CP Haakon & CP Mette-Marit Current Events 3: December 2015 - December 2023

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:previous: Information from the government about the visit to Ethiopia here - translated by me:
Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit will visit Ethiopia on 7-9. November 2017.

The theme of the visit is health and education, Norway's climate partnership with Ethiopia, the migration and refugee situation in the region and nutrition promotion. Norway's partnership with the African Union will also be on the agenda. The Crown Prince couple will meet representatives of Ethiopian authorities, civil society, Norwegian organizations and Norwegian business.
Article about it from Norway Today:

In other news: The CP couple will begin their County trip to Nord-Trøndelag today:

They'll visit Høylandet (10:00), Namsskogan (11:50), Grong (14:45) and Namsos (16:40) today.

They'll visit Fosnes (10:00) and Flatanger (14:10) tomorrow and Frosta (09:45) on Friday.

In Namsskogan they will have a guided tour in Namsskogan family-park to wacth predators. They are allowed to see bears and arctic foxes before they will feed the wolverines.

After that experience, they will receive food, especially traditional and local food from the southern Sami community in Nord-Trøndelag, accompanied by joik.

På tur med Haakon og Mette-Marit | Kongebloggen - Kjell Arne Totland
Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit will start their annual county trip - in Nord-Trøndelag today.

They will use the royal yacht for both transportation and accommodation along the way!

TV2 follows the visit to Nord-Trøndelag with its own team and will be live on Good Morning Norway, TV2 News Channel and on the evening news.
I'm sorry, but due to forum rules, I can't translate entire articles.
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:previous: Thanks iceflower :flowers:

The videos you posted above is from the arravial in Høylandet.

And the Royal House website article that you posted is going to be updated with text and images throughout the day - I will (perhaps) translate some of it later, because the translations from google is almost unreadable.

This video is from Namsskogan:

And this video is from Grong:

See also more photos from the journey in this photo-link - which is being updated throughout the day:
Nord-Trøndelag 2017 - kongehuset.no

Read more about the County trip in post 155.

The CP couple have arrived in Namsos - article with a live video of a concert they are attending - some quotes translated by me:
Kronprinsparet får musikkhistorisk innføring i Namsos -adressa.no
In Namsos, the Crown Prince couple gets the best places when the municipality and the music community invite to a party concert in the NTE Arena this afternoon.

"Although Namsos is more than music, it's music we are first known for. Everybody knows Åge Aleksandersen and D.D.E., but at this concert we will also try to show some of the breadth and depth of the music environment, "says Terje Tranaas, producer of the concert, to the Namdals newspaper.

Watch a live video of the concert here too:

One of many articles from NTB for Adresseavisen - some quotes translated by me:
A bunch with kids greeted the Crown Prince couple when they arrived in the Høylandet municipality with the royal yacht Wednesday morning. Mayor Hege Nordheim-Viken took care of formal welcome while the residents took care of the entertainment. Høylandet has its own revue festival, and the Crown Prince couple got to see and hear the Family Theater in the municipality presenting "Circle of Life" from the Lion King.
A video from Namsskogan earlier today:
A video from Grong earlier today:
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Thanks for the photos, polyesco! :flowers:

Continuation of posts 155, 158 and 159:

The CP couple is now (according to TV2) back on the royal yacht.

CP Haakon started his speech by singing at NTE Arena in Namsos this afternoon - as you can see at 1:06:00 in this video:

TV2 (with Kjell Arne Totland) has sent live from the events through the day at TV2 News Channel, and the CP couple gave an interview to journalists earlier today - no video of it yet.
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Thanks for the photos, polyesco! :flowers:

Continuation of posts 155, 158 and 159:

The CP couple is now (according to TV2) back on the royal yacht.

