Books on William and Catherine (Duke and Duchess of Cambridge)

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Nov 8, 2002

Books about Prince William,
William & Catherine Middleton,
and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

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Books and Movies about Prince William

theres a new book out that people might be interested in.. its called william and harry and its by ingrid sewald. its pretty good, but im still pretty near the beginning. has anyone else read it or heard about it? it came out this year.. so it must have some up to date info........

i read about it its good! i got order from England that why i purchase that because i like to buy in England my favorite where to buy England!

I been collected book of Prince William since i was teenager i kept and his mom Princess Diana also!

Sara Boyce
yeh so far so good... im pleased with it :) also there is another book if you are interested in the spencer side of william and harry. its called blood royal: the story of the spencers and the royals by john pearson. i liked it. but its long and sometimes it was hard to get through. it starts back with the first baron spencer! but it finally gets to diana and the 9th earl of spencer.. if anyone else knows of anyother good books i would love to hear about them!
Old topic, I know, but I just bought a few books......
"Diana: Story of a Princess"- really interesting so far
"Diana's Boys"- which is all about William and Harry and their life with their mother. It made me cry [and I don't cry easily]
and "Prince William"-which is really nice; it's a hardcover and has all sorts of pictures in it, everything from when he was a baby up through his life at St. Andrews. Quite good!
Prince William Fan Fiction - British Born American Bred by Valorie Beardsley

Has anyone read British Born American Bred by Valorie Beardsley?

I laughed from the beginning to the end.

What did you think about the book?
I can't imagine why people would write a book about her yet. How much can you possibly say about her?
Perhaps there's more to Kate than we know.:flowers: This is the second book about Kate. There was one that came out a couple of years ago called "William's Princess."
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The Amazon blurb says:

Claudia Joseph has spoken to members of Kate's family and some of her close friends, who have provided an intriguing insight into the extraordinary journey she has made from the back streets of Southall to an apartment in the royal residence Clarence House. Drawing on exclusive interviews and containing many previously unpublished photographs, "Kate: Princess in Waiting" is an authoritative account of Kate Middleton's life so far.
So it looks like someone's been talking to Joseph (who does, it appears, seem to be something of a respectable journalist - she's worked for Tatler and The Times). Wonder how near the family relationships are to Kate - is this someone close, or a second cousin of a second cousin of a second cousin?

(Also, how funny is that "back streets of Southall" bit? It makes it seem like she came from Oliver Twist or something, not from a middle class family!)
Yes, I found that part of the blurb unusual as well. Is it a reference to her coal-mining ancestors? or something, not from a middle class family!)[/quote]
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I noticed the apartment in Clarence House, I thought she never had an apartment there.
I noticed the apartment in Clarence House, I thought she never had an apartment there.

There were rumors (last year, I think) that she had moved in with William. I think the general consensus was that, while she probably stayed over at William and Harry's CH apartment, she never moved in (like you said).

I have a feeling that's put in the blurb to make it seem more provocative, and a bigger contrast with the "back streets" bit. I wonder if you're right, Mermaid, and that is supposed to be a reference to her family's history. I don't know a whole lot about the past generations of Middletons.
I find it to be silly that people are writing books about someone who is not yet engaged to a prince. Hey, she may never marry Prince William! All this hype over Kate is getting ridiculous. I wonder this just adds to William's pressure to propose to Kate, if he doesn't intend to already.
A terrible job, you have to be very brave and resilient to work in a mine. I think it is the worst job in the world, but then I have claustrophobia. I heard that Richard Burton´s family were coal miners too, even though he liked to say he was a clergyman´s son, I can´t see why he would lie though, so perhaps it is not true. There is certainly no shame being descended from hardworking people, quite the contrary.
You're right, Menarue, it is incredibly difficult and dangerous work. I'm proud of my coal-mining ancestors, and I'm sure Kate is, too.

I'm doing a little digging around on Claudia Joseph; I'll bet the book is based on this piece she wrote for the Mail in December 2007. The title of the article even sounds like the "back streets to CH" bit from the book blurb, and there are distant Middleton relatives quoted.

The making of the Middletons: How Kate's family rose from a condemned flat to the verge of royalty

ETA: This quote certainly sound like the book blurb, too:

"Now, with the help of her extended family, many of whom had not even realised they were related to a girl who might be a Princess, The Mail on Sunday has pieced together the extraordinary details of the social odyssey that eventually led to the birth of Kate Middleton. Through a fascinating series of personal recollections and family photographs, they reveal a remarkable journey from the grimy back streets of Southall, West London, to the apartment in Clarence House where Kate now spends most of her time."

The article is more a history of Kate's family than a biog of Kate. I'll bet the upcoming book is the same.
Why waste your time on a woman who may never be queen.
I rather like the phrase from the blurb "to the verge of royalty"......
Really who would buy that book?
Ella one of my students (a girl) took a Mining Engineering degree at University. She told me that one of her professors told his class that the main thing to remember was that if they heard a creaking noise to get out. I am sure he was joking but it makes me shudder every time I think of it.
That is a "shudder" thought, but I think it's partly true - we've had several tragic mine collapses here in the US over the past few years, including the heartbreaking one in West Virginia.

The more I look into this book, the more I'm seeing nothing new here. I'm not sure how many people, even royal watchers or those who like Kate, would want to read about her extended family history.
What's so interesting about her family that isn't about ours? My family goes back to royalty and also to a bunch of movie stars. Not coal miners.
That's why I posted directly above that I wasn't sure people would be interested in reading the book, blondie28. Though I have to say, I think the reason that Kate's background gets attention is because people affiliated with the royal family generally don't have coal-mining ancestors. You may be an anomaly with famous ancestry when compared to lots of us, but Kate's common ancestry is the anomaly in her circle.

I still don't think people are going to want to read about her distant family background.
What utter nonsense, there not even engaged for gods sake! In these financial times who has the money for such rubbish?
That's just on her mother's side of the family. On her father's side they were middle class landowners.

Where did you get that from? In her family tree on her father´s side it goes back about 4 generations to something Terrace in the city of Leeds.
Please tell me where to look. Back then middleclass was not the broad term they use these days.
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