New Property in Argentina for Willem-Alexander and Máxima

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Dutch media is reporting that the prince of Orange and his wife have bought a new property in Argentina. The couple bought two acres of land on a villa park in the area of Patagonia in Argentina.

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Last week the prince and princess announced that they intend to sell the property that they are building on the Machangulo peninsula in Mozambique after it is completed. The project has met with a lot of criticism in the Netherlands and the prince confessed that he had ‘sleepless nights’ about the project. But they won’t be left empty handed.

Earlier this year the couple bought two acres of land of the villa park Muelle de Piedra, next to a lake in the ski resort Villa La Angostura. According to Elsevier, documents from the province of Neuquén confirm that the land is registered under the name Máxima Zorreguita.

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Karin Howie of the real estate agency FB Propiedades says that the property is located next to the Nahuel Huapi lake. She also says: ‘I looked at the property several times with Máxima and her husband. They day that they decided to buy it, it was pouring with rain, but they were in love with the view.’ Howie does not want to say how much money was involved, but according to the Argentinian press it cost 2,5 million US dollar.

It is not clear what the prince and princess will do with the land. Ski resort Bariloche is only 80 km. away, they rented a villa there this summer holidays. Last year the couple already bought a property of 1.500 acres in the same region. But apparently this was an investment by the couple and the Zorreguieta family. The Estancia Pilpilcura will open its doors soon for regular guests.

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