Crown Princess Victoria, Current Events Part 11: September 2017 -

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About Victoria's visit to SIPRI

Victoria's dear reunion with her beloved mentor
Crown Princess Victoria continues her mission with her strong commitment.
Now she focuses on peace and conflict issues and made an important visit.
It was a nice reunion with a man who meant a lot to her.
SIPRI, Stockholm's International Peace Research Institute, works with issues of peace and conflict with a focus on disarmament. During the visit of Crown Princess Victoria,there was of course a great focus on the pandemic we live in and how future epidemics can be prevented.
It was a radiantly beautiful crown princess who for the day was dressed in autumn colors and tight hair when she visited SIPRI.
Already on the steps of the Peace Research Institute in Solna, she was welcomed by its chairman Jan Eliasson, 80, and deputy head Joakim Vaverka, 48. It is always a dear reunion when she and Jan, who is the Crown Princess' close friend and mentor, meet.
Victorias kära återseende med sin älskade mentor - Allt om kungligt


Today (and tomorrow) Victoria attends 2020 Virtual Keystone Dialogue, meeting with SeaBOS (Seafood Business for Ocean Stewardship).
Victoria's opening speech, she said among other things:
Ever since the very first Keystone Dialogue in the Maldives, where some of you were present, I have followed your work closely. I receive regular briefings on the progress of the different task forces. And I am proud to be a part of this unique initiative.
Over the past four years, you, the members of SeaBOS, have demonstrated real leadership. You have had the courage to listen to science. And the integrity to let that knowledge guide your decisions. Even when that has meant challenging standard business practices. (...)
Dear members of SeaBOS:
I recognize the greatness and complexity of your task.
I have the utmost respect for the difficult decisions that you have had to make and to gain acceptance for.
And I am well aware of all the hard work that you have put in – from science and from business – to come this far.
However, at this point, I need to stress how urgent it is that we keep moving ahead, on all fronts.
This is not the time to postpone important decisions.
This is not the time to duck away from responsibility.
This is the time to set ambitious and time-bound goals.
The time to act – and to turn the ship around. Before it is too late.
So please, let us show the rest of the world that this can be done. And let us make the most of these coming two days.
H.K.H. Kronprinsessans anförande vid 2020 Virtual Keystone Dialogue, måndagen den 5 oktober 2020 - Sveriges Kungahus
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Victoria participated in the 2020 Virtual Keystone Dialogue also today.

Court website:
On Monday 5 October and Tuesday 6 October, the Crown Princess participated in the 2020 Virtual Keystone Dialogue.
Representatives from the world's ten largest seafood companies, as well as experts and researchers in the field attended the meeting.
On Monday, the meeting began with chairman Shigeru Ito welcoming and then the Crown Princess spoke.
In her speech, the Crown Princess emphasized the importance of SeaBOS and the cooperation between the fishing companies to achieve sustainable fishing:
"Ladies and gentlemen, leaders of the global seafood industry:
You are used to working towards clear and ambitious goals.
You know the power of honouring your commitments.
And you are not afraid to exercise leadership.
I am convinced that if anyone can achieve a global transformation towards sustainable seafood production and a healthy ocean, you are the group to do it.
And if you do that – if you show the world that this can really be done – I know that others are going to follow."
SeaBOS aims to make the world fishing industry work in a more sustainable way. At the 2020 Virtual Keystone Dialogue, issues such as IUU Fishing (Illegal, Unreported, Unregulated), how companies can work to reduce plastic in the oceans, climate change, antibiotic use and further work within SeaBOS are discussed.
At the meeting, the actors agreed on timed goals for the various areas discussed.
Kronprinsessan vid 2020 Virtual Keystone Dialogue - Sveriges Kungahus

Photo at court Facebook by Victor Ericsson/The Royal Court.
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Victoria inaugurated a bronze sculpture depicting Astrid Lindgren at Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital. The sculpture is designed by Hertha Hillfon, and donated to the Hospital by The Foundation for the Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital.
Photos by SPA.

SWE: Crown Princess Victoria Of Sweden Attends The Inauguration Of A Sculpture Of Astrid Lindgren Getty Images

"Ran on the Crown Princess by chance. Inauguration of a sculpture by Astrid Lindgren."

