Crash: 7 Victims & Perpetrator Dead, 10 Wounded at Queen's Day 2009

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Today the conclusions of the investigation into the Queensday tragedy were presented.

I will get back on that later except that I want to say that Karst Tates already mentioned to a former employer 5 years ago that "he would be famous one day and that he would attack the Royal Family".He wasn't taken all that serious at the time tho.He was against the RF and called them "a waste of money" .

Right after the accident a policeman asked him what happened and Karst answered ;"The Queen, the Queen".he was then asked was this deliberate? he said;"Yes","Alexander is a fascist,a racist".No-one has a clue as of the why of these words.

It has become clear he wanted to hit the RF,any one of them but as to the reason why remains a mistery.
He wasn't known for an outspoken hate towards to family,nor was his own family.In fact he was an isolated living creature
avoiding others as much as he could.He,on the morning of Queensday,approximatly one hour before,he walked around checking the area he was planning to hit the bus.What he didn't see then,as there were none yet,were the spectators.As he started to drive at a speed of 112 km an hour he didn't know that meanwhile there had been masses of people on that spot.
Still,he did nothing to avoid them either and crashed into them with the disastrous results we all know.Had there not been these poor people,he would have surely crashed into the bus of the RF and that would most probably resulted into minor to serious injuries in the Family.

Meanwhile it has been announced that the Royal Family will not alter the Queensday celebrations as we've always known them,
everything will remain an open and joyfull celebration as is the wish of the RF itself most of all.
Security however,will be stepped up a couple of notches but nothing was announced in that field,it remains secret.

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