Clearing the Cache - How to do it

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Jan 22, 2005
When odd things happen a good first step is to log out of the Forums, clear the cache and history, close your browser then re-open it and log back in.
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Cache? What is this?

You want to find the 'options' area of your internet browser then find a 'clear browsing data' button or something similar. Your computer is having trouble.
When I try to look at the Royal Life and Lifestyle thread, the screen changes back to how it was at 9:30 PM last night, and I cannot look at any new info. I have something I want to post in this section. Please help. All other sections that I have tried so far seem to be fine.

Fine now.....

Spoke too soon..... not working again!

@ mods- It seems to be just the Royal Life and Lifestyle list page that is not working- individual threads ex. Royals with People and Children work fine.

Now when I look at my profile, the time changes back to 9:46 PM last night. All other pages work!
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Try logging out, clearing the cache, then logging back in again.

When someone accesses a website regularly, certain pages or parts of pages are stored by their computer on the hard drive for easy and quick retrieval. Rather than transmitting that same data across the internet every time the person logs in or accesses that site, the computer already has some of it on hand in the memory. This process is designed to speed up browsing.

All well and good. However, sometimes a page gets "stuck" in the cache where, for whatever reason, it is not updated. This is when you need to clear the cache. When you log back in after clearing it, the website's data will be downloaded anew and your cache will contain the most recent version.

Clearing the Cache in Internet Explorer

see post #7 below

Clearing the Cache in Firefox

> From the Firefox menu bar, click 'Tools';
> from the dropdown box, click on 'Internet Options';
> on the top row click 'Advanced';
> click on 'Network';
> In the 'Cached Web Content' area click on 'Clear Now';
> click 'OK'
cache cleared!

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Clearing the Cache in Internet Explorer

1. Click on Tools


2. From the dropdown box, click on Delete browsing history


3. In 'Delete Browsing History', click the following so that a tick appears in the appropriate box:

° Temporary Internet files [and website files]
° Cookies and website data
° History

Leave the other boxes blank.


4. Lastly, click the Delete button


That's it, the cache is now cleared.

To ensure the computer reloads the correct pages, close Interent Explorer, re-open it and log back in to the Forums.

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