Crown Princess Mary, Current Events 4: May - September 2005

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pdas1201 said:
I agree she looks absolutely gorgeous. She is wearing a dress from the Heartmade (by Julie Fagerholt) from the Autumn/Winter 2004 Collection.
That was going to be my next question. Thanks pdas. I also agree that this is her best 'pregnancy outfit' she's worn so far. She just looks so wonderful. :p


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She remembed me Nicole Kidman on those pictures, both of them are very elegant, have charm and a gracious style.
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Ariel said:
She remembed me Nicole Kidman on those pictures, both of them are very elegant, have charm and a gracious style.
yeah i agree ^__^ especially in the last pic :)
Now, i'm a little confused. On the forum of Mary and Frederik, they are assisting to an event with the queen and she is using the same dress and same hair do. It is a coincidence, maybe the same day or something? She reuses dresses, but not that close and with same hairdo.
It was the same day, just yesterday afternoon and evening
I guess she didn't have time change! Just like the rest of us, too much to do and not enough time to do it in.
Wow, she looks so natural, and I like her hairdo as well, really nice!
Danielle said:
I don’t know about this concert idea. It would be great if the tax payers didn’t have to pay for it, but chances are they will. We have so many problems at the moment and I think it’s unfair to be spending money on something like this. I’m sure the ties between Denmark and Australia are not going to suffer if this concert doesn’t go ahead. But if it must go ahead, then I demand that Kashmir come and play!

Thank you everyone for the photos!
Why all this taxpayer talk? The audience will pay for the tickets. They normally do. Maybe there even will be a surplus that can go to some charity of some kind. I guess more information will come as we near next year.
She is really stunning. Fredrick had good eye to choose her as his queen, she is really doing beyond everyone's expectations.

Have anyone read about a relative of princess Mary, being accused of multiple charges, including sexual assault and rape. His name is Brendan Johncock. I've read on the news that he is on bail and claimed being not guilty. He will be back to court on july 19. He is married to one of Mary's cousins.
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I've read that since Princess Mary join Royal Family, Denmark gain projection. The exportations increase, danish mode gain recognition and tourism take off. She's
helping her new country progress. If the concert is benefial...great! We know she´s very envolved in beneficence.
Thanks for all this photos, Mary looks marvelouse!!
fromEU said:
Why all this taxpayer talk? The audience will pay for the tickets. They normally do. Maybe there even will be a surplus that can go to some charity of some kind. I guess more information will come as we near next year.
That's just for the tickets! I hardly think that the tickets are going to cover the cost of promoting the concert, booking the venue, paying all the bands (I doubt they would work for free, especially if they're international acts), paying for transportation for the bands and everyone else involved 'behind-the-scenes', paying for accommodation for all the bands, their entourage plus Mary and Frederik, etc, etc. It all ads up and I am guessing we will have to pay for it.
From Rex Features and Abaca Press


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Does anybody know if she can now speak Danish fluently or is still taking lessons?
I think her Danish is very good but she will take courses to improve it and reduce her accent!
Summary of a Se & Hør article...

Crown Princess Mary seems to have taken an interest in something Queen Margrethe has been enjoying during her summers in France - shopping at the local markets in Cahors.

The last day of the Crown Princely Couple's holiday in France, Mary was seen strolling around at the local markets of Cahors, looking at a wide range of things - among them home-knitted French baby sweaters, fruits, flowers and perfume.

The story (in Danish) can be found here.

The picture is also from the magazine.


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Rape trial for princess relative

August 10, 2005
From: AAP

A RELATIVE by marriage of Australian-born Crown Princess Mary of Denmark will face trial for allegedly stalking and raping a student.

Brendan Geoffrey Johncock, 41, a former Tasmanian teacher, has pleaded not guilty to two counts of aggravated sexual assault, five counts of indecent assault and one count each of aggravated assault, stalking and rape. Police allege the offences occurred over five years between February 1999 and September 2004.
Interesting. based on a chinese gender chart for pregnant mums, at the time of her conception with this baby, she is 33 years old. therefore she is expected to have a boy :) and so will letizia. lets see if the chart is accurate!

How do you know that ingenue?
rchainho said:
How do you know that ingenue?

Isn't that interesting, that the Chinese believed gender was determinated by the mother's age? I guess we won't be able to rely on that chart.
Is that chart accurate or more a farmer's almanac-kind of most likely outcome?
New pics of Mary

Here she visited a fashion show in Copohegen

And here she visited an architecture school also in Copohegan
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runaway princess said:
Here she visited a fashion show in Copohegen

And here she visited an architecture school also in Copohegan

The First pic was taken at the presentation of the Designer's Nest Award. The second pic was taken at the Danish Refugee Help Fashion Show, "Fashion with a purpose" at the Royal Academy for Art Architect School at Holmen.
I've noticed alot of both pros and cons in regards to mary and her heels during her pregnancy. I can only tell you from personal experience wearing 4 in and smaller heels for over 20 some odd years, even during my pregnancy, that the muscles in your calves and thighs become accustomed to heels. As well as your balance, hips and lower back. you adjust your weight and posture accordingly. When you switch to wearing flats, it becomes very uncomfortable because the muscles in your legs have to stretch out and you have to realign your body and weight. And with the extra weight of pregnancy, your better off sticking to what your body is used to wearing. I was wearing my stilettos to the office when I was 8 mos pregnant. When I went in for my ob check ups, my doctor joked around that when I had my baby, she would probably come out wearing little high heels! Hee! Hee! Just thought I'd toss out that little bit of info if anyone cared.
Have a wonderfuld day everyone!!!
Crown Princess Mary and The Danish Cancer Foundation/Society

Here are some pictures from Polfoto of Crown Princess Mary today, as she went to Vejle to open The Fight Against Cancer's new advisory center. She also visited the Saint Maria Hospice.


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Thank you for the photos GrandDuchess. The photo of the man kissing Mary's hand is cute.

I don't particularly like Mary's outfit. The hat just about looks like something one would wear out for Sunday morning brunch, it is a bit too casual. I also dion't like the way the shirt is hung out from the jacket. The jacket is obviously smaller and shorter now because of her stomach. I really like the skirt with the designs on it, the jacket (if it had fit better), and the shoes as usual.

My favorite picture is this one.The outfit looks much better here:
I must say that for the first time, I absolutely do not like this outfit she is wearing. It looks as if she borrowed the jacket from someone else because she was cold! And why would she wear a teal jacket and shoes and the rest of her outfit was tan? I think maybe the "hormones" are impairing her judgment? Hee! Hee! just kidding. Everyone is entitled to "off day" so to speak.:rolleyes:
I am going to have to object to the fashion is superficial statement. Fashion and clothing are vitally important to human beings on a fundamental level such as protection for the body, and identification (think policeman or priest), and from a money/industry standpoint. But also from an intellectual and emotional viewpoint. Clothes can make us feel, they can also make us think about someone and pass judgement. They help us declare our identity and become part of social groups. Human beings are very visual creatures. If we were not we would all be wearing the same grey lifeless, shapeless suit made of the same material. All of us. All our homes, buildings etc would be the same. But they are not. We really don't need a nice home, nice furnishings, all we need is a box with a roof, and a sleeping bag. Why bother gardening unless to grow food exclusively? Flowers are pointless visuals? No they are not. They smell good, they are pretty and make us happy. The same can be said of fashion. Does man need art? music? Not really. We can survive without them. But the question is do we want to? Fashion can be put in the same catagory. I for one do not want to look like a drone or carbon copy. I love color, cut, fabric etc. :)
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