"Diana" (2013) - Film about Diana, Princess of Wales and Hasnat Khan

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Sep 14, 2007
Having seen this director's film about Hitler, "Downfall", I think that this will be a serious treatment of Diana's feelings for Hasnat Khan. I wasn't aware that she had "stalked" him, although I can see how her visiting patients at the hospital where Khan worked would give her a good "excuse" for running into him. I do think that Diana was capable of stalking Khan, because she had a history of that with Oliver Hoare.

Jessica Chastain to play Diana in emotional drama painting princess as lovestruck stalker | Mail Online
Downfall was an amazing film, but directors can flop between films. This will be interesting.
I don't think that Jessica Chastain resembles Diana whatsoever, but who knows, I might get surprised. I really enjoyed Downfall, it was definitely a brilliant movie so I am excited to see how this one turns out.
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As long as the subject matter is treated seriously, I would see this film. As much as I'd like to see Diana "rest in peace", she does belong to history now and had a remarkable effect on her time period--whether for good or for bad.
It sounds like it could be a fascinating story. However, I still think it's a bit soon for another Diana movie. I'd much prefer that they waited until some more time had passed for William and Harry's sakes.
To me Jessica Chastain is very beautiful,but she doesn´t look much like Diana when you look at her closely -except maybe for the blue eyes,but that´s it!
I don´t like how the media is constantly using Diana as a cashcow-no one would care so much about this movie if it wasn´t for her.The film might be good or bad,I don´t know,but I will certainly not watch it because I think there has been already published too much on Diana´s private life which should have kept private. Just because she has been a public figure doesn´t mean everyone is entitled to pick on every detail of her life!I really hope people treat her with more respect and don´t print every rumour or story they can put their hands on just to land a headline...
To me, it seems like more exploitation of Diana to make money off of her. If it's a film that will show the "darker side" of Diana, it won't go over well with Diana fans. If it makes it to the screen, I'm sure it'll bomb just like the recent William and Catherine movie.
Diana's relationship with Hasnat was very private. Hasnat is very loyal to the Princess and hasn't revealed the private details of his relationship with Diana. I do wonder how they are going to make a 2 hour film about it. Seriously if there had to be a film why not about her life and not just painting her as a saint or just the "dark side of her." We'll see if this film even makes it into theaters.
Was just checking for details about the film and according to the IMDB web site the date has now been put back to 2013.
I think it´s a good choice, I think that Naomi is very good actress, but I don´t think made that movie is good idea. Let Diana rest in peace.
Mail Online
2 July 2012

Naomi Watts is the double of doe-eyed Princess Diana in first look at actress in character as tragic Royal

New pictures have revealed how English [Australian] actress Naomi Watts has captured the look of Princess Diana in a film about the last two years of the tragic royal’s life before her death in 1997. Miss Watts, 43, who has previously starred in Hollywood films such as 21 Grams and King Kong, was spotted in the UK filming scenes for forthcoming production Caught In Flight, which is released next year.

Miss Watts, who at the start of her career starred in Australian daytime soap Home and Away, has admitted she is ‘absolutely terrified’ of playing the part of the princess.

The film is thought to focus on her relationship with heart surgeon Dr Hasnat Khan and also looks at her time with Dodi Fayed, who she was with at the time she died. The movie will include her death, aged 36, in a car in a Paris tunnel in 1997 with Dodi. The film is being made by acclaimed German director Oliver Hirschbiegel, who is famous for his portrayal of the last days of Hitler in his bunker in Downfall.
Naomi Watts sparkles as the People's Princess in a long silver gown as she shoots scenes for Diana movie | Mail Online

She had a wardrobe which was the envy of woman across the globe with rows upon rows of glamorous ball gowns as well as short and sexy frocks.
And if Naomi Watts is still feeling apprehensive about playing the late Princess Diana, at least she has a fabulous collection of dresses to play with for the next few months.
The Kent-born actress was snapped filming more scenes for Caught In Flight, a film about the last two years of the tragic royal’s life before her death in 1997.
Oh dear. If this shabby, ill-fitting frock is representative of the movie's costumes, then they didn't get the Diana signature look right at all - the black suit with its too-long sleeves in the previous pics was already bad, but this here is all wrong, including the 'jewelry'. Nothing fabulous about it.
Not to be picky, but did Diana ever wear a 3-strand diamond collet necklace like that?
Not to be picky, but did Diana ever wear a 3-strand diamond collet necklace like that?
No, of course not.
Princess Diana never wore a three-strand, two strand or any kind of royal diamond collet necklace like that as she didn't own one and wasn't given access to one... only exception was the Spencer necklace she loaned on one occasion early in her marriage.
She never had a dress like that in cold metallic either; with so many signature dresses and pieces of jewelry documented, I should think that it would have been possible to made good quality copies of them, instead of inventing new stuff in bad quality.
As Naomi Watts is IMHO a good actress and Oliver Hirschbiegel an interesting choice of director, I hope that this venture will still turn out to have its merits.
Thanks, Boris, and I didn't think she ever wore a metallic dress, either. They're taking artistic license as usual and I hope this will have good results.
Just my opinion, but I wonder why they didn't try to get the jewelry somewhat replicated. :bang:
In some of those pictures Naomi Watts resembles Tina Brown...
In some of those pictures Naomi Watts resembles Tina Brown...

Well she hopefully will get the character and spirit of Diana right because she does not look at all like Diana. Diana's wardrobe and jewels are so well known, why indeed did the film not try to replicate her jewels?
I don't see any similarities between Diana and this actress. In the DM article was a pic of Watts at a walkabout - you can say a lot about Diana and not all is positive, but at least she never looked so fake as this actress. It was utmost convincing that Diana was delighted to meet and greet people and I don't see this in the shot for the film at all. :ermm:
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