Crown Princess Mary's Working Visit to Russia: October 8-9, 2012

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I find Mary to be a very bland looking woman. Maybe her foreign travels would be covered by media outside of Denmark and Australia if she changed some of her stylists.

Iam just catching up with some of the threads and the funny thing I read almost exactly the same wording in one of Kate's threads, it mentioned she was bland.

Thanks all for posting, it looked like a really great couple of days.
Some wonderful pic of Mary with the children.
Yeah, I'm not quite sure what helenbeee's on about either ;)

I don't think there is anything at all which would suggest Mary is unhappy. She certainly doesn't present a picture of a woman experiencing personal unhappiness. Quite the opposite infact.
I agree with Helenbeee completely- Good eye Helenbeee!!!!
She presents a picture of a woman experiencing personal & emotional conflict.
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Summary of article in Billed Bladet #42, 2012.
Stilhed for de faldne - Silence for the fallen.
Written by our man in Russia, Henrik Salling.

On the last day of her visit Mary visited an art academy where children had produced decupages like the ones QMII is so fond of creating.
And some of the students, girls, posed with Mary holding up their artworks.
Now, being photographed, with a Crown Princess no less, is a very serious business! :neutral:
So Mary loosened up the mood by pointing at the corners of her mouth and smiling. - That helped. :D

Then it was off to Baltica Breweries to sample their beer. Mary apparantly isn't familiar with the selection and tasted a glass of whatever she was suggested. Her entourage where also very willing to try the beer. (*)

Last item on the agenda was much more sombre. Laying down a wreath at the memorial for the 1.500.000 people who died during the siege of the then Leningrad during WWII. A siege that was medieval in it's merciless ferocity and it lasted 852 days. Mary wore a coat by Sand.
After observing a half of minute of silence it was back to DK.

(*) Danish run breweries in Russia have been quite a success, at least for some time. The Russians now drink beer as though it is vodka.
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