Christmas Holidays with the Spanish Royal Family

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From Hello:

King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia will no doubt be doting over their new grandson this year at the Zarzuela Palace. Their younger daughter, the Infanta Cristina, gave birth to her third son, Miguel, just a few months ago.

Christmas is usually sacred for the Borbons and their three children, two sons-in-law and five grandchildren. The family gets together for dinner on Christmas Eve, then lunches together on the 25th after attending Mass.

It is a typical yuletide gathering, with the grandchildren profiting from the spacious gardens that surround the palace or opening presents while their families look on. Some years, however, the two infantas spend Christmas with their in-laws.

In Spain, there are two days of present-giving - Christmas Day and "Reyes" (a reference to the gift-bearing Three Wise Men), which falls on the eve of January 5-6. And as the Spanish monarch's birthday falls on January 7, it is a double celebration. He is back in Madrid by then, having enjoyed a week or so skiing in the Pyrenean resort of Baqueira-Beret, sometimes with the family, sometimes without


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It in a way seems that the Spanish Royals have all but a spectacular running of Chrismas events. Most likely because it seems to be a quiet occassion for thier Majesties and the family.

Usually christmas will start out Chrismas Eve Mass, followed by Lunch or Dinner with their majesties.

Chrismas day is spent with the Infanta's respective in-laws, yet the Infantas will return home to La Zarzuela in the evening to have dinner with the King and Queen once again. The family will most likely attend yet another mass for the Christmas day later in the evening. And of course Juan Carlos and Sofia will dottingly admire their five beautiful grandchildren.

It seems that there is also a military chrismas event also? It looks as though HRH the Prince of Astrius and his parents attend this without thier sisters who are at this time out of Madrid with the in-laws. If anyone knows anything, please feel us in.

I don't have many photos at all, I used to have a ton and for some odd reason they have disappeared off the hard drive :(

Hope that this slight explanation will hold you over in the mean time :).

Happy Holidays.

I will however leave you with my two offical SRF Chrismas favorite photos.

The Kings and their grandchildren..... love this photo:


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Group Photo:


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It seems that there is also a military chrismas event also?

I belive that you refer to the "Pascoa Militar" (Easter military celebration) at Jan 6 ;) I never understand well what it was, only that is a very ancient tradition in the Spain. Every Jan 6, the royal family (i belive that there was sometimes that the Infantas attend, maybe when they weren't married ;) ) reunite with representants of all branches of the army and members of the goverment, in the Royal Palace. The King always make a speech and them there is always a lunch after the cerimony.

Another thing different in the Christmas in Spain is that the don't open the gifts either in the Christmas Eve, or in the Christmas Day. They only open the gifts in the "Dia de Reyes" (Kings Day - celebrates the day that "Magical" Kings arrive to Bethlehem to offer the gifts to baby Christ), also at Jan 6. So, in Spain, you open yor gifts after the New Year Eve :p In the "Dia de Reyes" there is always a parade of somepeople dressed like the "Magical" Kings (normaly some famous people) to entertain the children. Is realy cool, when i was younger i participated in one. They trow candys from the allegoric cars, there always flowers and alot of fun :flower:
Thank You X,

Are there any photos?
Last year, King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia forwent a Christmas card with their grandchildren and opted for one of just the two of them.


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This year Christmas card from the spanish kings :flower: I just adore it, is sooo sweet :heart:

That's so cute! Especially Froilan with his big smile. Juan isn't smiling...looking off. Pablo is very cute in that picture. They've all grown so much! Miguel is sweet :) It's so cute how the sets of siblings are all wearing similar clothes.

There's Froilan and Victoria with green sweaters and plaid pants/skirt.
Then there's Juan, Pablo, and Miguel with their blue shirts, dark bottoms, and red shoes.
Both of Elena's kids really have her and the King's curly hair, don't they?

And Froilan and Victoria's outfits are adorable -- so festive!

Madrid, Spain - Princess Cristina with her husband and children in Vitoria, Northern Spain, for the Christmas holidays. Photo: Euroimagen

I would just like to ask if in what palace does the royal family celebrate their Christmas?

La Zarzuela?? or they have a palace wherein they will go for holidays??
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I would like to think that they would have the holidays in La Zarzuela. Maybe X, our lovely La Zarzuela informer could fill us in.
Spanish Christmases are beautiful and extremely fun. I think that they spend their holidays in La Zarzuela..
Christmas Holiday's with the Spanish Royal Family

Christmas Holiday's and traditions with the Spanish Royal Family

I'm curious to know if anyone has any information on what the Spanish Royal Family do for Christmas?

Asides from the King's Christmas Eve speech the seem to fall off the radar over the Christmas Holidays unless we see the Infantas skiing.Its a pity we don't get to see the Royal Family attending Mass on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.I know they have a private chapel at Zarzuela but it would be nice to see the family together at Christmas just like on Easter Sunday.Perhaps it would be more awkward now given the hullabaloo surrounding the Palma's.
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the Christmas surrounding the Royal Family is more quiet and private. Aside from the Christmas Cards and the King's Speech, there's nothing more to see.
They work until the very end, very close to Christmas, they (King/Queen/Princely couple) sure work a lot. then for the private Christmas Holidays Letizia&Felipe spent with the King and Queen, but its private.
thats it, i know the Scandinavian Royals does appear a lot in Christmas celebrations and mass, but the Spanish Royals have their traditions as well but are more private.
I know last year Infanta Pilar let it be known that she was spending Christmas with her family and not the Royal Family gathering at Zarzuela.
For Easter the King was at the Church and and for the picture with the Queen , Felipe and his family , just after immediately he left for his Elephant Trip.

Si for Christmas he will do his Speech , I wonder what he will say ? and don't tell me he will have a quiet and private Christmas day and holidays with his whole family.
I'd imagine that the King will not look back at 2012 in a fond light,I'm wondering too about his Christmas speech this year too!
An Ard Ri, probably little or nothing.

The press needs information during the holidays, and each invents something different. According to others, the Asturias had dinner on Christmas Eve with the family of the Princess and ate at Christmas with Borbon family. So the most basic details don´t match.
An Ard Ri, probably little or nothing.

The press needs information during the holidays, and each invents something different. According to others, the Asturias had dinner on Christmas Eve with the family of the Princess and ate at Christmas with Borbon family. So the most basic details don´t match.

Thought as much,many thanks!
The Royal House will be happy with this new gossip ... better to attack Letizia, to discuss the presence of Urdangarín at Zarzuela or what will happen with Cristina and the official investigation in the coming days.

I've put this in the Xmas thread - was it confirmed who spent Christmas with who, or do we have a safe guess that the Palmas were there? I can easily imagine Juan Carlos not being around for Christmas at all and Sofia inviting the Palmas to get all grandkids together. On the other hand, I would imagine after his father died the Palmas would spend Xmas with Inakis mother. Who knows. I only read that the Palmas went to Zarzuela to celebrate Elena's birthday, but we dont know since nobody's photo can be taken.
It is confirmed that they have been in Zarzuela, and later they were to travel to visit Urdangarin family in Vitoria.

About who had dinner with who on Christmas Eve or had lunch on Christmas day... the press will do what they have done in recent years, each invent a different story to have a topic of controversy for several days.
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