Crown Princess Mary Visit To Morocco: 3-4 October 2019

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Mademoiselle Lilo

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Oct 10, 2005
Do you think she will meet the King?

Perhaps she would If HM`s health improved. He missed the funeral of former French president Jacques Chirac due to his health condition.

A mixed schedule.

Main focus on the Youth Festival, where the most interesting item for most here may be that Mary will take part, not just attend seemingly, but take part in a run.

There is, as usual, also a bit of promoting Danish export.

As well as a bit of diplomatic grooming in the wake of Mary's attendance.
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I am little disappointed none of the princesses were there to receive Princess Mary,let's hope she will meet them later.
Nice to see her again in Morocco anyway
I find Mary's attire at her arrival a very good choice. Clearly a nod to North African traditions.
Loove the park event,look like fun and i hope Princess Mary enjoyed her time
I see that Mr Talbi Alami (youth minister ) is Princess Mary special escort during the visit,i noticed he is accompagning the Princess since her arrival...
Pretty pictures of the Princess in Morroco
Shame none of the priincesse was there to escort her
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