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Old 09-25-2003, 03:42 AM
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I US dollar is about 10 swedish crowns...
haha, yeah you´re right, it seems like she has a thing for "Daniels"

Life is like a box of chocolates... you'll never know what you're gonna get
Old 10-01-2003, 02:11 AM
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What do you think about the gossip that Daniel left Stockholm for his hometown?

Old 10-01-2003, 12:55 PM
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Posted: Oct 1st, 2003 - 1:11 am

What do you think about the gossip that Daniel left Stockholm for his hometown?
I heard that too, closed his business and went back to live with his parents .... seems to me, he knows the only way to get some hard thinking done is to give himself a bit of mental space. Get out of the media glare, the royal glare, the business pressures.

You know .... prince consorts in recent history just don't do well being 'second fiddle' to their wives - witness Prince Henrik of Denmark and Prince Philip of England, and before that Prince Bernhard (and Prince Claus) of the Netherlands. Foot in mouth-itis.

I think one thing Daniel has going for him, is that he (and I am guessing here) doesn't have a university education, and also has a modest? background. However, that might be bothering him, the fact that all the people the CP hangs around with are dirt rich and that D. will be living off of his (future's) wife's income.

Yep .... the Crown Princess will just have to wait this out .... and trust.
"Every decision is right for its time."
Old 10-01-2003, 01:09 PM
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Hm, I don´t know if we should believe that...I can´t also imagine that he´s making a very long "time-out", because he still has his job at his gym and it´s said that he takes that very serious.. Maybe he just wanted to get out of Stockholm because of those silly rumours in the Anna-Lindh-murder-case.
I wonder if Victoria is alone in Italy. I guess she has been there longer than just yesterday...she looked tanned on the picture.
Old 10-01-2003, 05:38 PM
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Perhaphs they have discussed marriage on a serious level and Daniel has decided to leave Stockholm for a few weeks where he can think long and hard about such a big step in peace and privacy?
Where does ones childhood go? Gita.
Old 10-02-2003, 08:56 PM
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The Truth About Victoria's Dream Prince

Han hade inte tänkt sig ett liv i rampljuset. Nu vaktar Säpo hans lägenhet nätterna igenom. Daniel Westling från Ockelbo fick en oväntad flirt.

He didn't expect a life in the limelight. Now he wakes up in his apartment at night. Daniel Westling rom Ockelbo got an odd "flirt"(I forget what that means...I think it means surprise or somethin&#39.

In less than a year, Ockelbo-guy Daniel Westling has become one of Sweden's best known men. As the boyfriend and steady partner to Victoria, he has been to several events with both the King and Arne Weise. DAniel Westling's life would change radically a day, two years ago. Daniel, who works at the exclusive gym Master Training in Stockholm, was asked if he wanted to become Crown Princess Victoria's personal trainer.

Det var prinsessan Madeleine, som efter flera månaders medlemskap, tipsade sin storasyster om gymet och Daniel. Han tränade med kronprinsessan flera gånger i veckan, och på mindre än ett år hade han fått Victoria i ordentlig form.
Men under de svettiga passen hände även något annat.

It was Princess Madeleine, who after several months consideration, told her big sister about the gym and Daniel. He trained with the CP a few times a week, and in less than a year, he had Victoria in tip-top shape. But under the sweaty passing, nothing happened. (Haha...sweaty)

"They laughed at the same things, and Victoria liked Daniel's personality," said a friend.

When the pair went out for lunch, they already knew that they would become a pair.

Daniel's friends told that he had no idea the proportions his association with the CP would be.

"Since the beginning, he thought that they were pretty close. But he didn't want to be in the limelight either. It would work anyways." says one of his friends.

The pair met in big secret, both home with Victoria, at Drottningholm, and at Daniel's apartment in central Stockholm.

They went to movies, and frequented restaurants in central Stockholm. They went for walks at Drurgarden and hanged out with Victoria's friends on Sundays.

Daniel was confused when a hungry team of reporters stood outside his apartment. He was shocked, without saying anything, he went up and locked himself in his apartment.

"Daniel thought that everything was pretty frustrating. He had never met the press, and thought himself hunted," says a friend.
"The situation was sensitive for Daniel. He was a guy who had never looked for publicity. He did not like to be in focus at all." tells one of his friends.

More publicity was in store. The pair was at Caroline Kreuger's 25th birthday and after the night, they kissed at the party.
The news spread around Daniel's hometown Ockelbo like a bomb. He became a celebrity over the entire country.

"Yes, he's a pleasant guy. A little practical would one also want to call him," says Susanne "Tussen" Formgren, worldchampion in weights.

