Bowing and Curtseying

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Royalty is not royalty depending on whether or not they have a throne. Former royals who do not have thrones are pretenders to a throne. The BRF does a lot in continuing to recognize monarchs who were once on a throne that no longer exists, but has no obligation to do so for someone who succeeded to the head of a house that no longer exists - especially if it's contested within that house that they even hold that position.

It is one thing for the second in line to the British throne to bow to a king who was forced to abdicate. It is another thing for him to now to a pretender who never legally held the title, or a pretender who never legally held a title and is disputed as to whether or not he or she would hold that title if it still legally existed.

There is a huge difference between the Cambridges bowing and curtsying to Michael I of Romania and Maria Vladimirovna or Nicholas Romanov.

A Royal House doesn't cease to exist just because the Monarchy is overthrown, and the Head of a Royal House has to be respect for his position.

And Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna is always invited for Royal weddings and celebrations, so, in my opinion, the other Royals recognize her as the Head of the Russian Imperial House. We never see Nicholas Romanoff in such events.

And no one is ever forced to bow or curtsey, it's a matter of respect and tradition.
So, that means that the Duke of Cambridge would bow to the Duke of Braganza, to Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna, to Prince Luiz, or to any other Head of a Royal House?
On official or state events, the Duke of Cambridge will bow to all foreign royals who hold higher rank than him. That includes both reigning and non-reigning royals such as Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna (a generally acknowledged head of the House of Romanov) and Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden (an Heiress Apparent to a Throne).

I would imagine that it would depend on whether or not the Royal House were actually reigning?
Actually, from the perspective of the royals, it matters little whether a royal is from a reigning or non-reigning House. For instance, the Duchess of Cambridge curtseyed to Crown Princess Margareta of Romania and Queen Margarita of Bulgaria - both representatives of currently non-reigning royal houses.

Although bowing or curtseying is entirely upon the will of an individual, most royals (both from reigning and non-reigning houses) choose to show respect for their foreign counterparts by doing so on official and/or state events. On more relaxed (unofficial or semi-official) events, they may bow or curtsey only to the Monarch, his/her consort, and possibly to the Heir(ess) Apparent and his/her consort. Usually, respect is also shown towards royals of advanced age, regardless of their ranking (unless they are very minor royals).
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Thank you, Artemisia for clearing this all up.
Yes Artemisia, good manners and good taste always should prevail. And if not, well then you have to ask if you care about that person's opinion anyway? ;)
Those twin girls were quite adorable. Lovely curtseys too. :)
Artemisia said:
Those twin girls were quite adorable. Lovely curtseys too. :)

In your opinion, what is the right age for young children to be taught to bow/curtsy? I know in the olden days it was taught in school.
I have a question: who is the lady with brown coat who take the flowers from Her Majesty in the video? Is that Richenda Elton, Baroness Elton? Thanks for answering. =)
I have a question: who is the lady with brown coat who take the flowers from Her Majesty in the video? Is that Richenda Elton, Baroness Elton? Thanks for answering. =)
No, I am afraid that is not the Baroness Elton. The woman in the video is Lady Susan Hussey, Baroness Hussey of North Bradley (the wife of Marmaduke Hussey, Baron Hussey of North Bradley) - the Queen's Woman of the Bedchamber.

In your opinion, what is the right age for young children to be taught to bow/curtsy? I know in the olden days it was taught in school.
To be entirely honest, I am not certain bowing or curtseying is necessary to be taught to children of any age. If there is a possibility of meeting the Sovereign or other senior members of the Royal Family, I am sure they'll master how to do it fairly quickly. But otherwise, I don't really see why would it be necessary to teach children bowing or curtseying at all.

Of course, I don't live in a Monarchy so perhaps my opinion is not very relevant.
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No, she's another lady in waiting. She's not Lady Susan Hussey nor Richenda.
Do you have any idea who? I am 100% certain it's not Ann Fortune Fitzroy, Duchess of Grafton. Doesn't look like Diana Maxwell, Baroness Farnham or Mrs Philippa De Pass either.

Could it be Virginia Ogilvy, Countess of Airlie? I find that a bit doubtful though because the Countess usually attends major events only with the Queen such as state or official visits, banquets, but is very rarely (if ever) present on daily engagements. You can see Virginia Ogilvy in the video below (about 0:20 to 0:23) but unfortunately the quality of the video is abysmal.
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Yes, she is the Countess of Airlie who accompanied the Queen to Virginia in May 2007. =)
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A curtsey from Carey Mulligan to Her Majesty. =)
:previous: Indeed..I will try to find some more good pics and vids of her curtsies..
Meanwhile I have a point to make..
Sometimes the monarch (or whoever receives curtsey) rushes to kiss that person even before she completes her curtsey. I feel they have to wait till the person completely gets up and then go for a kiss..
This is a pic I got from "Mixed Royals" forumm..Particularly uncomfortable and awkward for that Swedish Princess.. With the Queen in 1980. Her fraility did reduce the depth but didnt stop her from curtseying. Cherie Blair should be ashamed. Damn she was kneeling down in front of QM.. I somehow didnt like her curtseying to Princess Margaret..A self-made PM and a PlayGirl Princess..:bang:
And this is a video of Thatcher receiving Queen and DoE at No.10
Royal photocall with Edward Heath,Thatcher, Douglas-Home, Callaghan, Wilson, and MacMillian 1985 - YouTube
There was a documentary on all the PMs with Queen, which I am not able to recall. That showed a beautiful clip of Thatcher curtseying the Queen and wishing her "Good Evening, Your Majesty" in a soft, mellow voice..
The Baroness knew how to greet King's & Queen's.
Nice video sarahedwards2 . Just wanna say something..

My curtsey grading (for both royals and public) will be:


And I think Mette Marit will have, in her CV, listed as hobbies/passions..
xxxx, yyyy, zzzz, and curtseying:lol:
Who was the woman doing the curtseying?

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