Birth of Crown Prince Moulay Hassan - May 8, 2003

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Mohammed VI and his wife, Salma Bennani are expecting their first child. It's been nine months since their wedding (my bad and rough Spanish translation)
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Ahh! Congratulations! This is always an exciting event. :)
8 MAY 2003
The people of Morocco are celebrating after Princess Lalla Salma gave birth to the new crown prince. Baby Hassan, who was named after his late grandfather, is first in line to the throne of the north African country.

The capital city Rabat has been getting ready for the arrival for some days, with streets cleaned and lights put up in preparation for the birth of the newest member of the royal family. Public squares outside the capital have also been readied for festivities, though the most lavish celebrations will be staged at the Mechouar Esplanade, in front of the royal palace.

The new baby will one day become the 18th head of the Alaouite dynasty, which has ruled over Morocco since the mid-17th century.

King Mohammed VI married red-haired computer engineer Salma Bennani one year ago. Morocco does not have a queen, so Salma carries the title of princess.


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Isn't he adorable? It makes me want to marry and have a little baby!

16 MAY 2003
The newborn Crown Prince of Morocco, Moulay Al Hassan, remains the centre of his country's attention after he was baptised in Rabat.

Proud father King Mohammed marked the birth of his son, just days ago, by staging huge celebrations all over the country. Twenty-one-gun salutes also sounded from the palace in Rabat after Her Royal Highness Lalla Salma gave birth to little Moulay.

The baby will one day become the 18th head of the Alaouite dynasty, which has ruled over Morocco since the 17th century.

And his father's reputation as a moderniser has been boosted by pictures showing him as a doting father. The 39-year-old monarch broke with tradition by releasing informal pictures of himself and his new son just after the birth. The latest shots depicting the young family together are further evidence of King Mohammed's contemporary approach.

Article from HELLO! Magazine
Picture from HELLO! Magazine
Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Salma holds little Prince Moulay Hassan as his father looks on at the royal palace in Rabat.
Photo: © AFP


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Picture from HELLO! Magazine
Ordinary Moroccans take part in the ceremonies and festivities organised to mark the baptism of Prince Moulay
Photo: © AFP


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:woot: Baptism??? Aren´t moroccoan people mohammedans? I thought they are. :shock:
Hi Alexandra,

King Muhammad VI and his wife, Princess Lalla Salma are Muslims. Crown Prince Moulay al-Hassan participated in a Muslim baptism, the equivalent of a Christian baptism.
Morocco's king has a son, and 9,400 have freedom
By Isambard Wilkinson in Huelva
(Filed: 09/05/2003)

King Mohammed VI of Morocco celebrated the birth of a son and heir yesterday by ordering the release of more than 9,400 prisoners from the country's crowded jails.

A palace communique, issued shortly after a 21-gun salute had echoed around the walls of the royal compound in Rabat, announced the birth of Moulay Al Hassan, who will succeed his father to the throne.

To celebrate the event, the official MAP news agency said the king had decided to free 9,459 prisoners, including 293 foreigners, and reduce the jail sentences of 38,529.

King Mohammed VI, 39, ascended the throne in 1999 following the death of his father, who had ruled for 38 years.

In March 2002, the young king married Salma Bannani, 24, a commoner from a middle-class family from Fez who worked for one of Morocco's largest conglomerates. The baby is their first child.

The palace statement said the child and Princess Salma were in good health and that the boy was named "after his august grandfather, His Majesty Hassan II".

A Moroccan government spokesman said: "The announcement put an end to lots of gossip and worry in the souk. People have been waiting for news over the last few days."

The newly born prince is the latest addition to the Alawite dynasty that has ruled Morocco since 1665. He will one day become the 18th sovereign of the dynasty, assuming the name Hassan III.

He will most probably not assume the throne at an easy time. Although his father has began the laborious programme of reform, forces that remained in check under the iron grip of Hassan II have now been unleashed.

Powerful courtiers oppose change while critics claim that every day without further reform gives further credibility to Islamist factions. Moderate Islamists won a third of the seats in a general election last year against a backdrop of increasing anger with the monarch's pro-America stance.

When Mohammed came to the throne he was known as The King of Cool, not just for his keen dress sense but for his reputed travels incognito among his subjects to find out at first hand their needs.

Critics soon attacked this image as a distortion, saying the king was damaged by his bullying father, and that he was a weak and rather foppish king who could not address the problems of his kingdom.

Article From:

9 MAY 2003
King Mohammed VI of Morocco has been commemorating the arrival of his first son with lavish celebrations. There were huge parties throughout the North African country, and a 21-gun salute sounded from the royal compound in Rabat after the birth of Crown Prince Moulay Al Hassan.

The young royal has furthered his reputation as a modern monarch by releasing intimate photographs of himself holding baby Moulay. The doting father's decision to appear in such informal poses is in keeping with his commitment to a more contemporary approach to his role. Since he ascended to the throne in 1999, Mohammed has begun a courageous programme of reform to put an end to authoritarian rule in Morocco.

In 2002 he married Salma Bennani, a 25-year-old computer engineer from a middle class family, and immediately broke with tradition by giving her the title of princess. Until then it was customary for the king's wife to be known only as "mother of the princes" and she never appeared in public.

The 39-year-old ruler also marked his son's birth by ordering the release of 9,500 inmates from the country's prisons. Nearly 300 foreigners are among those to be set free and a further 38,000 prisoners are to have their sentences reduced.

Article From:
Originally posted by mybags@May 17th, 2003 - 11:00 am
Hi Alexandra,

King Muhammad VI and his wife, Princess Lalla Salma are Muslims. Crown Prince Moulay al-Hassan participated in a Muslim baptism, the equivalent of a Christian baptism.
Does anyone know who were the child's Godparents??

I believe Muslims have a Naming Ceremony not a Baptism of any kind.
Originally posted by Brandissima@Jul 22nd, 2003 - 3:21 am
I believe Muslims have a Naming Ceremony not a Baptism of any kind.
I get there are no Godparents, just a naming ceremony??
Is that how it's traditionally done in Islam??
Here is a picture of prince my Al Hassan on the day he was born.


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