C&C: Trip to Egypt and Jordan, November 2021

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Do we have a more detailed schedule for the trip just yet?
Will this visit take place? Is there an official program?
Many thanks. Looking forward to the trip.

Although it's really not my thing, one thing I do look forward to when Camilla travels to a warmer climate like she's going to is seeing the wonderful outfits she puts together for comfort. Still not overly flashy that'd set the fashion world on fire but pure Camilla comfort. :D
UK plane used by Royal Family and Prime Minister now using green jet fuel


The RAF Voyager plane has left the UK with the*Prince of Wales*and*Duchess of Cornwall*on board for the start of a four day Royal Tour in the Middle East.

It’s just been converted to run on sustainable aviation fuel. It’s the first RAF plane to be converted.


It can cut a plane’s carbon emissions by as much as 70 to 80 per cent compared to the jet fuel it replaces, over its life cycle.


Well, it's still not as "clean" as sailing or riding horse to Jordan though ... :D
There are some very nice photos there.
Thank you; it looks very warm and the greeting looks friendly and warm also.
The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall paid a visit to the River Jordan on the first day.

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Sounds like a very successful trip. Given her interest in literacy, I am glad Camilla was able to visit the Bibliotheca. I am always sad when I go there - I am always reminded about the incredible knowledge lost in the fire.
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