attended a function a day and handed out the award of the previous day event. I know that Tuesday's event the Super - G was cancelled, and it is possible that Wednesday event was cancelled as well.
I don't know much about sking but the event was cancelled due to soft snow. Could the championship have been cancelled, but the tourist skiing events remain open? I don't think anything wrong in Edward and Sophie skiing if the event they were suppose to attend was cancelled.
Claire did you read somewhere that they were at a private holiday in St. Moritz?

If yes, where?
I tried to figure out where they were the last week but failed.
No it was only a guess, which is why there is a question mark behind it. Sorry if there was any confusion.
Edward and Sophie often go to St. Moritz in March - they have done so for the last three years and possibly more before that. Then again they also attended the FIS Ski Championships there last year, so maybe they regular have their holiday just before attending a ski championships. :)

Any guesses on Sophie's easter bonnet? A new one or an old favourite?
She does have to buy a special outfit for the wedding, doesn't she?
I was reading an article recently that all men tend to marry their mothers. I thought it was a funny concept - man marrying their mothers, women marrying their fathers. And then I saw this photo, of Sophie, and it is amazing how much she looks like the Queen. Maybe she is picking up the Queen's mannerisms, or Edwards?


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Some old photos of Edward and Sophie

Here are some photos of Edward and Sophie that I found while browersing. Hope you enjoy them.


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So did they attend the Easter Service in Windsor yesterday?I saw Edward but did not see Sophie.
I also like to see her.Last year she wore a extravagant hat. BTW where do the live?Bagshot Park?Where is this...
I was driving through England and I saw Bagshot Park but unfortunately I didn´t take a closer look because I didn´t realize that it was their home , the city they are living in seems not very lovely.
Here are more photos. I think there were taken on the easter.


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Thanks lots.That's so beautiful!Which site have you got the pictures from,Gloria?Thanks you lots.
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