Victoria was wearing Maria Nilsdotter's Pippi earrings.
Victoria is the patron of The Foundation for the Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital.

Court website
On Thursday, October 8, the Crown Princess participated in the inauguration of a sculpture by Astrid Lindgren at Astrid Lindgren's Children's Hospital in Solna.
The Crown Princess began her visit to the children's hospital by being shown the hospital school and play therapy. The hospital school is a classroom where children who are admitted to the hospital receive help with school work.
Together with Maija, 9 years old, the Crown Princess then inaugurated the Astrid Lingren sculpture. The sculpture, which was produced by the artist Hertha Hillfon (1921-2013), is located at the main entrance to Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital and is a replica of the original that stands outside Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital's old premises.
In conclusion, the Crown Princess visited the hospital's children's library together with Maija.
Kronprinsessan invigde skulptur av Astrid Lindgren - Sveriges Kungahus

Svensk Damtidning was with Victoria today, an article with a short video:

What a timing! And what earrings! Crown Princess Victoria rolled in front of Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital in Solna at exactly the same moment as the Swedish Academy announced that this year's Nobel Prize in Literature has gone to the American poet Louise Glück.
In Victoria's ears, Pippi Longstocking dangled in silver, and the joy of reading, at least indirectly, was also the theme for today's visit here at Karolinska. The assignment was to unveil and inaugurate the new bronze sculpture by Astrid Lindgren who will now meet all the children on the sidewalk outside the hospital library.
As a sidekick throughout the visit, Victoria had eight-year-old Maija, and they chatted about a bit of everything. Like Maja likes to ride, for example - just like Victoria's own eight-year-old Estelle:
- Estelle also loves to ride. That's all she does ... if she can choose herself, Victoria said.
Astrid Lindgren meant a lot to the Crown Princess, both as the unforgettable person she was and for the immortal stories and characters she created.
- Astrid Lindgren was very brave. She dared to take on the difficult topics: illness, death, orphaned children, mothers in heaven, the Crown Princess said this summer in the newspaper Vi Läser's big interview.
Victoria also revealed that she often thought that Astrid Lindgren's books were awful, and that it is probably only now, as an adult and as a mother of two, that she understands her darkness.
Now Victoria had to visit the hospital school, where Charlotte Elf told about the activity, and then Victoria stepped into the children's library, which was a given goal on a day like this.
As a mother, Victoria has read Astrid Lindgren again: "You experience your childhood, it's fun!"
Then waited a little mingling with bubbles and some very delicious pastries ...
... and then Victoria got a cool pink-orange balloon for Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar, a guaranteed success at home at Haga.
The aide-de-camp took care of both the handbag and the flower balloon.
Right now it is Carin Ellström who is the aide-de-camp on duty.
Astrid Lindgren's grandchild Olle Nyman (far left) was with us this afternoon when his grandmother was honored. Victoria was received by the hospital director Björn Zoêga and by Svante Norgren, Sanna Murray-Salander, Henrik Almkvist and Charlotte Elf from Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital.
Victorias oväntade kommentar om Estelle _*Svensk Dam

Victoria von Schweden_ Diesen Mini-Stolperer kaschiert sie ganz cool _
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Last year, the Stockholm Region received a donation request from the Foundation for Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital, claiming that they wanted to donate a statue depicting Astrid Lindgren to the children's hospital bearing her name.
On Thursday, a little over a year later, it was time for the statue to be unveiled and inaugurated, and of course Crown Princess Victoria, the patron of the Foundation for Astrid Lindgren's Children's Hospital, was present.
The Crown Princess wore the day in honor of Pippi Longstocking earrings, a subtle tribute to the author.
The Crown Princess first got a little tour before she unveiled the sculpture together with a girl named Maija.
- First she got a small tour, then it was the inauguration of the sculpture together with Maija. Then the visit ended with a visit to the children's library, which is also part of Astrid Lindgren children's hospital, says the court's information officer Ulrika Näsholm.
Kronprinsessan Victoria avtäckte Astrid Lindgren-staty

This week, the new sculpture was inaugurated at Astrid Lindgren's Children's Hospital in Solna.
None other than Victoria was present. And what a radiant mood our lovely crown princess was in.
The children's well-being is close to the heart of the Crown Princess, so when the question came, it felt obvious. She also received help from Maija Sinisalo, 9, who is being cared for at the children's hospital.
Victorias härliga skratt på viktiga invigningen - Allt om kungligt

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Karolinska University Hospital about Victoria at the Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital.

