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There have been rumblings about the cost of the maintenance of the royal palaces especially due to the limited access the general public get to BP.
It might very well be that the palace is too dangerous as well. I do remember a number of years ago a story about a piece of the stone work falling near Anne and also reports of some other part collapsing as well. I believe the repairs alone would be in the millions and the electricity hasn't been rewired since the 1940s.
It might be cheaper to not maintain it at all.
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IMO abandoning BP and "to not maintain it at all" is not a credible option. From time to time, it has been suggested that Charles may "reign" from Windsor rather than BP. My sense is that is probably not going to happen as it is important for the monarch to have a London base.

There has been some recent talk about the government allocating extra funding to carry out the long pending repairs and renewals work, partly in exchange for increased public access. This is certainly a possibility, and I exepct that when Charles in King, public access to the Palace will be increased.

I don't think Charles will stay at BP, and it's most likely that William will move to Clarence House.
So where do you think Charles might live (if not at BP) and if Wills moves to CH?
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I don't thnik Charles will be forced to leave Clarence House when King; so, why not keep Buckingham Palace as official residence and office, and Clarence House as his effective residence?
charles as monarch will move into the palace...... and give up clarence house !! no fears about that !! besides which every monarch since queen victoria has lived in the palace, so why change.... theres no point of the monarch having two residences in london......:whistling:

i agree that clarence house may become the london home of prince william and his family........or of the widower prince philip should he still be living after the queens death !! :flowers:

Hi Jonnydep,

Well, whatever happens, it appears that a royal will continue to live at Clarence House for the near future. Continuity in this case is a good thing.
uh-oh.... this may be the start of a few claims arising from former CH employees.
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What I find amazing is that Clarence House had not been repainted in 49 years!
from a BBC report of August 2003 on the completed renovations at post #6:

Asbestos has been removed from the 19th century building, plumbing updated and rewiring carried out at a cost of £4.5m.
The residence, which was the Queen Mother's principal home from 1953 until her death last year, was in need of major structural work and had not been painted for 50 years.
Oh, I see, I think. I just found it amazing because I repainted my house after seven years and figured that most people would have painted or repainted walls at least once during a span of nearly 50 years.
Painted finishes lasted much longer than it does now. Lead is a wonderful element. However, lead was banned as a paint element in the U.S. many years ago. Don't know about the U.K. now. There was still lead in interior and exterior housepaint when I left the U.K. in 1976.
Prince Charles to generate his own power with solar panels on Clarence House | Mail Online

Prince Charles has been granted planning permission to install solar panels on the roof of his 180-year-old home Clarence House. Construction experts have been hired to ensure that no damage is caused when they are installed.

The £30,000 cost of the project - which comes out of the Prince’s pocket - is likely to take several years to recoup.

Energy-efficient boilers have been installed at Clarence House and bath water is recycled to water the plants, helping the household to become ‘carbon neutral’ for the past three years.

The house was built between 1825 and 1827 to the designs of John Nash for Prince William Henry, Duke of Clarence, who lived there as King William IV from 1830 until 1837. It was the late Queen Mother’s main home from 1953 until her death.
I've just seen a news article on ITV about the opening of Clarence House, it's a wonderful thing to do and there is a Pledge Tree.
HRH PoW is going to freeze his buns off if he relies on solar heat. I know from experience that it is a waste of money. However, everyone is free to make their own financial mistakes.
HRH PoW is going to freeze his buns off if he relies on solar heat. I know from experience that it is a waste of money. However, everyone is free to make their own financial mistakes.

I have had solar panels for years and they are great. Of course they aren't the only source of heating for the house but pretty much the only source of heating for my hot water source. The rebates have paid for the original cost and the savings I get on my electricity bills are wonderful.

No one could rely totally on solar panels, even here in Australia, so certainly not in Britain, but as a source that reduces reliance on other power such as electricity and/or gas. Anyone who totally relies on solar panels would be foolish but they are wonderful and I am pleased to see HRH going this route.
This is the Queen's sitting room at Clarence house from when she lived there as Princess Elizabeth before her accession. The room is on the first floor and is furnished entirely with wedding presents. The ceiling was designed by Nash for the Duke of Clarence in 1825. The eighteen-century carved pine chimney-piece is from Kensington Palace. The walls were painted aquamarine blue. The carpet is chinese with self colored wool and woven with a pattern of flowers. The furniture is Chippendale and Sheraton.
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Is Clarence house the residence or office of prince Charles of wales? And does he live there with his wife and sons?
Is Clarence house the residence or office of prince Charles of wales? And does he live there with his wife and sons?
Yes, that is correct. That is the home of the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cronwall, as well as the Princes William and Harry
This is the Duke of Edinburgh's sitting room.
Over the fireplace are portraits by de Lazslo of Prince Phillip's parents.
Prince and Princess Andrew of Greece. (I think Phillips mother was Alice.)
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That de Laszlo portrait of Alice graces the cover of her biography by Hugo Vickers. Thank you for posting these photos.
Great photos! I really enjoyed looking at them. Thanks for posting!
love this one better than others
it looks very comfortable and warm
Floor Plan of Clarence House

Ground floor plan of Clarence House.:flowers:


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