CP Haakon started his speech by singing at NTE Arena in Namsos this afternoon - as you can see at 1:06:00 in this video:

TV2 (with Kjell Arne Totland) has sent live from the events through the day at TV2 News Channel, and the CP couple gave an interview to journalists earlier today - no video of it yet.

i am sorry i cant see the video. this are in you tube?
:previous: Thanks iceflover! :flowers:

The County Trip - day 2:

The CP couple visited Fosnes municipality today:

Kronprinsparet møtte fortid og framtid i Fosnes -adressa.no
A welcome from the young and lunch with the elderly was on the program when the Crown Prince couple visited Fosnes on the second day of the county trip in Nord-Trøndelag.

First they got a tour of the municipality's modern multi-purpose house, Fyret. Then they visited Olav Duun's childhood home. The literary-interested crown princess held a cpeech there and took up the message of Duun.

Vidar Strøm Tingstad performed a monologue for the Crown Prince couple, where he portrayed a young Duun.

Video of the arrival:

Photo Gallery from REX, so I don't have to list up all the pictures from NTB Scanpix:

The CP couple visited Flatanger municipality today:

Velkommen til Flatanger -Namdalsavisa
Corps music, flags and happy faces met the Crown Prince couple in Lauvsnes.

A large program that ends with a dinner for invited guests on the royal yacht on Thursday evening.

Mayor Olav Jørgen Bjørkås received crown prince Haakon and crown princess Mette-Marit and welcomed them Flatanger. Flowers were handed over by Malin Strøm (7) from Utvorda School and Kaspet Aspø Hanssen (7) from Lauvsnes School.
Not many photos yet, but here are some:

TV2 has followed the events today, as they did yesterday.
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:previous: That view isn't even among the 200 top views in this country - yes that's Norway for you. :flowers:

Photo Gallery from REX with more pictures from the CP couple at Storfjellet:

More pictures from Flatanger - just some of many, because I don't have time for more:

Not many photos from the reception on the royal yacht yet, but here's two from Namdalsavisa:
http://www.namdalsavisa.no/artikkel...RNATES/w680-default/kongelig mottagelse60.jpg
http://www.namdalsavisa.no/artikkel...RNATES/w980-default/kongelig mottagelse44.jpg

Edit - I first wrote: ''That view isn't even among the 30 top views in this country''. Well, I thought about it, and that's wrong so I edited it to 200, and I still think that's an understatement.
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I love to see her in that wonderful national costume.... she looks great !
:previous: Thats one of her bunads.

Some more pictures from the reception on the royal yacht yesterday evening when 10-year-old Nadia and her mother Fatima Feitaroni met the CP couple:

An article about Nadia's story here - some quotes translated by me:
Nadia (10) wrote a letter to the King - now she is invited to a reception on the royal yacht

Nadia from Syria has experienced more than most 10-year-olds. Just two years ago, she and her mother Fatima fled in a crowded rubber boat between Turkey and Greece. On Thursday she was invited to a reception by the Crown Prince couple.

The reception is arranged aboard the royal yacth in Flatanger on Thursday evening, as part of the Crown Prince couple's official county trip in Nord-Trøndelag.

"I'm very excited to meet the Crown Prince couple. There comes a small boat to take my mom and me and then we go to the big boat,'' says Nadia.

She has long planned what to say and what to do when she meets Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette Marit.

"I wrote a letter to the King after we received a residence permit. We vanted to give our thanks for that,'' says Nadia, who has lived with her mother Fatima in Flatanger for almost a year. In fact, they were Flatanger's very first refugees. Now there are about 20 refugees in the Municipality.
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Thanks iceflover! :flowers:

The County Trip - day 3:

The CP couple visited Frosta municipality today on the last day of their county trip:

Facebook video of the arrival:

YouTube videos:

This has been a wonderful trip, and it has reminded me of why I like Haakon and Mette Marit (something I needed to be reminded about.

I will make a post on this thread later this evening or tomorrow with many facebook videos (from Norwegian media) of the entire trip.

I will also make a post in the ''republic or monarchy'' thread about what commentators have said in resent weeks about the CP couple and all the so-called scandals/problems surrounding them.
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TRH The Crown Prince and Princess also visited a convent and had a tour with the nuns.

