Crown Princess Mary as Patron of Research Day: 2006 - 2022

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I see our Mary needed a little help by a few gentlemen before she could lift that car :lol: She just hung there and dangled... :lol:

Mary is certainly (like Frederik) not afraid to go all in at her official events. Even if she has to dangle in the air in her skirt and stilettons to lift a car :cool:

I hope we get more videos from Mary's event today. Seems to have been a fun event.

More pictures:
:previous: Always nice pictures from DM :flowers:

I see Mary got a stormy arrival :cool: It stormed a lot in Copenhagen yesterday.

This is an extra thread for the Research Day Patronage. Posts about Crown Princess Mary opening the family house at Aarhus University Hospital have therefore been moved to her current events thread.
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #17, 2017.
Written by our science reporter Ulrik Ulriksen.

It is as you know a well-established tradition to subject royals to all sorts of silly things to the general amusement of the public... Sometimes I imagine them sitting in their palaces saying: "You won't believe what they made me do today"!

It was such a day for Mary when visited the Experimentarium in Copenhagen. The aim of the place to amuse children - and their dads and grandads and uncles - in the hope that they might become engineers or scientists one day.
Mary opened Research Day and presented an award, so far so good. But then she went for tour of the place.
And here she was to demonstrate the lever-principle by lifting a vehicle (you can't really call it a car) a 500 kilo Renault Twizy. - There was just one little problem... The lever was obviously not calibrated to a woman weighing some 60 kilos, so Mary was dangling in the air for a while. With some difficulty and a lot of laughter she did eventually manage to lift the motorized rollerskate some 20 cm.
But then the Minister for Science, Søren Pind stepped in to help. And with his help is wasn't difficult to lift the Renault. Søren Pind is a big man - so I imagine the car was almost catapulted across the hall!

The next thing Mary was subjected to was to be enveloped in a soap-bubble. And here is a tip for the next garden party with your children. In order to get the bubbles as large and manageable as possible. you need a mix of water, soap, glycerin and most importantly Vaseline.

There were loads of school children around milling about to have a selfie with Mary, which they got.
But what would Mary's children say to her lifting a car? (Car?!?)
- "I think they'll be pretty impressed".
Thank you, Iceflower (and Polyesco) :flowers:

I couldn't sleep last night, because there was no Daily Mail article... ?

I see one of the photos in the article could be a little bit more flattering. Or rather the angle could be a little more flattering. :D

Crown Princess Mary as Patron attended the official opening of the Research Day 2019 at the Peter Liep's House in Klampenborg today, April 24:

** kongehuset gallery: Åbning af Forskningens Døgn **

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 ** Pic 6 ** video ** belga gallery ** ppe gallery **

** gettyimages: DNK: Crown Princess Mary Participates In Opening Of The Danish Science Festival ** rex gallery **

Mary was asked about the terrorist attack in Sri Lanka and answerd: "We are deeply concerned. It is an incomprehensible tragic event that is incredibly sad":

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