Birth of Lady Louise (November 8, 2003) and Christening (April 24, 2004)

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Originally posted by Zara@Nov 28th, 2003 - 1:28 am
Does this make Lady Louise eighth in line of succession?

Yes, Lady Louise is eighth in the line of succession after her father and before her Aunt Anne.

The following site gives the Line of Succession down to No 50.
What do you think of Edward and Sophie´s decision not to style Louise HRH and a princess?
Do you think the baby if it had been a boy had been named Louis?
Actually, the name "Beatrice" was heading towards almost-extinction until Sarah and Andrew named their daughter Beatrice. Eugenie also became a more popular name. I think it's French...William and Henry became very popular names as the princes grew older.

I think more babies will be named Louise like the new Windsor baby. :flower:
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Originally posted by liv@Nov 28th, 2003 - 8:40 am
What do you think of Edward and Sophie´s decision not to style Louise HRH and a princess?
Do you think the baby if it had been a boy had been named Louis?
If they had a son, they would probably have named him Phillip for Edward's father, Christopher for Sophie's father, William for Louise's cousin and also for her scads of 'William' ancestors, and George for Edward's grandfather.

So it'd be Viscount Phillip Christopher William George Mountbatten-Windsor.
I am very glad that the baby already has a name!
I like her name. Lady Louise Alice Elizabeth Mary Mountbatten Windsor.

But what makes me really giggle is that when Lady Louise would already knows her full name maybe she would say that why was she given such a long name. When she would write it on her paper, it would reach the 2nd line. Same with me when I was still young, I only have 2 names yet I find it long. Not anymore now. :)
Well, that's tradition.

How many months will they wait before the baby would be baptized?? Is it three??
I am finding that a lot of the "old," traditional names are coming back in fashion. Sort of like fashion being cyclic, and how eventually everything comes back in style, I guess the same could be said of names! I've heard of a lot of babies being named Eloise in the past couple of months, and I hadn't heard that name other than from the kid's book until Lady Helen Taylor named her daughter that and then Prince Constantijn naming his daughter Eloise, too. And the name Maud is quite popular with some of my friends, and I had never even thought of that name until Martha Louise named her daughter that.

I guess it's sort of like the trend a few years back to give your kids last names as first names. When I was teaching, a lot of Kiefer's, Parker's, Brady's, Mackenzie's, etc.
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Well...the Hannover royals have freakishly long names..but not THAT long. Crazy Portuguese royals...Haha, if they forget one of their names do they just make one up?

I.e. Lady Louise Alice Elizabeth Mary Mountbatten-Windsor...
= "Lady Louise Mary...Elizabeth...Victoria...Caroline...wait! No Caroline...Mountbatten...Saxe-Coburg Gotha?" (You fail!)
Long names like that makes me happy that I only have one very short one.
Louise is a fitting name for a Lady. I am glad to see that Elizabeth and Alice was chosen as well. I am also pleased that Mountbatten was included in the surname. Long overdue, I shall think. :flower:
All pics IBL


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Godparents for Lady Louise

Does anyone know who Edward and Sophie The Earl and Countess of Wessex named for their daughter ? I never did hear. Thanks:unsure:
Lord Ivar Mountbatten, Lady Sarah Chatto, Lady Alexandra Etherington, Francesca Schwarzenbach and Rupert Elliott

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Someone Refresh my Memory where was her Christening when was it and who were the Godparents
Lady Louise was baptised in the Private Chapel of Windsor Castle on April 24, 2004.

Her godparents were Lady Sarah Chatto, Lady Alexandra Etheington, Lord Ivar Mountbatten, Rupert Elliott and Francesca Schwarzenbach.

Christening pic:
Lady Louise Christening 2004
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oh yes, the photo from louise's presentation, was a great photo session.
another photo with the queen was one taken in balmoral in august of 2004
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