British Royal Family Current Events 10: July 2018 - Sep 2022

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The Wessex's normally take the children to somewhere warm each summer as well as a few weeks at Balmoral.
I am assuming family will gather! It's Braemar Day. AKA the Breamar Gathering or more familiarly, the Breamar Highland games.

Traffic advisories are out. HM will be opening a new Games Center named after the DOE (so hopefully, we will see him as well).

The photos from this are a treat. Bring on the heathered viewing stand, I say!

I have been to Highland games (not at Braemar) and I do not understand why every man woman and child of the family does not turn out for this. The events are alternately athletic and hilarious. The men are well worth watching ;). The dance is always good. The bagpipes can get a bit much - but one just takes a wander over to the food tents for a break. If I were Charlotte, I'd be begging to go. Not to sit in the pavilion, but to be all over the place, as one does. I hope as time goes on the younger bit of the family start going to the Gathering in a new way.

And I have to say... did Charles dress in the dark this morning? That shirt color, which I am sure is somewhere in the plaid, but then also the tie? I need to get over to the Men's thread for this. On reflection, that shirt is the color of heather in bloom. :cool:
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It's always fun to see HM and Charles in their usual fits of giggles at the Braemar Gathering. Makes me tempted to watch one of the games myself to see what all the fuss is about every year :D
I love this photo of HM and Anne pouring over the programme. They look like any ordinary mother and daughter checking out what they're going to see before the show starts!
Very nice pictures at the PA & Getty websites! Everyone looked very happy. Notice Princess Anne is crossing her legs, sitting next to her Mother & no fake protocol dictators complaining about it.
I love the annual photo flood from the Braemar Games for no other reason than it is truly one of the highlights of the Queen's year. You might ask how I may know this but one look at the photos gives it away. She seems to smile, grin, giggle, snigger, and laugh with great gusto trying to catch her breath at the games every year. Philip and Charles are just as bad so I missed seeing Prince Philip this year but, if the clothing is anything to go on, it was not exactly tropical.

I was irritated that, as per usual, Anne's husband Tim got rudely ignored, cut from photos and didn't warrant a "royal" chair. That is annoying as he is actually in attendance on many, many more occasions than we are generally aware of.

Now give me a moment to find my (fake) clutching pearls and address Anne, Princess Royal's . . . erm, faux pas? Nope, not going there. I'm sick of broken rules, broken protocols and broken traditions. Needless to say, Anne, with her enviable figure and great legs looked great and I loved the style and colour of her junior navy coat and grey hat with its variegated feather trim.

I’d bet most of the writers and whomever cropped the photos wouldn’t recognize Tim or know who he is.
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Here's a video from the queen and members of the Royal Family attending the Braemar Games.

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Several members of the family together with Prime Minister Theresa May and her husband attended the Sunday church service at Crathie Kirk Church today, September 9.

The dailymail calls Autumn "Princess Anne's daughter Autumn" and the Queen's "granddaughter" - sigh...;)

** gettyimages gallery **

** dailymail: Autumn's here! Queen is joined by her granddaughter for Sunday service at Crathie Kirk ..**
Maybe the DM is dropping “in-law” from their lexicon, so daughter rather than daughter-in-law.:lol:
They actually wrote it correctly in the article, just dropped “in-law” in the photo captions.
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I find the who’s where with whom of the Royal family during the Balmoral and Sandringham stays interesting in a where’s Waldo kind of way.
Camilla is obv.s back at Birkhall as she rode with Charles to church.
Autumn was with HM, but we didn’t see a pix of Peter, although I assume he’s at Balmoral since Autumn is there. Did he just not go to church, or did the press just not deem his presence worth noting? Their daughters are not at Balmoral as they’ve been photographed at Gatcombe - are they staying w/ their grandmother Anne, Aunt Zara or nanny at their own house?
No Phillip at church this weekend - is he gone from Balmoral or does he just opt out of Sunday services when he doesn’t feel like going? Perhaps now that he’s retired he’s chosen to be absent for the formal PM’s visit :)
Peter is usually heavily involved in horsey events at Gatcombe so he was probably with his daughters there while Autumn went to Balmoral alone ... not impossible.
Thank you. For some reason he flies under the radar a lot, not even named when pictured in some articles.

Some papers missed William the weekend he and Kate went to church with the Queen. Apparently the front seat is overlooked.;)
Some papers missed William the weekend he and Kate went to church with the Queen. Apparently the front seat is overlooked.;)

Yes, that’s because all the cool kids sit in the back seat!:cool:
Nice to see the queen's nephew Lord Snowdon in the car with her on the way to church with his children.
:previous: I was just about to say the same thing. Since the Snowdons stopped attending Trooping regularly in 2011, they haven't been at the main royal events as much. It was lovely to see them attend the service at Balmoral today - from the very little I can see I'm guessing this is Snowdon's daughter Margarita next to HM.
Countess of Wessex. I saw another photo today from a different angle
It’s not Sophie Wessex.
It’s the Queen’s lady-in-waiting, no idea which one.
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:previous: HM and the Wessexes are incredibly close indeed. I guess since Bagshot is not too far from Windsor, it's easy for them to pop over to the castle for a ride or some afternoon tea!
Typically I visited Windsor Castle on Tuesday though HM had an engagement at Buckingham Palace that day :D
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