Astrid Lindgren in focus when the Crown Princess visited Karolinska
Crown Princess Victoria arrived at Karolinska in front of curious eyes. The popular sculpture by Astrid Lindgren was to be inaugurated. The Crown Princess received expert help with the ribbon cutting - by 8-year-old Maija.
Svante Norgren warmly welcomes the Crown Princess to Karolinska University Hospital.
Crown Princess Victoria visits Karolinska again. This time to inaugurate a sculpture by Astrid Lindgren and to listen to the important work carried out by the Pedagogical Resource Center.
The hospital clowns had a chat with the Crown Princess. They gave the Crown Princess a balloon flower which she promised to go home and water.
The Crown Princess and Maija tie up the ribbon together and officially inaugurate the sculpture by Astrid Lindgren.
The sculpture was created by the artist Hertha Hillfon and is located at Eugeniavägen 23. The sculpture was donated by the Foundation for Astrid Lindgren's Children's Hospital. The sculpture is liked by many, especially by our pediatric patients.
Passers-by took the opportunity to visit the Crown Princess. They got a happy wave back!
The Crown Princess and Maija are reading a book together in the children's library. The book choice was "Pettsson tältar" - a favorite book by Maija!
- It was fun and exciting to meet the Crown Princess. Among other things, she asked me about my favorite books and what I think is fun to do, says a happy Maija after the visit.
Astrid Lindgren i fokus när Kronprinsessan besökte Karolinska - Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset
Victoria attended yesterday the meeting of Crown Princess Margareta's Veteran Reserve Foundation. Victoria chairs the foundation.
Crown Princess Margareta's Veteran Reserve Foundation supports objectives relating to voluntary defence work.

Due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, members of the Royal Family visit Sweden's 21 counties, at the initiative of H.M. The King.

Victoria arrived to Västerås on the county visit to Västmanland and was welcomed by governor Minoo Akhtarzand at the Västerås Castle.
Daniel should have come with Victoria, but Victoria said:
- Unfortunately, Daniel is not with me today, he has a bit of a cold and is at home in these times.
- Prince Daniel is unfortunately not with at Västmanland today because he has a cold, an autumn cold. With regard to those who participate during the day, the Prince has chosen to stay at home, says Ulrika Näsholm at the court's information department.
The crown princess will meet with representatives of, among others, healthcare and the business community to get an idea of how the corona pandemic has affected these areas, and how the crisis has been handled.
- We are very happy that the royal family has taken this initiative and that you go out to us, among other things, to see how we are doing, says governor Minoo Akhtarzand.
While governor Minoo Akhtarzand presents the county's work during the corona pandemic, the crown princess listens and makes notes carefully. She also asks several questions.
JUST NU_ Här kommer kronprinsessan Victoria till Västerås – se VLT_s bilder

It was when the important and long-planned County visit to Västmanland began today that it became clear that something had happened. Crown Princess Victoria arrived alone - and the reason is that Prince Daniel has become ill:
- The prince has a mild cold and therefore refrains from visiting today. Due to his cold symptoms, the Prince has been tested for covid-19. The result was negative, says Johan Tegel at the court's information department to Svensk Damtidning.
JUST NU_ Prins Daniel sjuk – testad för corona _*Svensk Dam

On Thursday, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel were to visit Västmanland as part of their visits to all counties in Sweden during the corona pandemic.
But Prince Daniel had to cancel.
- He has an autumn cold and has chosen to stay at home, says Ulrika Näsholm, information officer at the court and continues:
- But consideration for all participants here, he has chosen not to participate.
Prince Daniel had a cold "during the week", says Ulrika Näsholm.
Can you exclude corona?
- Yes, he has been tested and he does not have corona.
Margareta Thorgren states that the negative test result came on Wednesday, and that the prince chose to stay at home due to the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations.
- It is a mild cold, says Thorgren.
Prins Daniel sjuk – har coronatestats