When young, Daniel began training in gym. Every week, he would get training passes in the gym at his school.
"He had humour and he would say that he would joke that he would be stronger than me," says Susanne Formgren.

Motorcycling was another favourite sport of his and his father Olle Westling. He also has boated since he was seven.

"He understands that we ask questions about Victoria, but he is also proud when the issue comes up," says a childhood friend.
Daniel has already decided to leave Ockelbo for Stockholm.
"He wanted to live out there, to own and run his own gym was Daniel's dream." says a childhood friend.

Daniel Westling has invested the most time in the job. Friends describe him as a "workaholic", but he has gotten results. Master Training is now worth over 6 million crowns. The gym is mostly popular.
"His publicity has contributed to the popularity. He's an unbelievably proffessional guy." says a man who trains there.

---------------------Freakishly long report----------------------------------------

In August, the pair was seen for the first time publically. Victoria's friend Andrew Brodin got married and Daniel and Victoria came to their wedding.
Daniel Westling turned 40 on the 15th of September. THe biggest party was postponed after the murder of Foreign Minister Anna Lindh. (Hmm..was she the foreign minister or something else?)

---------------There we go, Swedish translation=freakishly long--------------------
Old 10-04-2003, 03:57 AM
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Victoria and Daniel went to see a basket game on Friday and every kid wanted to hug Victoria
And Daniel is back in Stockholm and togather with Victoria

Victoria bjöd på kramkalas

Basketklubben Ockelbo har fått en ny supporter: kronprinsessan Victoria.
Tillsammans med pojk-vännen Daniel Westling hejade hon i går fram laget till vinst.
- Det syntes att hon höll på oss, säger Johan Stark, Ockelbos sportchef och Daniels vän.

Ungdomens hus i Rinkeby utanför Stockholm fick kungligt besök när hemmalaget Akropol BBK mötte Ockelbo BBK i basketligans säsongspremiär i går kväll.
Men det var inte Stockholmslaget som hade kronprinsessans stöd under matchen.
- Hon höll på Ockelbo. Det syntes under matchen, säger Johan Stark, sportchef i Ockelbo.
Kanske gav det resultat - Ockelbo vann över Akropol med 89-84.
Victorias sympatier för Ockelbo har sin förklaring. Pojkvännen Daniel Westling är född och uppvuxen i orten norr om Gävle.
Som mellanstadieelev spelade Daniel själv i Ockelbo BBK.

Brukar gå på matcherna
Klubbens sportchef Johan Stark berättar att de gick i skolan tillsammans. De har även gjort lumpen ihop.
- Daniel ringde och sa att de skulle komma. Han brukar gå på våra matcher när vi spelar i Stockholm.
Kronprinsessan Victoria och Daniel hade reserverat platser på innerplan. Det dröjde inte länge innan det celebra besöket uppmärksammades av större delen av publiken.
Spiros Gogos, styrelseordförande i Akropol BBK, tog hand om gästerna.
- Det var jättetrevligt. Barnen tyckte det var väldigt kul. Alla ville komma fram och krama Victoria, säger han.

Bjöds på kaffe och kakor
I pausen bjöds kronprinsessan och hennes sällskap på kaffe och kakor i VIP-rummet.
- Hon trivdes väldigt bra. Hon sa till mig att hon skulle komma fler gånger, säger Spiros Gogos.
Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg, hovets presschef, förvånas över kronprinsessan Victorias engagemang för basket.
- Hon är sportintresserad. Men jag har inte hört att hon skulle vara speciellt intresserad av basket, säger hon.
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Old 10-05-2003, 06:30 AM
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... he finally had his party! Yesterday Daniel celebrated his 30th birthday at Stallmästaregården in Stockholm. 100 guests joined the party and among the presents were clothes from NK and a specialdesigned golf bag.

Victoria fick äntligen fira Daniel
Victoria har äntligen fått fira sin pojkvän Daniels 30-årsdag. Mordet på Anna Lindh fick kungen att besluta om att festen skulle flyttas fram.

Ett hundratal gäster firade Daniel Westling på krogen Stallmästaregården i Stockholm på lördagskvällen.

Redan vid 18-tiden drogs rullgardinerna ner, skriver Aftonbladet. Gästerna fick trerätters. Daniel fick bland annat kläder fårn NK och en specialdesignad golfbag.
Life is like a box of chocolates... you'll never know what you're gonna get
Old 10-06-2003, 03:12 PM
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Swedish Crown Princess Victoria and her boy friend Daniel Westling (left) Friday, 03 October 2003, attended a swedish premier league basket ball game between home team Akropol of Stockholm suburb Rinkeby vs Ockelbo, which is the team Westling supports since it«s his birthplace.

