Belgian Royal Family Picture Thread

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princess Paola & prince Albert, king Baudouin, princess Marie Gabrielle of Savoie, princess Lilian & king Leopold III

baptism of princess Esmeralda: prince Alexandre, king Baudouin, prince Albert, the nurse with princess Esmeralda,?, king Leopold III and princess Marie Christine, queen Elisabeth and princess Joséphine-Charlotte

prince Alexandre's communion

On the first picture, Lilian is wearing a brooch wich she gave to Fabiola, but later the brooch went back to her.
That is indeed a lovely Christmas card.
From the family photo session on June 17, 2008:;
Prince Emmanuel on his way to school on September 1st, 2011:
King Albert and Queen Paola attending the Diamond Jubilee Luncheon in honour of Queen Elizabeth II. on May 18, 2012:
Crown Prince Philippe and Crown Princess Mathilde as guests at Princess Estelle of Sweden’s christening on May 22, 2012:
From the exhibition "Science and Culture at the Royal Palace" at the Royal Palace in Brussels on July 19, 2012:;
Queen Fabiola and Crown Princess Mathilde were present at the funeral of Countess Alix de Lannoy on August 31st, 2012:;
From the 20th anniversary of Queen Paola's foundation on September 2nd, 2012 (cf.
1. (Nicolas & Louise)
2. (Laurent & Louise)
3. (Aymeric & Nicolas)
4. (Albert)
5. (Paola & Albert)
6. (Mathilde & Claire)
7. (Claire & Laurent)
8. (Paola's speech)
9. (family)
10. (Laetitia Maria)
11. (Laetitia Maria)
12. (family)
13. (family)
14. (Lorenz & Astrid with Laetitia Maria)
15. (Lorenz & Astrid)
16. (Paola & a little gentleman :kiss:)
entire gallery: Château de Leaken 02.09.2012 (part 1), CHÂTEAU DE LEAKEN 02.09.2012 (part 2), CHÂTEAU DE LEAKEN 02.09.2012 (part 3)

March 7, 2013:
Cute picture of Josephine-Charlotte, Baudouin, Albert and their spouses in the newspaper today.
Thanks for posting that photo! I believe Princess Astrid had a simular photo made with her own family. And I remember that the children of Empress Zita also posed for pictures like this.
Indeed, you could see the photo of Princess Astrid's family when she was interviewed recently: clip
Old pictures ..

Family tradition? :flowers:


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Nice idea but what a strange place to display them!

Prior to the annual opening of the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken (April 19 - May 10, 2019), the Palace has shared some photos/paintings from the past taken at the greenhouses:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 **

On the occasion of Emperor Akihito's abdication the Palace has shared some photos of meetings between the then reigning Belgian couples and the Imperial couple:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **
:previous: Is the lady who is holding Princess Astrid at her 1962 baptism a midwife?
I remember Prince Laurent did not want to join them at the Vatican.
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