Kronprinsessan Victoria i Västerås – men prins Daniel stannade hemma - P4 Västmanland _ Sveriges Radio
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At the lunch attended among others:
infection control doctor Jan Smedjegård
municipal councilor in Sala Anders Wigelsbo (C)
Linnea Hasslin, development manager Region Västmanland,
Thomas Byström, Företagarna
Kristin Lahed, regional manager for the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise in Västmanland
Aziz Dag, CEO of Westinghouse in Sweden
Police Chief Robert Wallén
Björn Jonsson, ABB
EXKLUSIVT_ Här är gästerna som fick luncha med Victoria på slottet
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

Suddenly Marianne met a princess: "She was most adorable"

It was a happy and relaxed Victoria who arrived at Västerås Castle on Thursday morning. She was here to find out how the pandemic has affected healthcare and companies in the county.
Actually, the Crown Princess would have come here in the company of Prince Daniel. But he had a cold and therefore had to stay at home.
- It is a common autumn cold he has. It will be easy like that during the autumn when you have children at preschool, laughs the Crown Princess.
- But we must stick to the recommendations and continue to be careful, she adds.
The royal family has these days started to travel around the country to update themselves on the covid-19 situation in the counties. On Thursday, Västmanland was on the schedule as the first stop on the tour for Crown Princess Victoria.
After a visit to the castle when, among others, the infection control doctor told about the situation in healthcare, the Crown Princess visited Västmanland's Theater and Mälardalen University.
- The Crown Princess' visit means a lot to us. It feels good that the royal family wants to get an overall picture of the situation in the country, says Governor Minoo Akhtarzand.
How does it feel to go out into the country again to meet people on the spot?
- It's fun, of course even if it's not the same as before the pandemic. You must not be social in the same way as before and we must also continue to think about keeping our distance and being careful. But there will also be other times again in the future, says the Crown Princess.
Kronprinsessan Victoria bröt isoleringen – första stoppet Västerås _ SVT Nyheter

Exclusive interview: Crown Princess Victoria on the pandemic and the future
In a longer interview with SVT, Crown Princess Victoria talks about why the royal family wants to update themselves on the covid-19 situation in the country and why she thinks it's fun to finally meet people on the spot again.
Exklusiv intervju_ Kronprinsessan Victoria om pandemin och framtiden _ SVT Nyheter


At court website
On Thursday, October 15, the Crown Princess visited activities in Västmanland County to draw attention to efforts in connection with the covid-19 pandemic.
The host during the visit was Governor Minoo Akhtarzand.
The residence
The Crown Princess began the day by receiving information about how the covid-19 pandemic has affected healthcare in the county, as well as how the county works in mental illness and suicide prevention.
At a working lunch, representatives from Sala municipality, the Police Authority, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise in Västmanland, Företagarna Mälardalen, ABB Sweden and Electronic Sweden AB told about how the pandemic affected their respective areas.
Västmanland's theater
During a subsequent visit to Västmanland's theater, the Crown Princess had the opportunity to meet staff who told about how the local cultural life was affected during the prevailing pandemic.
Mälardalen University
At Mälardalen University, representatives from the local education system then told about the pandemic's effects on higher education and upper secondary education in the county.
Aros Congress Center and B26
In conclusion, the Crown Princess visited Aros Congress Center Holding AB, which is a major player in the meeting industry in Västmanland County. Aros Congress Center organizes large events, fairs and meetings.
During the visit, the Crown Princess received information about how the meeting industry has been affected by the pandemic.
The Crown Princess also got to visit B26 - a workplace that brings together companies and people with common interests for creativity and business.
Kronprinsessan besökte Västmanlands län - Sveriges Kungahus

Photos by SPA
Crown Princess Victoria visit... - Swedish Press Agency _ Facebook
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Court updated to its article about Victoria's visit Victoria's words:
"Yesterday I visited Västmanland County where I had the opportunity to meet people who told me how the covid-19 pandemic affects various activities.
I am impressed by how well they have, in a pragmatic and effective way, collaborated in the county to meet the challenges that the pandemic brought with it. There is an enormous force in the ability to come together.
During the day, we were once again reminded of the importance of continuing to persevere and persevere - and learn from the pandemic for future crises. We must not forget that we are still in the pandemic and how actors in different sectors of society are fighting for their survival."

