Belgian State Visit to China: June 20-28, 2015

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It was their first State Visit abroad and it was for China.

Very successful Visit and a never tired Queen!
Paris Match magazine raised the question about the couple's picture where Mathilde wears the red dress and hat : "Do they look modern?" Not so easy to answer the question in my view.
Her red outfit is one of those examples of dress style taking inspiration from earlier decades. This sort of outfit is not easy to wear, and providing assurance that it gives a "modern style". I don't think it fits Mathilde nicely. Other dresses have better achieved the aim of "looking modern", in my view.
Assumptions made by Daily Mail and Paris Match are stupid. Compared to Queen Mathilde, The Duchess of Cambridge lacks a lot. Queen Mathilde has developed her own style. It would be impossible to tell how modern it is.
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