Clarence House

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Jan 21, 2003
This may be the only pictures of the interior of Clarence House so saving them here too:


The Prince was adamant the renovations should retain the late Queen Mother's style


Some of the reception rooms will be used for receiving statesmen and other official guests
Photo: © The Royal Collection 2003; Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
While £4.5 million of taxpayers money went towards the refurbishments, Charles covered the costs of all soft furnishings himself



For many years Clarence House was one of the least accessible royal residences
Photo: © The Royal Collection 2003; Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Prince Charles Invites Visitors into His New Home

6 AUGUST 2003
Having just taken up residence in his newly-refurbished London home, Prince Charles is inviting the people of Britain to have a look around the house, in which his long-time partner Camilla Parker Bowles has private quarters.

For many years Clarence House was a rather mysterious place, as the public was rarely granted an opportunity to see the interior. But as of 9am on Wednesday, the new city home of Princes William and Harry is open to the public.

Over £6 million was spent on the refurbishment, with Prince Charles forking out £1.6 million of his own money to cover the costs of soft furnishings and Camilla's rooms. With the exception of the private living areas, the renovations have kept to the style preferred by the property's previous resident, the late Queen Mother.

The Prince is said to have made the private quarters very much his own, however. And the boys, who were allowed to choose the décor for their rooms, have opted for modern, stylish fittings.

But those hoping for a peek into their family life will be disappointed, as the nine-room suite they now call home will remain off limits.

A souvenir shop has also been opened. Getting your hands on a ticket to tour the house may prove somewhat more difficult, however, as the first run of 46,000 was sold out almost immediately.
The Prince of Wales was allowing the public into his new London home where the memory of its former occupant lives on.

The Queen Mother lived at Clarence House for half a century.

Now the building has been faithfully restored as the heir to the throne's official residence.

Many of the Queen Mother's possessions, constituting a great collection of paintings and decorative arts, remain.

The renovation of Clarence House cost taxpayers £4.5 million, plus £1.6 million paid by the Prince for extra decorations.

Visitors will be charged £5 to view the house which is open to the public until October 17.

It is the first time the public has been able to visit Clarence House, which dates from 1825. Visitors will see the Prince's home which reflects his admiration of the late Queen Mother, who died last year aged 101.

Already this year's summer tour is sold out.

Paying visitors will be given a guided tour of the state rooms in groups of up to 18 people.

The Prince's sons William and Harry also have rooms at Clarence House, as does their father's partner Camilla Parker Bowles. None of the private apartments, on upper floors, are open to the public.

The Prince previously lived at Clarence House, which is located off The Mall and close to Buckingham Palace, between the ages of one and three when the Queen, then Princess Elizabeth, and the Duke of Edinburgh moved there following their marriage in 1947.

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Clarence House opens to public

The late Queen Mother's home has undergone substantial renovation
Prince Charles's new residence, the former London home of the Queen Mother, opens to visitors for the first time on Wednesday.
The public will be able to take a guided tour around part of Clarence House, following a multi-million pound renovation.

The Prince of Wales moved there from nearby St James's Palace on Monday - the anniversary of the late Queen Mother's birth in 1900.

The tour, around five ground floor rooms, will feature many works of art and furniture collected by the Queen Mother.

The summer opening is also a chance to see the rooms in which official engagements will be undertaken and important guests will be received.

The works of art include pieces by 20th century British artists John Piper, Graham Sutherland, WS Sickert and Augustus John.


All tickets for the guided tours are timed and must be pre-booked
Booking line 020 7766 7303
Or on website
Adult: £5, under-17: £3, under-5: free
Tours from 6 August to 17 October
Examples of Fabergé and English porcelain and silver, many relating to the Bowes-Lyon family, will also be on display.

Asbestos has been removed from the 19th century building, plumbing updated and rewiring carried out at a cost of £4.5m.

The cost is being taken from public money set aside for palace maintenance.

Charles has used £1.6m of his own money for extras, including furnishings, and paid for the decoration of two rooms which will be used by his partner, Camilla Parker Bowles.

The residence, which was the Queen Mother's principal home from 1953 until her death last year, was in need of major structural work and had not been painted for 50 years.

The whole place "was frankly pretty dirty. The curtains were falling apart, and the red felt carpet was in shreds," said Sir Hugh Roberts who is charged with the maintenance of royal property.

Preview party

Matthew Dennison, of interiors magazine House and Garden, described the new look as "user-friendly and not intimidating".

"It's smart, it's modern but it's rooted in the past," he told BBC News.

"It's formal because it's full of first rate objects but it's also informal."

The house, which is located off The Mall and close to Buckingham Palace, will also be the London home of Charles's sons Prince William and Harry.

Vistors will see the Queen Mum's corgi and horse pictures

Prince Charles was hosting two parties at the palace on Monday, to allow the Queen Mother's former domestic staff to have a preview of the finished product, and to thank the builders for their work.

He is understood to be "very pleased" with the redecoration.

His treasurer Kevin Knott said the renovation would add to the country's cultural heritage.

"This block of work is going to last for a very long time. it's going to prove to be very good value for money."

Clarence House offers Charles more room to entertain VIPs than the relatively cramped accommodation at nearby St James's Palace.

Meetings are often held in the grounds of his Gloucestershire home, Highgrove, due to the lack of space at St James's.

The house was built between 1825 and 1827 to the designs of John Nash for Prince William Henry, Duke of Clarence, who lived there as King William IV from 1830 until 1837.