Photos at court Facebook by Jonas Ekströmer/TT.

The corona crisis has hit the country hard.
The royal family wants to do everything they can to show their gratitude and appreciation to all of Sweden's counties.
That is why Victoria was in Västerås.
Kronprinsessan Victorias viktiga dag i Västerås - Allt om kungligt

Kronprinsessan Victoria på coronabesök i Västerås

Västmanlandsteater at its Instagram
Today, Crown Princess Victoria visited us to talk about how we have worked during covid-19.

Mälardalen University at its website
Recently, Crown Princess Victoria visited MDH to gain deeper knowledge about how the university and students experience the corona pandemic.
Vice-chancellor Paul Pettersson had the privilege of welcoming Crown Princess Victoria and Minoo Akhtarzand, Västmanland's Governor, to MDH. Together with Kim Jansson, chairman of Mälardalen's Student Union, Anna Johansson, assistant professor and head of department, and Sofia Norling, security strategist, Paul was able to tell about how MDH has since January worked to deal with what would later develop into a pandemic.
The Crown Princess showed great commitment and curiosity during the visit. Kim said that most students feel that the dialogue with the teachers works well, even though they are not seen physically. Sofia said that MDH has been working in staff mode since March and that we are well equipped to handle if there are renewed cluster outbreaks. Anna told from the teacher's perspective that the transition to digital forms has been challenging, but also provided new opportunities. For example, there are students who feel that it has become easier to absorb knowledge when lecture halls have been replaced by recorded lectures that they have the opportunity to see several times.
- I am proud of the work we have shown today. We have adapted, and continue to adapt to the current situation while learning along the way. I do not think we will ever go back completely to what teaching and research looked like before the corona pandemic, we will find new ways forward and we could tell the Crown Princess today, says Paul Pettersson, vice-chancellor.
Kronprinsessan på besök på MDH - Mälardalens högskola

Vice-chancellor Paul Pettersson at his Twitter
Had the pleasure today to greet H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria welcomed to MDH where we discussed how the corona pandemic affects students, teachers and researchers - now and in the future. Many thanks for the visit!

Anna Johansson, teacher at the University at her Twitter
Cool day at work! Many initiated questions from H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria at today's meeting on how handles the adjustment that the pandemic has demanded and demands of students, employees and managers.

Victoria greets a woman
Nice visit by Crown Princess Victoria. Spontaneous meeting from 2 / a floor

Royal visit at work
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Victoria said at her visit to Västerås:
- The big purpose of being here is to hear how the corona pandemic has affected the situation in Västmanland. To meet different actors and hear how they have been affected. We have received a description of the situation from various actors, who have told us how they have responded to the pandemic.
Victoria was very impressed by the resilience the people of Västmanland have showed during the crisis.
- These are very strong stories. In the briefs, it is the whole society that is affected. They have been pragmatic and but also flexible in how they handled the crisis. When the crisis escalated, it was handled in a pragmatic way. That's the only thing you can do. It is a process you do not know the end of. You have to deal with it now and then, at the same time as you have a long-term mindset.
- Like many, I am very tired of these video meetings. Of course it's nice to meet people. But it is always with that in mind that you have to keep your distance, be careful and actually remember that we are in a pandemic. It is not in that way you wish you would make visits and be really close to each other and social.
Kronprinsessan Victoria erkänner problem_ _Trött på det_ _Svensk Dam

Niklas Hjulström, director of Västmanlandsteatern, at his Instagram
Today, Crown Princess Victoria visited Västmanlands Teater. We talked about how the cultural sector, from the freelancers, is on its knees during the pandemic. How crooked the current restrictions are. How our business did in the spring, how we sat the whole theater and personally called the audience about the repurchases, how we had to change digitally and about our gigs for nursing homes. But also that the efforts made by the state, region and municipality still mean that we will cope with the crisis. Everything at a corona safe distance. The Crown Princess was interested, experienced and really fun to talk to.

The Crown Princess leaves the theater after an hour of intense conversation about culture & Covid-19.
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Victoria visited today Totalförsvarets rekryteringsmyndighet, The Swedish Defence Recruitment Agency, in Karlstad.