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Old 10-26-2003, 06:34 AM
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October 26, 2003

"Daniel orkar inte längre"

Kronprinsessan Victoria, 26, och hennes pojkvän Daniel Westling, 30, är mitt inne i en kärlekskris.
Daniel mår dåligt och lider dagligen av att stå i rampljuset vid Victorias sida.
I går morse reste de därför bort på semester.
- De ville bara komma bort och vara ensamma med varandra. Daniel har fått nog, berättar en av parets vänner.

I går morse hade Daniel och Victoria bestämt träff utanför hans bostad på Östermalm i Stockholm.
Klockan 09.10 kom Daniel Westling ut, kånkande på två stora resväskor som han lastade in i sin Lexus.
Kronprinsessan Victoria kom i en svart Säpobil, hoppade ut och satte sig i Daniels bil.
Tio minuter senare var de på väg bort från Stockholm och till sitt semestermål.
Daniel och Victoria behöver nu all tid de kan få tillsammans.
Daniel Westlings rädsla och skygghet för att leva i offentligheten vid kronprinsessans sida har satt deras förhållande på prov.
- Daniel har fått nog av all uppmärksamhet. Han orkar inte längre att vara en offentlig person.
- Han hade aldrig trott att det skulle vara så här jobbigt, berättar en vän till paret.

Tillbakadragen och blyg
Daniel Westling har lidit av uppmärksamheten ända sedan det blev känt att han och Victoria blivit ett par.
Från sin hemort Ockelbo minns barndomskamrater och vänner honom som tillbakadragen och blyg.
- Då kan man lätt räkna ut hur han känner när han slängs rakt in i offentlighetens ljus, säger en av Daniels vänner till Expressen.
Daniels ovana att stå i rampljuset har tärt på hans och Victorias förhållande.
- På middagar har Daniel flera gånger berättat om hur dåligt han mår av att hela tiden bli igenkänd. Självklart medför det att förhållandet sätts på prov.
- Det för också med sig att Victoria mår dåligt. Hon lider av att se den hon tycker om må dåligt, berättar en av parets vänner.

Vägrade visa sig
För några veckor sedan firade Daniel Westling sin 30-årsdag på Stallmästaregården i Stockholm. Han täckte alla fönster med lakan och vägrade att visa sig.
- Det var en trevlig fest, väldigt generöst. Men visst kändes det lite konstigt att det var vakter överallt och att fönstren var täckta. Men alla vet att Daniel är i det närmaste maniskt rädd för offentligheten, berättar en av gästerna.

Jobbigt för Victoria
För Victoria är situationen jobbig. Hon har alltid värnat om att ingen i hennes närhet ska behöva lida på grund av henne.
- Det värsta Victoria vet är när de som hon håller närmast om hjärtat mår dåligt av att de dras med i hennes offentlighet. Det är precis vad som nu har skett, berättar en nära vän.
Hovets Morgan Gerle vill inte kommentera Victorias och Daniels plötsliga resa.
- Jag vare sig vill eller kan kommentera personliga uppgifter om privata vänner, och som inte ingår i kungliga hovstaternas verksamhet, säger han.
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Old 10-26-2003, 08:19 AM
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Honestly I can´t wait to see pictures of their holiday-trip! ( So I assume that I´m one of these nasty persons, who bother Daniel Westling that much ) I wonder if they went abroad to a more sunnier and warmer place?!
Old 10-26-2003, 12:22 PM
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The article says that Daniel is sick of the attention and that he is feeling bad and sad about the whole thing. Now he and Victoria have left the country to be able to "get away" for awhile.
So I don´t think we can expect a proposal or anything like that...
Life is like a box of chocolates... you'll never know what you're gonna get
Old 10-26-2003, 09:36 PM
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The article basically says:

-CP Victoria, 26, and boyfriend Daniel Westling, 30, are having trouble in their relationship.
-Daniel feels bad and does not want to always stand in the limelight at Victoria's side.
-"They just want to go away and be together with eachother. DAniel has had enough"
-Yesterday morning D & V decided to meet outside his home.
-Victoria and Daniel drove together to a place outside STockholm.
-Daniel and Victoria need time to be together.
- Danny boy has always felt that this would be hard, and has enough of this arrangement.
-He is uncomfortable at the publicity surrounding his relationship with Victoria.
-Victoria also feels bad about this.
-At Danny boy's 30th birthday, he closed all the windows and refused to show himself.
-He was afraid of the media, a friend thought it was odd that the windows were all closed and the blinds down. HOwever, it was a lovely party.
-It is a tough situation for Victoria. She knows that those she holds closest to her heart feel bad when they have to stand in her shadow.

