Earl and Countess of Ulster and Family News 1: April 2004-

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Apr 16, 2004
Hello I do apologise In advance if you have discussed this topic but does anybody have any new info on this private couple.(Earl and Countes of Ulster)

I was sat in a restaurant on kensington high street last week and saw Lady Rose Windsor on another table with 2 friends and it got me thinking about her brother.

Do you think they will have a family? I think it would be lovely for HRH princess Alice to become a great grandmother, And of course birgitte would make a wonderful granny. I met her last year in Marks and Spencer in Kensington and she was ordering some clothes for herself and her daughters but they didn't have the sizes in stock so she was collecting them from kings lynn store as she was staying with her cousin. (HM the Queen at Sandringham).
(I will be meeting the Gloucesters this week as they are at Cardiff Castle for a civic reception so I hope to get a few pics)
Anyway if anybody has any info or pics they will be gladly recived

;) Rupert.....
I am not sure how much news there is on the Earl and Countess of Ulster as they are not public figures even though they are royal. This is the thread to my knowledge on the Ulsters, which is of their wedding: Alexander and Claire, Wedding
How wonderful Rupert that you have met some of the Gloucesters! ;)
the duchess is very sweet and now with only a slight danish accent where as when i met her 20 years ago she was what i told my mother a foreign lady with a strange accent. i couldnt grasp as a child people who didnt sound like myself or my family. My grandfather served the royal family in the 40s and 50s so as a child i was the only member of my family who was intrested in his stories of the king and his family which im afraid now is my main hobby and have recently spent the last 9 months travelling europe visiting castles, palaces and watching royal events that i now intend to rest an write my journals properly and watch wimbledon tennis championship.
I would love too see some current photo's of the Earl and Countess of Glouchester!
OOOOPS! I mean Earl and Countess of Ulster!
I think the next set of photos will be at the Trooping the Colour parade on the balcony at Buckingham Palace. Also at Lady Davina's wedding if there are public photos.
1.From the wedding of Lady Davina

2.At the 2003 Trooping the Colour ceremony


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Is that the same dress in both pictures?

They really don't look very happy in that picture of them at Lady Davina's wedding. I hope it's just a bad picture and not an indication of problems.
Earl and Countess of Ulster recent pics

5. Queen's Golden Jubilee service with Claire
6. with the Duke of Gloucester at Queen Mother's funeral
9. kissing Princess Benedikte of Denmark


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What can you tell me about Alexander? Does he have a job besides being a "Royal"? How did he meet his wife? What can you tell me about her? Where do they live?
The Countess of Ulster is actually Dr. Claire Booth in the sense of her profession, she is a doctor.

Alexander was in the military, but not sure if he is still is or not.
I think he still is. I know he was in Kosovo in 2002.
Yes..she does look like her. She also kind of resembles, Sonia, from Eastenders, in the face a little.
The Earl of Ulster is actually pretty sexy - not in the Casiraghi league but I wouldn't kick him out of the four poster.
BeatrixFan said:
The Earl of Ulster is actually pretty sexy - not in the Casiraghi league but I wouldn't kick him out of the four poster.

ha ha...he has that muscular, athletic look like Peter does. I agree with you. ;)
He could do with losing a bit of weight - I like 'em thin. But his bone structure is very good and he's inherited that Danish sex appeal.
He is an excellent cross in looks between both parents. I think he will serve the Dukedom of Gloucester very well when he ascends to the title.
Jil said:
What can you tell me about Alexander? Does he have a job besides being a "Royal"? How did he meet his wife? What can you tell me about her? Where do they live?

His wife is a school friend of his sister Lady Davina, and apparently they were dating all the way through college. She's a doctor at the same hospital where the Countess of Wessex was taken to give birth, if I remember right. He's in the King's Royal Hussars; I'm not sure what rank he has there, but he was a captain a couple of years ago. He saw action in Kosovo; the KRH do have some soldiers in Iraq, but if he's there I'm sure it's being kept very quiet.
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Lady Marmalade said:
What kind of medicine does Claire practice?
When they married she was described as a GP.
GP is General Practitioner, which translates into internist (internal medicine) in the USA.

GP in Canada means a family practice unlike the specialist who deal with certain aspects of the body.
Thank you Warren and Elspeth. We use the same term in the U.S., but I do appreciate your responses.

I know we call it the Intensive Care, or ICU, and the term in England is Theater....I hope I am correct on that, if not, please correct me.

We have Intensive Care but we also have theatre which is the operating theatre. So, if someone is critically ill, they go in intensive care. If they are having a normal op, they go into theatre.
bernard lachaise said:
Earl and Countess of ulster don't have any children?
No children as yet.
Is she Canadian or is it the Countess of St. Andrews that I am thinking of ?
The Countess of St.Andrews is Canadian. I think Claire is British as far as I am aware.
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