The Crown Princess was welcomed by Director General Christina Malm, who began the visit by giving an introduction to the Agency's activities.
During the tour of the agency's premises, the Crown Princess met several of the Agency's employees. Among other things, the salaried employees informed about the work with staffing support and IT operations. Finally, the Crown Princess visited the employees at the authority's contact center.
Kronprinsessan besökte Rekryteringsmyndigheten - Sveriges Kungahus

Photos at court Facebook by Carl Åström/The Swedish Defence Recruitment Agency

About The Swedish Defence Recruitment Agency
The Swedish Defence Recruitment Agency - Rekryteringsmyndigheten
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Today it is 75 years since the UN was formed. Victoria sent a greeting to FN-förbundet (the UN Association of Sweden).
Kronprinsessan uppmärksammade FN-dagen - Sveriges Kungahus

Victoria's greeting is also at the socia media and Youtube channel of the UN Association of Sweden.

We remember that in January 2016, Victoria was appointed by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon as one of 17 ambassadors for the UN's global sustainable development goals. From 2019, Victoria is included in the alumni group and continues to focus on sustainability, maritime and fisheries issues.
Alumni — SDG Advocates
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Short video of Victoria speaking

Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

Victoria's speech at court Youtube
The Crown Princess greeted employees in healthcare, in connection with this year's Care Gala.
During the Care Gala attention is paid to people who during the past year have made exceptional contributions to health care.
Kronprinsessan skickade en hälsning till Vårdgalan - Sveriges Kungahus

"That courage can be the difference between a life that ends prematurely and a life that gets a second chance.
I've seen it myself, up close, and I know how much it means: It means everything."
Victoria's speech
H.K.H. Kronprinsessans hälsning vid Vårdgalan, fredagen den 6 november 2020 - Sveriges Kungahus

So strong. And so personal about standing next to when a loved one is seriously ill. Crown Princess Victoria made an impression with her words.
Victorias om pandemin – och om att själv vara anhörig _*Svensk Dam

Again a very impressive speech by Victoria.
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The Volvo Environment Prize 2020 was delivered today at a live digital prize ceremony. The Laureate of the Prize is Conservation biologist Claire Kremen, Professor in biodiversity at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, for her world-class research on how humanity can feed itself while protecting biodiversity.
Claire Kremen - Volvo Environment Prize

Victoria had sent a video message to the Volvo Environment Prize ceremony and to professor Kremen.
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

Victoria's message (in english) at this video, starts at 36:00.

Court website
Kronprinsessan deltog vid utdelningen av Volvo Environment Prize - Sveriges Kungahus

Victotria's speech
H.K.H. Kronprinsessans hälsning i samband med prisceremoni för Volvo Environment Prize, torsdagen den 12 november 2020 - Sveriges Kungahus
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Today is the World Diabetes Day.
Victoria, the patron of Barndiabetesfonden (The Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation), celebrates the day by wearing the bracelet "blue knot", in support of diabetes research.
Kronprinsessan uppmärksammade Världsdiabetesdagen - Sveriges Kungahus

Photo at court Facebook by Victor Ericsson/The Royal Court.

The Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation at its Facebook
A big thank you to H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria for joining us in the fight against type 1 diabetes
Barndiabetesfonden - Etusivu _ Facebook

The bracelet at the webshop of The Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation
Blå knuten armband - Barndiabetesfondens webbshop
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Victoria had today a digital meeting with The Swedish Cancer Society's Secretary General Ulrika Årehed Kågström. She told about the foundation's work, current research areas and how the covid-19 pandemic has affected the activities. Victoria got also an update on the Pink Ribbon campaign, for which she is a patron.
Kronprinsessan gav företräde för Cancerfondens generalsekreterare - Sveriges Kungahus

Photo at court Facebook by Victor Ericsson/The Royal Court.
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Victoria gave the opening speech today, World Children's Day, at a Webinar: A future for the world's children?
The webinar was organized by Karolinska Institutet, UNICEF Sweden, SIGHT and The Swedish Society of Medicine.
Victoria said at her speech:
“Children are children no matter what part of the world they are born in. They grow up under the same sky and they all have the right to a safe and meaningful life. Let us, as adults, give them the best possible conditions.”
Kronprinsessan vid Unicef-webbinar - Sveriges Kungahus

