Diana's Eating Disorders and Health Issues

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but people knew that there was a problem with Diana after her marriage as regards food and weight. She lost a huge amount of weight, she was horrifically thin.. yet she did seem at times to "eat normally" and to binge eat stuff like chocolate.
People might not have fully understood bulimia then, but it seems that they cottoned on very quickly that she was not well... Anyone could see how thin she was -. There was speculation that she might have a life threatening illness...
And staff and friends did realise after a while that she was so thin but appeared to eat normally at times because she was making herself sick... It is a secretive illness, true but in Di's case, it was "bad enough" for people around her to work out what was happening even if they idd not know the word for it, or realise that it was a psychological compulsion..
But I've never heard of her being frightfully thin, or dieting during her younger days. She wasn't fat, but she was normal weight as a teenager, in pictures, she looks a little pudgy faced at times, and people mentioned her having a healthy appetite...
I think if she was bulimic at boarding school, her friends and teachers would have had some idea, even if it was now in retrospect... that she had "lost a bit of weight" or disappeared to the loo a lot.. and would problaby have mentioned it by now that they remembered her acting in an odd way at school.. or in her Sloane Ranger days.#
The American lady she worked for said that Diana showed no signs of an eating disorder when she was with them, and had meals at their house....
So I don't think she was bulimic as a teenager..
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