Christening of Infanta Leonor: January 14, 2006

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If someone has an opportunity to gt Hola, theyre are lots of anecdotes on this week issue : for example : why Felipe Juan Froilan was absent, the relationship between Paloma Rocasolano and Ana Togores, etc... It would be nice to have it translated wouldn't it ?
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assia said:
If someone has an opportunity to gt Hola, theyre are lots of anecdotes on this week issue : for example : why Felipe Juan Froilan was absent, the relationship between Paloma Rocasolano and Ana Togores, etc... It would be nice to have it translated wouldn't it ?

I have read the magazine, and actually it does not bring anything new.
On Froilán's topic, all we have seen him already in the new images in television.

On the menu, there are several versions, so nobody knows the one who has really reason.

As for the relation of Paloma and Ana, I do not believe that it matters for anybody; they are not public prominent figures. The magazine says that simply they do not have relation, neither good nor bad ... each one in her place. How it happens in these situations always it is more difficult for who that has not re-done the life, and is necessary to be careful. The important thing is that so much Jesus and Paloma are respected by their daughters and by their granddaughters; and up to the moment always they have demonstrated to be a family very joined in spite of the circumstances. They have always demonstrated that in spite of being a family divided by the divorce, it has known to be very united as well in the good ones and at the bad moments. It seems that they have made the things in that sense... hopefully was rather well thus in all the families.;)
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After keeping during two years a discreet back place, Ana Togores Guisasola receives more and more relevance in the surroundings of the princess of Asturias family . In fact, this one has been one of the reasons for which to the wife of Jesus Ortiz, in addition of being invited to the baptism of infanta Leonor, was reserved a remarkable place among the assistants: almost behind Paloma Rocasolano and next to prince Pablo of Greece and Marie-Chantal Miller. Dressed in two pieces in mulberry tones -- fit jacket and snaped like a bwll skirt the wife of Jesus Ortiz did not let herself to be seen too much during the ceremony, but she occupied a predominant place next to her husband during the banquet. A family occasion, but also formal, that had been waited for since the commitment of the princes of Asturias was announced. Not in vain, one says that after seeing that the power to attend the wedding of her daughter was unnegotiable for his fiancé, Don Jesus obtained the divorce, as well as the license to contract civil marriage, in the course of two months. At last that finally would not be compensated with the attendance of Ana any of any programmed official acts.

Froilán was there

Froilán is a rebellious boy who likes to amuse himself, and is also a young boy plenty of energy with an enormous imagination. For that reason one missed not being able to follow his movements in the baptism. Nobody knows the reason for of his discreet presence, but it is possible that, due to his seven years, he has thought that "the famous kick" in the wedding of his uncle Don Felipe de Borbón has fulfilled amply in his childhood to happen to History... Or perhaps Doña Elena "maintained him tied to the bank" under some powerful advice. From outside, Froilán does not not only appear in any photography, but that, even seeing how their cousins rose of the bank to gain positions in first row and around the pile, he was able to stay seated until the end of the cerimony.Dressed with short trousers of bluish gray color and a jersey, not only rejected to be the center attention during the ceremony, but that yielded with pleasure its important position to his sister, Victoria. The small one, that enjoyed like anybody a camera of photos to use and to throw -what worth some call of attention - dressed a blue dress in tafetán ended in bobbin embroider that her mother bought in Vitivic from her childhoodfriend - Victoria Satrústegui.

Paloma Rocasolano and Ana Togores: an unexistant relation

When princess of Asturias parents decided to separate, in 1998, did not exist other woman in the life of Jesus Ortiz. In fact, it is told in the circle of friends of Doña Letizia father that he accidentally knew his present wife only after one year after leaving leaving his address -- when, residing temporarily in Zaragoza, he had to travel to Madrid for work reasons.

And those friends also tell that, although Ana did not have anything to do with the rupture, the relations between her and Paloma Rocasolano have been nonexistent, that as far as possible they try to avoid each other and that has been the wedding of Doña Letizia with the prince of Asturias the circumstance that "has forced" them to meet more than they would like. The first "official" meeting took place under a same ceiling during the funeral that was celebrated in Sardéu in memory of Don Jose Luis Ortiz Velasco, paternal grandfather of Doña Letizia, at the end of March of year 2005. The second, in the hospital of Zarzuela, where infanta Leonor was born. Now, in the occasion of the celebration of the Baptism of princes of Asturias first-born, both have returned to be at distance in the house of the Kings of Spain.

