Diana and Sophie, Countess of Wessex

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Diana was very much in it for herself. Many, many examples have been given on how she'd pour over every inch of publicity written about her and get angry over negative press and not so flattering pictures. She fed on public opinion constantly whereas the other royal females don't.
Oh come, now. I don't believe that a shrinking violet is ever likely to marry into a family where they know they are going to be watched ad in the press. And as for Dianas getting upset about bad press or unlovely shots of herself, I doubt if any woman likes seeing an unflattering photo of herself or getting negative press.. so I doubt if Kate or Sophie are indifferent as to whether the press and public likes them or whether there's a pic of them looking like the back end of a bus.

Diana took the job seriously. yes she did need popularity, on a psychological level, because she was unhappy and needed the public admiration and validition. But she also IMO knew that her job WAS about publicising the RF and the causes she was working for and to do that, she had to look good and come across as attractive and pleasant to talk to and interact with. She was a bit awkward at first, but she grew into the role and learned more about the charities she worked for, how to speak in public (she was never really brilliant at this but she tried hard) and how to dress and carry herself well. she may not have been clever or well educated but she learned the Princess job.. and did it brilliantly well.
I think there were times, esp when she was a young wife, that she'd rather have been able to stay home and look after her children, all the time, than to be on tours or engagements, but her marriage wasn't happy and she did throw herself into the work...
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:previous: Ouch! That's pretty mean. I would venture to say that every single businessman or woman wants and needs their business to succeed
After making many adjustments to their businesses they basically adjusted themselves out of business. After that they settled to raise a family and be on hand for the 'Firm'. Noone can fault Sophie for her commitment to the 'Firm'.
Ed and Sophie's business ventures were a failure. He committed the faux pas of having his film company following Will around at St Andrews when the PRESS had agreed to leave Will alone. I am sure that Charles was furious about that and William too. Sophie made the gruesome mistake of the Fake Sheik interview, talking indiscreetly and her business was also a failure and left her with massive debts. So she has to work for "the Firm.." no choice...
dear auntie, fact is that sophie made a geering remark to a fake sheik planted by one of the papers about all the negative aspeck of diana after she died. why must she do that to a person who died unless she is jealous of diana or that by highlighting diana negative aspect, she is making herself out to be a better person? its not very nice of her.

ps, she is not very popular among the people maybe only popular with the queen

She never made comments about Diana but she made comments about politicians. She did meet Diana at the palace and apparently Diana was very condescending to her.
She never made comments about Diana but she made comments about politicians. She did meet Diana at the palace and apparently Diana was very condescending to her.

she spoke indiscreetly indeed but by then Diana was dead and she was not that likely to speak about her. but she was silly and far too frank.
Sophie made a few mistakes at the start, but she learned from then and IMO today she and Edward are stalwart and loyal members of 'the Firm' and don't put a foot wrong.
:previous: I admire Sophie tremendously. She and Edward tried to be private members of the BRF but the paps weren't having a bar of it. The lengths they went to set both her and Edward up were utterly vile and while Sophie was lambasted and utterly humiliated I admired how she picked herself up, dusted herself up, dusted herself off and took the lemons and made lemon meringue pie!

Sophie was never a clothes horse and always dressed very 80's business style. She was never any "competition" for Diana but, I am of the belief that Diana did not understand that love is exponential and that the Queen could love or admire all three of her daughters-in-law for the different people they were. Sophie's fabulous fashion blooming didn't happen until she turned 40, and what a wonder it has been.
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