Anne, Princess Royal: Old News and Pictures

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These are from Rex Features.


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I scanned this one from the December 2001 issue of British Vogue.


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I got this one from this group, and it was so nice that I had to include it.


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Hi MihoshiMarie! :flower:

Keep going! I am enjoying watching the pictures pop up. She certainly looks as normal as the rest of us. I would suspect that she has adjusted to royal life better than Charles did.

Thanks for sharing your pictures.
I have a lot more on a CD. I'll have to pick the best ones. I am very glad to hear that you like them. I just put the disc in and I have one of her 50th birthday. I saved this a long time ago, and I believe it is from The Sun Online.


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Here's another one, from Biography[\i] magazine. I forgot what issue it was, but I got it off of Ebsco Host. If you have a library card from your local library, your library might have it listed under online databases.


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I did an image search on Google a long time ago and lost track of the source of this next one, but it is absolutely amazing.


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Post as many as you like. They are all lovely to look at. Here is a 1978 RexFeatures photo.


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You are right, the "Google" pic is an excellent picture of Princess Anne. However, I particularly like the one of her and her children where one can see the love and pride shining through. :flower: :heart:
These pictures are from this past Easter at Winsdor.


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Thanks for those pics! Princess Royal was really a beautiful woman. Too bad that now her hairdo is too conservative.


PRINCESS Anne's husband Commodore Tim Laurence has moved out of their marital home, The People can reveal.

Tim, 48, packed his bags and left Gatcombe Park after he and Anne, 52, failed to patch-up their troubled marriage.

The Royal Navy officer has moved in to a cottage in the grounds of the Gloucestershire estate.

A Royal source revealed: "It's as far as they can go without a formal separation.

"Sadly they can no longer face living under the same roof."

The People revealed two weeks ago that the Princess Royal's 11-year second marriage had hit the rocks.

Despite the rift the Queen will NOT let Anne divorce again, fearing the monarchy will not survive another love-split.

The aide said: "She is adamant there cannot even be a formal separation.

"Anne and Tim are both fiercely loyal to the Queen and would never go against her wishes."

They wed in 1993 after Anne divorced her first husband Captain Mark Phillips a year earlier.

But Tim never felt he had been accepted as an equal by her family - and complained of being treated like a servant by Prince Charles.

Sources insist no third parties are involved.

Zara Phillips Turns Up the Glam for Maritime Engagement
22 MAY 2003
Zara Phillips attended her first public engagement on Wednesday, accompanied by her mother, the Princess Royal. In a unique teaming up of two generations of Britain's royal family, mum and daughter re-named a pair of sister ships in Southampton.

While the 77,000-tonne Adonia – the ship that the 22-year-old royal re-named – was undoubtedly impressive, it was Zara's radiant new look that garnered the most attention.

With her blonde hair flipped to the side and a creamy shawl adorning her shoulders, the young royal was looking especially glamorous for the special ceremony.

While the event was Zara's first public engagement, it does not mark her first royal engagement, says Buckingham Palace, as she was not acting on behalf of the Queen.

And the maritime occasion is the second time in the last few weeks that Zara's striking looks have garnered attention. She recently set flashbulbs popping with a low-cut crimson gown that daringly showed off her figure.

11:00 - 19 May 2003
Zara Phillips will perform her first official state function this week,
it was revealed yesterday. The Queen's granddaughter and her mother,
the Princess Royal, are taking part in a double cruise ship naming
ceremony in Southampton - the first time in Britain that two vessels have
been named simultaneously.

In front of 2,000 guests on Wednesday evening, Anne will name Oceana
and Zara will name Adonia.

Before the ceremony, the two royals will attend receptions and gala
dinners on board their respective vessels. The two ships are joining the P
&O Cruises fleet.

E-mailed to me by the Royal_Fanatsy Yahoo group.


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1973: Crowds cheer marriage of Princess Anne

The wedding of the Queen's only daughter, Princess Anne, has taken place at Westminster Abbey.
Princess Anne, 23, married Mark Phillips, a lieutenant in the navy.

An estimated 500 million television viewers around the world are believed to have watched the ceremony.

Princess Anne wore an embroidered Tudor-style wedding dress with a high collar and mediaeval sleeves.

Lieutenant Phillips was in the full scarlet and blue uniform of his regiment, the Queen's Dragoon Guards.

The princess' bridesmaid was her nine-year-old cousin, Lady Sarah-Armstrong Jones, daughter of Princess Margaret.

Her youngest brother, nine-year-old Prince Edward, was her pageboy.

The wedding day had been declared a national holiday and crowds lined the streets to watch the newly married couple on their way back to Buckingham Palace.

Many well-wishers had spent the night sleeping in the Mall to guarantee a good view of the pair who travelled in a horse-drawn carriage.

Later they appeared on the balcony at Buckingham Palace and waved to the crowd below.

After a wedding lunch, the Princess and her new husband left to stay overnight at White House Lodge in Richmond Park.

They are due to travel to Barbados tomorrow where they will board the royal yacht Britannia for 18 days sailing in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

The couple met through their mutual interest in horse riding and their engagement was announced in May.

It is only the second time in more than 200 years that a member of the British royal family has married a commoner.

The last commoner to marry into the royal family was the Queen Mother in 1923.

In Context
The couple had two children - Peter, born in 1977 and Zara in 1981.
Princess Anne and Mark Phillips were divorced in April 1992 - only the second royal couple to part in the 20th century.

The first was the Queen's sister, Princess Margaret and her husband, Lord Snowdon.

In December 1992 Princess Anne married Commander Timothy Laurence, who was formerly one of the Queen's equerries.