PPE Agency
:previous: Yes, Tautra Mariakloster (monastery in english). The foundation stone was actually laid by Queen Sonja in May 2003.
Wonderful trip, wonderful pictures!!

"This week, the Crown Prince couple visited seven municipalities in Nord-Trøndelag. We have collected pictures from the memorable journey in a separate photo album at Kongehuset.no"

Nord-Trøndelag 2017 - kongehuset.no
The CP family attended the UCI Road World Championships in Bergen today:

Kronprinsen: - Gøy å se sykkel-VM på hjemmebane - Sykkel - VG
"It has been amazing. Very nice to see the UCI Road World Championships in Bergen today in Norway and the amazing pictures that have gone out to the world. It has been fun to keep up with the good mood and all the people who have been along the track,'' Crown Prince Haakon said in an interview with TV 2's Cycling expert Dag Otto Lauritzen.

"It was fun to lie behind the field (in a car) to see how they cycled. It's a pretty tough track, so I'm glad I'm not having to cycling through all that,'' he added.

"I hope everyone goes all in. Whom of them, is not so important to me'', he said.
Video - see the interview here:
Kronprins Haakon: – Det har vært helt fantastisk

The CP family arrived in Bergen with the royal yacht. Haakon and Mette come (according to my sources) directly from their county trip in Nord-Trøndelag.

Some of many photos from NTB Scanpix - really worth a watch:


The woman with them on the balcony in the last pictures and video is Prime Minister Erna Solberg.
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:previous: Thank you for the link to the thread, Royal Norway. :flowers: Interesting reading.
Here's a video the Crown Princely family at the Cycling World Cup in Bergen.

:previous: Thank you for the link to the thread, Royal Norway. :flowers: Interesting reading.
You're very welcome! :flowers:

In other news: As eya wrote, The CP couple visited Rønningen college today:

A long article from Nordre Aker Budstikke - some quotes translated by me:
Kronprinsparet: - Det gjøres fantastisk arbeid på folkehøgskolene
''The work they do at colleges around the country, and here at Rønningen is amazing,'' says the Crown Princess.

"It is good that the colleges takes care of the academic, that people they learn something, but also that they are particularly concerned with the entirety. Being a good person is an important part of the year (at the college), I understand, says Crown Prince Haakon.
The Crown Prince couple is quickly engaged and asks a lot of questions. They are familiar with much of what the students tell about through their work with the Crown Prince Couple's Fund and other social engagementsin the city.

"I think the key to getting good people's meetings is to give of yourself. You have to dare to give of yourself while being open and listening, "says Crown Princess Mette Marit as an advice for the students.

"I think it's nice to support the idea that there are no people who are just good or just bad. Good human meetings are about bringing forward the good in others, and in themselves'', says Crown Prince Haakon.


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:previous: Mette-Marit is such a beautiful woman. :flowers: In the video she is a stand-out. Hardly matters what she wears.
Eya posted a royal house article with 3 photos in the General News thread, but it was (according to the palace calendar) an official engagement, so I put it here.

The CP family visited the arena and attended the opening of Eurosurf 2017 in Stavanger today:

Article from NRK with some quotes translated by me:
'' Very fun that it's EM (European Championships) in surfing in Norway. It's Tore (Organizer Tore Kramer) who has made it happen, and all those who help here. Very fun that it has started, and great with such a big event at Jæren, at Klepp," says Crown Prince Haakon.

The Crown Prince himself is a surfer, and recently took the family to Stadt for surfing.

''I'm very fond of it myself too, going out into the waves, but on a completely different level than those standing over there. It's a great way to be out in the nature. This is the competitive part of the sport, but most of this sport are self-organized, that we just go out and have fun. This is another piece of the same part, now that they are out and will try out the waves on Jæren. It will be exciting to follow it, "says the Crown Prince.
Some of the many photos from NTB Scanpix:

CP Haakon alone:

The CP Family:
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