Death and Funeral of Prince Friso: August 12 and 16, 2013

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Royal Highness
Aug 2, 2009
The RVD just announced that Prince Friso has past away.
My condolences to the Royal Family.
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That is so sad! Thoughts with them all!!
@BBCBreaking: Dutch Prince Johan Friso has died after nearly a year and a half in a coma following a skiing accident - officials

Google Translate - http://translate.googleusercontent....leden/&usg=ALkJrhhS8Nv2gKuiL0XKXwreHRbglCilIQ

"His Majesty the King shares with great regret this morning announced that His Royal Highness Prince Johan Friso Bernhard Christiaan David, Prince of Orange-Nassau, Esquire of Amsberg at Huis ten Bosch Palace in The Hague is deceased at the age of 44."
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It was officially announced just a short while ago.That should sufface as one doesn't joke on that.There are extra news bulletins on him and his death non-stop now.

I am happy for him,and I am deeply saddened for Mabel,his daughters,his mother and siblings.He passed away at Huis ten Bosch Palace.

It was expected in a way and probably for the best but it remains extremely sad. The hope of a miracle recovery is officially over and two little girls lost their father.

My thoughts are with the family and in particular Beatrix, Mabel and their children.
Both the K&Q and princess B are abroad on holiday. It is expected that they are returning as soon as possible.
My thoughts and good wishes to the Royal Family.
it is so sad and my thoughts are with all the family in particular princess Beatrix his mother , Mabel his wife and his lovely children who has no more daddy.
My condolences goes out to the royal family at this very difficult time. They held on as long as they could.
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Although not unexpected, my heart stopped when I read this very sad news. My deepest condolences to his family.
Just heard it. These are such sad news. How hard it must be for Princess Beatrix to bury a child.
How terribly sad for the Dutch Royal Family,may he rest in peace.
So terribly sad for Mabel and her girls as well as for Princess Beatrix and the rest of the family. May he finally have peace.
My thoughts & prayers with his family !!! :(
The poor soul. I know that it is a merciful release but ......... :sad:

My sincere condolences to Friso's beloved family and to all the Dutch people.

Rest in peace.
It is sad, but there is peace and closure now. My heart goes out to his daughters, his wife and his mother.
I thought there was a good chance of this when I heard he was being moved. I'm sad for the family but at least he's at peace and no longer trapped in a body that was never going to heal.

May he Rest in Peace :(
My thoughts are with the dutch royal family.
Prince Friso is eventually pass away...
I'm so sorry for Princess Mabel and Princess Beatrix
and two daughters - Countesses Luana and Zaria.
(Also , All Dutch royal family)
Rest in peace, Prince Friso.
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I am so very sad for his family - they are all in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that Prince Friso may now rest in peace, and that his family may find some peace in that too.
I am deeply moved and sad to hear that Prince Friso has died today, and I send my condolences to Princess Mabel, Countess Luana, Countess Zaria, Princess Beatrix, Their Majesties the King and Queen, and the people of the Netherlands.

We have all followed news of Prince Friso so closely over the last year and a half and have hoped and prayed for his recovery, even though we have known that such recovery would be unlikely.
All I can think of is MLK's famous words: "Free at last, free at last!"

May he R.I.P and condolences to the family.:sad:
Actually I feel relief. I don't know if that's the right word but I just feel that he was suffering so much that it is good that he is finally out of pain and out of limbo. It is sad for his family but the entire time was sad for them. Unless you have gone through this type of thing, it's difficult to understand. You go from high hopes to the depths of despair and you try to be at least a little happy for the children. It's exhausting.

I just hope the family understands that he is in a better place now. It's all just so sad.
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