Victoria's speech
H.K.H. Kronprinsessans tal vid presentation av rapporten ”En framtid för världens barn_”, fredagen den 20 november 2020 - Sveriges Kungahus

Victoria had today a digital meeting with Stockholm City Mission. The newly appointed director Åsa Paborn and senior advisor Marika Markovits informed about the city mission's activities.
Victoria has been the patron of the Stockholm City Mission since 2010. She has during the spring and autumn volunteered in various parts of Stockholm City Mission.
Kronprinsessan i möte med Stockholms stadsmission - Sveriges Kungahus

Great that Victoria has been volunteering at Stockholm City Mission also during the autumn, although we haven't seen any photos.
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Last Friday 20th November Victoria called Christina Tallberg, the Chairman of Pensionärernas riksorganisation, PRO (the Swedish National Pensioners’ Organisation), Sweden's largest meeting place for pensioners.
Tallberg tells that Victoria wanted to know how PRO's 320,000 members are doing during the pandemic: "She was impressed with how we fought during the year and wanted to send a warm greeting to all members".
Victoria called PRO in March when the covid-19 started and this was a follow-up call.
Tallberg says that Victoria is a very empathetic person. She showed great understanding for how the PRO members have struggled during the year. They talked about how important caring within PRO is now, when many would otherwise be alone. Tallberg says that Victoria wanted to greet and say that she is thinking of them now, when there is concern before Advent, Lucia, Christmas and New Year about how people will find joy.
Kronprinsessan Victoria skickar uppmuntrande hälsning till PRO_s medlemmar - PRO
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Victoria gives an address on 2nd December at The Swedish Wood Award (Träprisgalan), an architectural prize administered by Swedish Wood, one of the nation’s largest and most widely known architectural competitions. The Wood Award Gala will be streamed live from Berns in Stockholm.
The Swedish Wood Award 2020 - Swedish Wood

- We have a really exciting program to offer and also satisfies the great interest in wood construction internationally. The gala will be translated into English and will be followed by many architecture enthusiasts around the world. Of course, it also feels great that the Wood Award Gala is also included in H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria's radar, says Alexander Nyberg, responsible for the Wood Award at Swedish Wood.
The Wood Award will be broadcast live on December 2 from Berns in Stockholm and this year has the honor of receiving a personal greeting from H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria who wants to be part of celebrating Swedish wooden architecture.
Fullspäckat program när Träprisgalan 2020 livesänds _ Svenskt Trä

Victoria had today a digital meeting in the Crown Princess Victoria's Foundation for Scientific Research and Education.
The main purpose of the foundation is to promote scientific research or provide support for the preparation of teaching or education.
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Victoria gave this evening a greeting at The Swedish Wood Award Gala (Träprisgalan), an architectural prize administered by Swedish Wood. Victoria's speech was shown right before the winner was announced.
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

Court website
The Crown Princess participated with a digital greeting at the Wood Award Gala. Of the 130 competition entries, the jury visited around 40 buildings and of these, 12 were nominated for the prize. The 2020 Wood Award went to the Ateljé building in Södersvik.
Kronprinsessan vid Träprisgalan - Sveriges Kungahus
Victoria said at her speech among other things:
Wood and wood construction are not just an obvious part of our history. But also an incredibly exciting part of our future!
H.K.H. Kronprinsessans tal vid utdelning av Träpriset, Stockholm, 2 december 2020 - Sveriges Kungahus

Träprisgalan 2020_ Kronprinsessan Victorias glamourchock _*Svensk Dam
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Victoria had yesterday a meeting around the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Economy's (Ocean Panel) new action plan - The Sustainable Ocean Plan. Professor Jane Lubchenco presented the plan to Victoria. Professor Henrik Österblom from Stockholm Resilience Centre took also part in the meeting.
Professor Lubchenco expressed her appreciation for Victoria's commitment to the oceans. Victoria congratulated Professor Lubchenco on the great step forward towards a sustainable sea, which the panel's work entails.
Kronprinsessan i möte kring The Sustainable Ocean plan - Sveriges Kungahus

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