Dutch Introductory Visit to Norway: October 2, 2013

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Indeed Wartenberg,the Norwegian CP Couple are very very close friends of Willem-Alexander and Máxima and regularly found here sailing with the whole lot of 'm!

TM know eachother ever since WA was in dipers and his parents and the King & Queen of Norway are the closest of friends.No no,not a lack of warmth at all,contrary.Just a different country different costums,but lack of warmth no way!!

I think the contact between NL and Norway is even more close than NL and Spain as the 2 younger couples spent holidays together, as you have mentioned, Máxima is Magnus´ godmother and they visit each other for their birthdays (not regularily, but often) - how can one more be close when living in different countries?!
yes, i also disagree about the CP couple and the dutch king and queen not being close: maxima and MM are known to be good friends and both couples went on holidays together when they were CP couples both of them.

it's great the dutch king and queen are getting to visit so many of their counter parts on these short visits. well done to them.
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