Christening of Prince Christian: January 21, 2006

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Is there a guest list around? From the guests shown here the ceremony was more in the lines of an international event.
This was truly a wonderful christening! A perfect mix between formality and informality I thought.

Crown Princess Mary looked wonderful (the brooch was superb, it really completed the outfit), so happy and close to her child at the christening ceremony – it was so sweet how she fondled with him during the whole time, a great way to keep him calm and quiet too I suppose. It was quite hard to keep the emotions back when I saw how touched both Fredrik and Mary were. And this must also have been the first time I saw Queen Margrethe so moved, even to tears as it seemed.

Good name choice too, I like the name Christian. It’s both modern and with a tradition. Interesting to see how they chose Henri and not the Danish form Henrik.

It’s almost spooky how alike in appearance Crown Princess Mary and her sister Jane are!

Interesting to see Tatiana Blatnik on the guest list again, too bad there’s no picture of her and Nikolaos entering the church (at least I haven’t seen one) as I saw them do during the broadcast. I wonder when they are going to take the next step in their relationship, or if they are planning to do so at all.
That was really a beautiful christening. Prince Christian is sooo cute. And the parents look so happy and proud. And is always CP Mary look stunning:)
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I am not a huge fan of Mary's outfit and here is what I base my opinion on. I just want to say that I love the jacket and the skirt, but just not together. If you look really objectively it seems that she went into her closet and grabbed a piece from two different outfits. The jacket with its sharp, clean tailoring looks great and the dress with its print looks lovely for a summer day. But the jacket is sharp and tailored and the dress is pleated and flowing. The outfit does not look fluid from top to bottom. The jacket is almost heavy and the skirt is light and airy. Also, the edging on the jacket stands out.
Although I think Mary looked radiant and happy, I don't really like her outfit. It looks kind of mashed together, with the skirt not quite matching the jacket and the jacket not quite matching the hat. But I think both her and Fred look incredibley happy, and in love.
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Thank you everybody for the many wonderful pictures of baby Christian's christening! :)

I was very touched by Margrethe's tears during the christening.

I am going to go out on a limb (and am anticipating tomatoes or eggs being thrown at me for this) and say that I liked Mary's headpiece. The colour could've been blue or white/cream, but there was a classic, nostalgic sixties look to it that I thought complimented Mary's hairstyle very well. And it didn't cover her face so that we could get a really good look of how lovingly she looked at her son and how she doted on him.

However, I wish her skirt had been more formal (with a shape to it) rather than light and springy on the heels of a snow storm in Denmark. I think the skirt was beautiful, but not so appropriate for a January day.

I'm surprised by the choice of both Haakon and Mette-Marit as godparents, but a nice surprise nonetheless.

Victoria looked very elegant and lovely, as was Alexandra. Benedikte looked ever so regal in her fur jacket with the fuschia ribbon, too!

Laurentien was surprisingly subdued, and aside from her hat, I thought she looked glowing and radiant.

I have missed -- and hope I will get to see pictures of Alexandra of Bereleberg and her husband. I saw a picture of her brother Gustav arrive with Nikolaos and his girlfriend though.
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Princess Benedikte's outfit really looks awful to me. Colours don't match together at all: red, pink, purple:mad:
Crown Princess Pavlos seems pregnant to me, more than Laurentien (I can't see her belly).
This is only my opinion. I don't want to make any offence
Thank you soooo much to all of you who were brave to get up early to watch the christening of Prince Christian. It was way too early for me to get up here in Canada. I think Mary and the baby were the stars of the show and rightly so. All of the pics were beautiful and it's nice to finally know the name of the little prince. Christian is a beautiful name and suits him well. Again thanks to all of you for the christening coverage and the pictures.:)
I loved Queen Anne-Marie's red outfit. Extremely striking and it suited her.
a cute one of Joachim and his boys (from DPA)
looks like little Felix is weeping...

, and from facetoface

and photos from the after-christening reception (from polfoto)


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some more from viennareport via fotomarkplatz


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A wonderful photoseries from dagbladet taken by Lise Åserud for scanpix, it shows all the royals without watermark

As for the dresses i think most of the royals look a little boring, Frederiks and Marys Friends were better and more interestingly dressed IMO

Poor Felix looked a little under the weather today, but those boys are surly extremely beautiful
some more from the guests' arrival (from dpa)

just before going to the reception (from facetoface & dagbladet). . .
#1 Crown Princess Marie Chantal with HGD Guillaume of Luxembourg
#2-3 the godparents, Crown Prince Haakon & Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway
#4 Crown Prince Philippe & Crown Princess Mathilde of Belgium

Prince Gustav, Prince Nikolaos with his girlfriend, Tatiana (from hello)

godmother, Victoria of Sweden, touch the cheek of Prince Christian (from polfoto)

Princess Alexandra, with Prince Felix (not too happy..;) ), and Prince Nikolai (from dagbladet)
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When I saw the photo of Marie Chantal and Pavlos on the steps,I think it was #275 or 273 she seemed to have a little bump on her belly.Is she pregnant?
What a beautiful boy...and very curious...jeje
Congratulations to Mary, she is very elegant and friendly.
marlene said:
When I saw the photo of Marie Chantal and Pavlos on the steps,I think it was #275 or 273 she seemed to have a little bump on her belly.Is she pregnant?

I thought this, too, as I've already written;)
a couple of comments please, now that i've napped a bit.
1. wish the live camera had stayed on the royal family members and godparents, less on the minister, guests and choir. jmo
2. i don't understand danish, so if some1 could tell me at what point did QM cry, didn't catch it. and at the end when mary became very emotional what had been said (or sung, might have been the last song) at that moment.
again it was so beautiful. thanks so much for the hard work moderators. GOOD JOB
purple_platinum said:
prince christian sucking mommy's finger
What a bad habit IMO...And so the poor boy is sucking a finger that has a nail polish:confused:
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Alexandria said:
I have missed -- and hope I will get to see pictures of Alexandra of Bereleberg and her husband. I saw a picture of her brother Gustav arrive with Nikolaos and his girlfriend though.

here they are, alexandria. thanks to link posted by Larzen

(from dagbladet)
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Mathilde and CR Victoria were SOOOOOOOOO elegant and their outfits are gorgeous.

Mary's color Jacket is very nice and suits her skintone...BUT that nice jacket and that nice skirt do not match each other.

And the hat:eek: ...what was she thinking...HORRIBLE hat and hair do:cool:
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