Captain Mark Phillips remarried in 1997 and had a daughter, with his new wife, a former Olympic horse rider.

The baby, Stephanie, was Captain Phillips' third daughter - he fathered an illegitimate child during his marriage to Princess Anne.

The newly-weds greet the crowds after the Westminster Abbey service


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Ottawa Citizen

Princess Anne to salute aid workers
Will lay wreath at Rideau Falls Park monument

Sunday, August 31, 2003

Canadian aid workers killed overseas will be remembered when Princess Anne makes a seven-hour appearance in the capital tomorrow.

Arriving by motorcade from Kingston, Anne will lay a wreath at the monument to Canadian aid workers in Rideau Falls Park in an interfaith ceremony at 4 p.m. She'll then head to the Château Laurier to receive the first RedR Canada Award for Meritorious Service in Humanitarian Aid.

Princess Anne is the president of the British arm of RedR, short for Registered Engineers for Disaster Relief, which relieves suffering in disaster areas by providing personnel to humanitarian aid agencies worldwide.

An evening banquet at the hotel, marking the first anniversary of RedR in Canada, will follow. "This enables us to raise the profile of RedR in Canada," said executive director Kirk Thompson.

Princess Anne last visited Ottawa in July, 1982 as part of a 14-day official visit to Canada.
I always hear about how hard Princess Anne works, but is she associated with any single cause, or does she do a hodgepodge of whatever is available at the moment, such as cutting ribbons etc. Does she raise money for any charities?

Do any of the British Royals raise any significant amount of money for charities for the common people -- or even have their names associated with such charities in some way more than a perfunctory appearance? The charities I'm thinking about do not include collections of fine china, art, jewels or architecture.

Have any of the royals of not only Great Britain, but also Sweden, Norway, Holland, or Denmark shown any evidence of having a heart for the common people of their country or anywhere else? If they have, why is this not picked up by the media? Or maybe it's just me that is missing all this important information?

With the EU becoming a real possibility with its own constitution, the continuation of royalty as it is today will seem purdy bizarre, when they merely exist and barely tolerate their public. I like the idea of royals, but I fear they are on their way to becoming extinct.
Anne, the Princess Royal in a silk evening dress and jacket for a dinner at the Royal Victoria Dock in East London for supporters of the Princess Royal's Trust for Carers which she formed in 1991.
Tim Graham/Corbis


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Princess Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise received the title Princess Royal from The Queen in June 1987. Her Royal Highness is the seventh holder of the title.

In 1994 The Queen appointed The Princess a Lady of the Most Noble Order of the Garter.

In 2000, to mark her 50th birthday, The Princess Royal was appointed to the Order of the Thistle, in recognition of her work for charities.
It's amazing how much Peter Phillips looks like Prince William especially since neither one of them look like their mom or dad respectively. - Princess Anne attends the Combined Services Culinary Challenge at Sandown Park Racecourse, Surrey, Britain - 04 NOV 2003
The white chocolate bust of the Queen Mother.


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Alexandria  Posted: Nov 5th, 2003 - 7:58 pm

Not quite sure if they thought her boots were fabulous or out of place at this event or for the princess, though.

Princess Anne has always struck me as a down to earth type of person, more comfortable in wellies then in high heels. Maybe the photographer finally twigged to Anne's expression of understated elegance at the back of her boots ? ;)


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Hello Magazine

Hairdresser Trevor Sorbie has revealed to the world how Princess Anne maintains her famous coiffure.

The Princess Royal let the style guru in on the secret of her tresses after the two crossed paths at a fundraising dinner for Save The Children this week.

"The first thing I said to Anne was how much I liked her hair," said Trevor. "Funnily enough, it was a real conversation starter; it immediately became obvious that she was interested in having a bit of chat… She said thank you and looked quite pleased."

Apparently, a combination of self-styling and some help from a high-profile salon are the keys to the Princess' uniquely elegant look. "When I asked how she styles it," the celebrity snipper, "she said that she does the front of her hair – the quiff bit – herself, and that Michael from Michaeljohn does the back."


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Princess Anne presents England Rugby's Clive Woodward with The Sporting Coach of the Year Award in London


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It amazes me, looking back at all the older pictures, how much Zara, now that she has "co of age" resembles her mother. The two's facial expressions are uncanny!
They are alike, aren't they?

Personally, I think Princess Anne could do with a new hairstyle! She'd look great with short hair.
Not sure where this is from. I got it from a Yahoo group.

Royal Correspondent

PRINCESS Anne’s husband has been injured in a shotgun accident, it was revealed yesterday. Commodore Tim Laurence needed stitches in his right thumb.

He was hurt when he joined senior male members of the Royal Family on a pheasant shoot.

Princes William and Harry rushed to his side as blood poured from a deep gash.

Commodore Tim, 48, was surprised by the recoil on his double-barrelled shotgun after blasting two birds.

He shouted in agony when the metal firing hammer on top of the gun ripped into his thumb.

The accident, on the Sandringham estate in Norfolk, added to Princess Anne’s Christmas misery.

It happened the day after her bull terrier Florence mauled a housemaid at Sandringham.

The dog had earlier savaged to death one of the Queen’s treasured corgis.

A royal insider said: “The injury to Commodore Laurence capped a very miserable Christmas for the Princess. “It is not too severe, more of a nuisance, but it was painful for Tim.”

Tim wore a strapping over the injury when he accompanied his wife to church last Sunday. The pair were still at Sandringham last night where the Queen was throwing a New Year’s Eve party. They are set to return to their home at Gatcombe Park, Gloucs, later this week.
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