Christening of Amelia Morales 7th June 2008

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Wow! Amelia has grown so much!

The kids are cute. Especially little Carlos and Irene :wub:
There was this funny footage shown on Corazon de Primavera in TVE which showed Irene tugging at Queen Anne Marie's bag. She managed to get hold of it and wore the bag on her shoulders. Queen Anne Marie then tried to take Irene's hand, but the little rebel won't let her. It was absolutely sweet and funny. :lol:

I wish someone can upload and share that clip (none is available yet on YouTube).
The children were all so gorgeous. Arrietta and Ana Maria were wearing the same dress Maragarita Armstrong Jones wore in Peter Phillips´wedding. I wonder if it is from Marie Chantal´s collections.
And little Irene and Pablo were just as cute as can be. That little girl sure has a strong personality!
Nick kind of porked up--hope he's healthy.
Nick kind of porked up--hope he's healthy.

Actually I thought he looked like he lost a lot of weight. He had put on some weight but in those pictures as well as those taken during the wedding in Danemark he looked his old self again. He is a very attractive man.


HRH Prince Philippos, brother of Princess Alexia,
HSH Princess Alexandra zu Sayn Wittgenstein-Berleburg, first cousin of Princess Alexia,
Mr Miguel Angel Morales Quintana, brother of Mr Carlos Morales Quintana,
Mrs Dolla Nomikos, friend of Princess Alexia and Mr Carlos Morales Quintana,
Mr and Mrs Dirk Duden, friends of Princess Alexia and Mr Carlos Morales Quintana and
Ms Luz Hernändez Hernández, friend of Princess Alexia and Mr Carlos Morales Quintana

The Greek Royal Family - News & Media:cool:
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There's a video of an interview with Alexia after the christening at the Hola! website I'm a bit computer challenged so I'm not sure how to link the page. Sorry!!!!!!:unsure:
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