Christening of Prince Christian: January 21, 2006

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The godmothers from

I just saw HGD Guillaume. I'm not liking his facial hair. The suit is nice though. I really love what Victoria is wearing, but could she have lost the pony tail for one day at least?
The christening gift from the Cabinet: a pony - without name for now.
purple_platinum said:
from polfoto
The Queen is crying

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

I have never seen her show emotions before. Never ever !!!!!

It's even more amazing than the names (which aren't amazing at all.)

Congratulations, Christian Valdemar Henri John :D

Thanks for the simultaneous texting of the christening, everyone.
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BEAUTIFUL worth getting up at 3AM for. Love the name. special moments were the interaction between mother and child, fred rubbing her hand during the song and them showing such loving emotion.
finally saw Princess Alexandra... she looks lovely lovely..
it looks like the outfit she wore in finland on 2005
Princes Felix and Nikolai are beginning to look mighty tired of all the attention and the strange people. (Or, maybe cold and bored.)
I'm glad I didn't end up going out tonight. Are there any pictures of other guests? I haven't yet seen Guillame, Martha Louise, only briefly saw Mathilde and Phillipe, because I missed the very beginning of the christening.
I think I saw Märtha Louise and Ari before. I'm sure she was wearing a purple outfit. Mathilde was wearing this red poncho thing. I think I might have seen her wear it, or something similar to it before.
Felix didn't seem very happy, he was crying, and Nicolas wanted to hide behind his mother.
It must be very intimidating for this children with all this press taking pictures.
Hannelore said:
I don't think Guillaume was there...I didn't see him. Aren't you confusing him with Nikolaus of Greece?
Yes, Guillaume was there. He was walking out of the Chapel with Marie-Chantal of Greece.
#1-2: Photos from ANP
#3-4,10: AP
#5-9: Reuters
#6 is my favorite
#9: Jane Stephens, sister of Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, arrives for the christening of first born three-month old son of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark at Christiansborg Palace Chapel in Copenhagen January 21, 2006.


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what i understand there will be a dinner for someof the guests not a officiak one do you think we will see any photos of that i mean them arriving
Danish Crown Prince Frederik christened at Copenhagen chapel (wrong title)
COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) - The baby prince in line to be the future king of Denmark was baptized Saturday at a chapel in Copenhagen.
The 3-month-old son of Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary was christened Christian Valdemar Henri John.
Some 300 royals, government officials and other dignitaries attended the ceremony at the neoclassical Christiansborg Palace Chapel in the heart of the snow-covered city..................

Second-in-line to Denmark's throne named Christian
COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - The youngest member of one of the world's oldest monarchies and second in line to Denmark's throne was named Christian Valdemar Henri John at a Lutheran baptism ceremony on Saturday............

#1-4,9: Photos from AP
#5-8,10: Reuters


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Front page of

Mary's baby named Christian

From: AAP
From correspondents in Copenhagen
January 21, 2006

DANISH Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Mary's son has been christened Christian Valdemar Henri John.
The name of the new Danish prince was revealed at the ceremony at Christiansborg Palace church in Copenhagen shortly after 11.30am (9.30pm AEDT), but it wasn't a surprise.,10117,17897110-2,00.html

Let's hope there is a nice big special section of the christening in tomorrows Sunday newspapers!
I noticed Prince Nikolai and Prince Joachim passing time playing Rock, Paper, Scissors :D And I've noticed before, why do Prince Henrik always look like he is so bored when he is in church? I noticed in the wedding as well, he keeps looking around at the details in the church instead of focusing on the service (I shouldn't be critisising him, since I just that myself when I'm in church :p ). And I thought CP Frederik looked awfully tired when he arrived in church, probably not so unusual when you have a baby :)

Otherwise, a lovely service and a good set of names for the little prince!
This is maybe a stupid question, but I'm not so often in this forum. So what is wrong with the Queens eye?
more from

pictures without watermark courtesy of DPA

Prince Joachim and his two princes, Nikolai & Felix
(from polfoto)

a cute one of Alexandra with her boys... (from tv2)

and finally.. Pavlos & Marie-Chantal (from tv2)
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Hi, This is my first time posting although I've been a member for a while. I think the christening was lovely and Mary looked gorgeous. She reminded me of Elizabeth Taylor in some of the images (I think it was the flowered hat), and the way she just glowed.
I also wanted to thank everyone for providing links to the christening. I wouldn't have known where to look otherwise.
HRH Prince Christian Valdemar Henri John of Denmark - welcome:)

I watch it on

Mary wear a flower-decoration on her head like Mette-Marit and Maxima on their children christenings.

I don't know which I like more baptism of Leonor or Christian...

P.S. Welcome almee:)
Thank you everyone for the welcome. I hope I will be able to contribute worthwhile conversation and information as well as all of you have. But after all the excitement of the christening, and since the time here in WA is around 4 am., I'd better be off. Bye for now.
Hello there Almee.. glad you made your 1st post.. a fitting occasion indeed. :) :)

here are more of Benedikte, Victoria, Alexandra with Nikolai & Felix (from bt)


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Wonderful, superb, brilliant, awe inspiring!!!!

Absolutely loved it... watched it on sky news Australia and was glued to the screen.

Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess Mary Elizabeth looked, so, so beautiful. The hair, the floral aigrette, the top, the skirt, the shoes, the saphire diamond ecnrusted brooch...

To me, the perfect representation of a Crown Princess.

HRH the Prince Christian..adorable!!!

Seeing both the Crown Prince and Crown Pricness shed tears was quite touching.

From Getty images
#7: At reception

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