The banquete menu

According to some sources in Zarzuela, and probably due to the presence of Ana Togores, the banquet organizers resorted to a certain "familiar protocol" to celebrate the baptism of infant Leonor. The one of the maternal grandparents of Doña Letizia, Don Francisco is told as being presided by the King in the table of Paloma Rocasolano and Doña Enriqueta; the Reina had the charge of the one of Jesus Ortiz, Ana Togores and Menchu Alvarez; the prince of Asturias accompanied his wife sisters; Doña Letizia shared table with some cousins of Don Felipe and that this same protocol also would affect to the Infantas and her husbands, who would enjoy the menu in different tables. In any case, and independently of the distribution of the companions at table, it was a very pleasant celebration -- the children were in a separate dining room, and Doña Leonor, at the care of "salus/nanny (?)" in her room -- with tasting marinado salmon, rosbif of calf accompanied by rice three delights and mushrooms and suflé of coffee, very typical of palace, as dessert.

What did the Princes in the evening

In the same day that they baptized their daughter, infanta Leonor, the princes of Asturias left to have supper with a group of relatives and friends as an invitation of Iñaki Urdangarín, that was celebrated in Imanol restaurant, of Madrid - A Basoue Cook of first quality and restaurant of the year 2005 - his thirty and eight birthdays.
Don Felipe and Doña Letizia arrived almost two hours later -- as they had announced - but tasted, in company of their family and friends, a good sirloin (Don Felipe)y a quick shave to the grill (Doña Letizia). The Princes, that has not left too much since they have been parents, joined the discreet celebration in an annexed small drawing-room, who was prepared to give a little more privacy to the celebration, helped to blow to the Duke of Palma de Mallorca the only candle and Catalan Champagne, giving by closed an historical day, that began with the baptism of their daughter and finalized, between relatives and friends, with a birthday celebration.

Assia, as lula said, nothing new from what we've being told during this week, but for the record, here is a humble:eek: translation of the article.

mtbcm :)
Up to the Hola! It commits several mistakes.

Leonor was born in the Clinic Ruber, not in the Clinic of the Zarzuela.

On the order of the tables, it seems to be similar enough to that of the dinner previous to the wedding, in which every member of the Royal Family was presiding at a table. In this case to the being already Princess Letizia happens to preside at a table, and the rest of guests are distributed alternating men and women. Here you have the order of the tables, it is an almost the same one, if we think that in this case it is a family and there are no authorities.

There is another version of the menu on that a journalist commented that wrote a book on the food in the Royal House.
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Here are the pictures I scanned from this issue of Hola magazine.

I am aware that some pics are the same as posted by other members so if Moderators decide so, please remove it. I just found the pictures so pretty and big that I had to post it here.

(Source: Hola magazine)

(Source: Hola magazine)

(Source: Hola magazine)

(Source: Hola magazine)
Elsa M. said:
This photo is precious!

It's so good to see Jaime playing with children! It brings back my best memories of him, at the time of his wedding! :)

That picture makes our heart melt, doesn't it?!

The way Iñaki and Cristina are paying attention to Miguel, Miguel little lips in that position so typical of this age, uncle Jaime playing with little Irene (certainly saying, no my Dear, you can't have my tie :D ), the way Elena and Letizia are almost laughing of something Victoria said, the Queen's proud look and smile.

That's the image we will keep for ages, how everyone had such a great time at this Christening. Even Froilan... I wonder what his reward was ;) .

mtbcm :)
Yes, this photo perfectly portrays the character that presided over this ceremony (and generally all the events where they participate). We see here the family celebration, more than the big pomp around the baptism of an Infanta.
I could certainly find some photos like these in my own family albums! ;)
I believe they are the closest family group of all the Royal houses, they seem so normal like us, they were members of all their relatives group: the Greek, the Borbon, the Marichalar, the Urdangarín, the Ortiz and they all are accepted and are part of the family.

Great job done by the Kings through all these years to make them a true family without fuss and fanfare, good for them:D
I don't mean to affend anyone but I have to say the Dona Elena husband is kind of creepy, one of the pictures looks like he is looking down Cristina's shirt. Is there much written about him?
Rebafan81 said:
I don't mean to affend anyone but I have to say the Dona Elena husband is kind of creepy, one of the pictures looks like he is looking down Cristina's shirt. Is there much written about him?

I don't like the way he looks at her.
I won't say no more about his subject:cool:
as the chrisning in sweden is over i thought it would be fun to see how other royal countries did. what is significant in the spanish chrisning?
Letizia looked so happy and radiant. The outfit that she wore is beautiful and elegant. I love the details. Its one of her best looks.
Video of the christening of Leonor, Princess of Asturias.
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