Clarence House


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I would love to see more pictures....
so william and harry has rooms there?
Yes, they have their rooms there. They live there when they are in London. That is dady house. I read that they decorate the rooms like they want. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Text from The Prince of Wales's official website:

Clarence house - the official London residence of The Prince of Wales, situated next to St. James's Palace

Clarence House was once the London home of Her Majesty The Queen, then Princess Elizabeth, and The Duke of Edinburgh following their marriage in 1947 and of The Prince of Wales between the ages of one and three.

It was also the home of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother from 1953 to 2002. The Prince of Wales returned to Clarence House on 4th August 2003 – the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s birth and it became his official London residence.

The House was built in the 1820s to the design of John Nash for The Duke of Clarence, who later resided there as King William IV.

This is where The Prince receives official guests from this country and overseas on behalf of the Nation, and brings together people from all walks of life through official seminars, lunches, receptions and dinners. Several thousand official guests are received at the House annually.

Members of the public will be able to see on display items from the Royal Collection and from the collection of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. The decoration of the rooms retains the ambience created by The Queen Mother, and much of her collection of works of art and furniture are in their former positions.

The Queen Mother’s collection is particularly strong in twentieth-century British art, embracing important works by John Piper, Graham Sutherland, W.S Sickert and Augustus John.

Clarence House is an important part of the Nation’s built heritage and, between 2002-3, the House underwent essential renovation and redecoration.

The Royal Household Property Services carried out the refurbishment and worked with organisations including the Forest Stewardship Council to specify and buy sustainable materials and timber from responsibly managed forests. The internal decoration was carried out under the direction of the interior designer, Robert Kime.

Clarence House is a working residence and provides office accommodation for His Royal Highness’s official staff to support him in undertaking his public and charitable duties.

Pictures from The Prince of Wales's official website and Getty Images:


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I'm surprised that the place was in such disrepair, given that the Queen Mother was gone for months at a time. Or maybe she was just one of those old people who don't like changes.
thanks so much for all these wonderful photos! I'm really enjoying seeing the insides of such an important house.
Josefine said:
how long has charles had clerance house

I'm not quite sure. but queen mum lived there till her death March 2002 and after that charles had the place renovated. that took about a year. so I think he's been living there atleast 2 years but not much longer than that.
pretty little home seems very cozy
Royal Fan said:
pretty little home seems very cozy

It looks lovely, I wonder what central heating system they have:D
It is very cozy and homie. Not overimposing and palace like. It is like a really nice comfortable home.
just like my home, its not fantastic? :p hahaha ok that was totally a disaster as a joke.
Niceeee home, I wish I could live there :(
micas said:
Yes, they have their rooms there. They live there when they are in London. That is dady house. I read that they decorate the rooms like they want. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Actually, I believe Princes William and Harry have their own apartments at York House.
I thought they had apartments at Saint James Palace which is right next or connected to Clarence House.
Princejonnhy25 said:
I thought they had apartments at Saint James Palace which is right next or connected to Clarence House.

I think York House and Clarence House are situated within the walls of St James Palace. I might be wrong, but I think these two mansions are their own separate houses, but are inside the property grounds of St James Palace.
I also think a section of York House was made available for William and Harry some years ago.

I love the pics some have posted of Clarence House, especially the hallway in which the portrait of King George III looms. It's a lovely corridor. I wonder if it's the corridor that opens out onto the garden?
Does Camilla have her own set of rooms or does she simply share a room with Prince Charles?
Will's princess said:
Does Camilla have her own set of rooms or does she simply share a room with Prince Charles?
I don't think these sort of details are disclosed as very few Royals (or other public figures for that matter) choose to share their intimate living arrangements with the general public. We do know they share a house or two, or three. Isn't that enough?
On this video you can see the Prince of Wales working at his desk in Clarence House. You can see a bit of the study where he works.
There is also this picture which GrandDuchess added in post 10. It shows the Prince's study. It comes from the Prince's official site as well.
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Clarence House in 1949/1950 when it was the official London residence for Princess Elizabeth and Philip, Duchess and Duke of Edinburgh
Source: Getty/Hulton Archive
The Garden view of the house
The Lancaster Room
The Dining Room The Dining Room 2 The Dining Room 3
The Dining Room walls were lined with paintings of George III and his many children. The house was used by Prince William, Duke of Clarence (later William IV). Nearby York House was used by another son of George III, Prince Ernest Augustus, the Duke of Cumberland, who later became King of Hanover.
The Duke of Edinburgh's sitting room
Princess Elizabeth's sitting room
The first floor Drawing Room
The Library
That rug in front of the fireplace! :eek:

As for the private apartments of the family, I think the Prince and Duchess have their apartments on the main floor while Prince William and Prince Harry have suites on the top floor. It's just a guess based on the usual practice for these kinds of great houses. I imagine each of them has their own suite, probably adjacent sitting room and bedroom with dressing room and bath, and perhaps the young Princes have a kitchen each or one they share in the top floor.
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Wonder if King Charles will live there and where will William and Harry live
I love CH. It's so stately but at the same time it has the feel of a home too. It seems like a nice place to live. I would rather live at CH than BP if I had the choice, though I suppose I could make do at BP.... :lol:
Wonder if King Charles will live there and where will William and Harry live
I would be surprised if KIng Charles lived at Clarence House. I have read in the past that Charles would spend far more time at Windsor than the Queen currently does. Also, Charles is well know for his love of grandeur, and I doubt will pass up on the opportunity to live at BP
i may be wrong about this but i understand that the RF don't particularly like BP and only use it as an "office". they prefer their own "homes" - HM like Windsor Castle and now that Charles is in CH i suppose he prefers it there. anyone have anymore details about this?
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