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Nov 11, 2007
United States
Hey! I'm new hear. My name's Aubri-Kate, but my friends call me 'Huntress.' Anyway, just saying hi! :angel:Oh, and by the way, if you can tell me anything about Columbus Taylor, Cassius & Estella & Eloise, that would be wonderful! Also, what does "Master" mean in sense of peerage? :lol:
I do appologize, if my forward introduction broke protical. Having taken note of no responce to my introduction; should I remove myself? Your assistance in this matter would be a great delight.
Ms. Estelle Irene Kinkade Wilson II
(Derrill Ray Wilson former)
Hello Estelle Irene,

I think it's just that you made a rather unusual introduction and nobody really knew how to respond. It happens that way sometimes. I hope you'll feel comfortable participating in the threads. :flowers:
Sorry, Estelle. I didn't mean to leave you hanging. I just haven't had any time to answer, really.
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