Belgian Official Visit to the Vatican: March 9, 2015

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Wim Dehandschutter @WDehandschutter Nieuwe datum voor (uitgestelde) audiëntie op Vaticaan: koning Filip en koningin Mathilde worden op 9 maart ontvangen bij paus Franciscus.

Wim Dehandschutter @WDehandschutter Audiëntie bij paus was eerst gepland op 12 december. Maar door begrafenis van koningin Fabiola moesten Filip en Mathilde bezoek uitstellen. De Belgische Monarchie: Home - Actueel - Agenda - Officieel bezoek aan het Vaticaan

The visit was scheduled on December 12 2014 but, due to Queen Fabiola death, it was postponed.
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It is a nice compromis , long dress should mean King's Uniform !
I don't see if she wears a decoration.
Great lace , Wonderful Queen ,thanks Belgium.
Her Secretary was behind her and was in black and black mantilla, she pushed her wheelchair.
I am really sad for the Official Picture with the Pope, I think she did too much , she looked tired.
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This was an official visit and not a State Visit, so no Orders and diadems. The Pope himself was also not in choir dress but in his usual daily wear. The picture of Queen Elizabeth II with the Pope showed him "dressed up" as well in choir dress with red mozetta.
Glad to see them, such an honour !!!!
I made a blogpost about this visit: Queen Mathilde

I hope Mathilde gets enough rest. She has a busy agenda in the week to come.
Queen Mathilde received certainly the Eccclesia et Pontifice Decoration.
Queen Paola wore it and it was the only Decoration the late Queen Fabiola wore when She visited the Pope
great pictures
what is wrong with the queens leg ?
Ah, the queen all in white, very nice that she continues the privilege du blanc. A pity that she didn't opt for a long dress and tiara perhaps, but that seems to be out of fashion these days. I can't recall who was the last one in tiara and long dress at the Vatican, but it must have been in the 80-ties.

Queen Elizabeth II at the Vatican in 1980:

I think it was due to her knee? Walking in crutches with a long dress would have been impossible ;)

Maybe next time she will wear a long dress, who knows.
Queen Mathilde certainly deserves a lot of praise.
Not even an injured knee kept Mathilde from having the honor of meeting Pope Francis.
Mathilde is a dutiful Queen.
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