Crown Prince Haakon's Current Events Part 3: February 2019 -

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If I am remembering correctly, either he or his wife has mentioned that the Crown Princess benefited from national education services as an adult, so it is nice to see the Crown Prince open such an event.
:previous: No wonder, consider Mette-Marit's affliction.
CP Haakon held video conversation with people from care and relief work:

""On behalf of us in Norwegian society, I would like to say thank you for the effort you all make," Crown Prince Haakon told employees of the Directorate of Health today when he, via video, attended their Friday meeting."

"“The work you do in the hospitals is incredibly important for all of us. It is a joint effort in the health sector now that it is respected. On behalf of all of us in the community, I would like to say that we really appreciate the effort you are making, ”Crown Prince Haakon said in a video meeting with staff at Haukeland University Hospital today. CEO Eivind Hansen chaired the meeting from Bergen. ⁣

Earlier today, the Crown Prince also attended a video meeting with about 150 of the staff at the Institute of Public Health. The group briefed on the status of Norwegian cases of infection, measures and advice. "With the knowledge you have, along with the power of action, I am sure that we will get through this in the best way we can," said the Crown Prince."

"I would like to thank all the cleaners in Norway for the important work you do. Thank you for doing your part to take care of all the people in Norway and for the infection to be limited in our society, Crown Prince Haakon said in a video meeting with the cleaners Felicia McGill Chepas, Naemy Trandum Aasen and Angus McGunnigle earlier today. ⁣

The three cleaners are at work to make sure that people are clean and contagious. In the meeting, they talked about how the corona pandemic affects the work they do."
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At least Haarkon is sitting at what looks to be a beautiful desk.
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Today, June 3, Crown Prince Haakon talked to four young people via video meeting about how Covid-19 has changed their everyday lives. All four are linked to various projects supported by the Crown Prince Couple's fund:

** kongehuset: Møtte ungdom **
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This afternoon, June 12, Crown Prince Haakon and Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide talked to nearly 200 UN ambassadors via video conference:

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