Question: Did they break up? This article seems to imply just that....
Old 10-29-2003, 08:44 PM
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I´ve searched again, there´s no homepage. But I´ve found this on the site of stockholmsloppet (Stockholm run): Nr.1912 Daniel Westling **Mastertraining and time 1:45:37 (year 2000) I think it´s over 25 kilometer distance...really very sporty Sweden´s prince consort to be.
I wonder if it would be possible that Daniel Nyhlen becomes member of this posh mastertraining gym. Actually Daniel W.or his other co-workers can´t say no.
Old 10-31-2003, 03:25 AM
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"Vi har det härligt" Victoria på hockey - tittade lika mycket på Daniel som på pucken
NEW YORK. Vackra höstpromenader, romantiska middagar.
I natt toppade kronprinsessan Victoria och Daniel Westling med att se New York Rangers.
- Vi har haft det härligt, säger hon.
Prinsessan Victoria och pojkvännen Daniel Westling är på kärlekssemester i New York.
Staden är just nu är bländande höstvacker. Löven skiftar i gult, vinden är ljummen. En stad som gjord för romantik.
På måndag börjar Victorias officiella plikter, bland annat ska hon hålla i öppnandet av en Ilon Wiklund-utställning.
- Vi landade i lördags. Hittills har jag varit ledig. Det har varit jätteskönt, berättar hon.
I natt, svensk tid, kom Victoria och Daniel Westling till anrika Madison Square Garden där New York Rangers mötte Carolina Hurricanes.
Paret hade specialplatser bara sju rader bakom Rangers avbytarbänk.
Victoria och Daniel levde sig in i matchen, pratade och såg glada ut.

Skrek rakt ut
I stället för den vanliga publikens smaskande på korvar och öl åt Sveriges kronprinsessa ett äpple.
Victoria skrek rakt ut och slog sig mot huvudet av besvikelse när Rangers fick ett mål i baken, med cirka fyra minuter kvar av första halvlek.
Men trots att Victoria bott i New York är inte Rangers det helt givna favoritlaget.
- Nja, du vet man man hejar ju på svenskarna, man följer dem och håller på dem.
- Men självklart, när jag bodde här var det en hel del Rangers, säger Victoria som gjorde betydligt gladare miner när Rangers senare smällde in 3-1.

Glad och pratsam
Kronprinsessan har länge varit förtjust i New York, men en favoritplats i staden kan hon inte välja.
- Det är svårt. Det är en fantastisk stad. Alla stadsdelar har sina egenskaper, de är charmiga på sitt sätt.
Victoria är glad och och pratsam, förutom om en sak: Daniel.
Han är mindre van vid uppmärksamheten och vill helst hålla sig i skymundan.
Stämmer det, som det stått i svenska tidningar, att ni flytt hit för att komma undan den svenska pressen?
- Nej, nej, avbryter Victoria innan frågan ens ställts klart.
Har det varit romantiskt?
- Äh, lägg av, säger Victoria med ett stort skratt.
Men blickarna mellan paret talade sitt tydliga språk, under matchen tittade prinsessan minst lika mycket på Daniel som på pucken.
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Old 10-31-2003, 06:30 AM
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Finally! pictures
I doubt that they are staying in Daniel C´s apartment, but who knows :P
Life is like a box of chocolates... you'll never know what you're gonna get
Old 10-31-2003, 09:11 AM
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Yeeeeaaaah :woot: pictures!...but of course watching a sports match, how could I ever believe that we would see them at another place :P ...even if they would have been in the Caribbean, they would have probably watched a match there
Old 10-31-2003, 09:55 AM
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"Paret hade specialplatser bara sju rader bakom rangers avbytarbänk."
"The couple had special places just six rows behind the substitute bank of the Rangers"

What do you think of that? I wonder if she got those places through money, or if she reserved with her title. And probably the Aftonbladet-Reporter followed them already before the match....but if I don´t want to be seen, do I really always have to sit in the "loges"/ special places?! There would be probably places for "normal" citizens (they, want to be normal...or what ), where you would be a little bit hidden, but where you would have also a good view on the match!
Old 12-08-2003, 07:49 PM
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Originally posted by Lena@Dec 8th, 2003 - 8:56 am
And in the relationship to Daniel Westling are a lot of things, which don´t let assume, that they will marry soon.
What makes you belive this?
Wanna see a real good movie, just download it:
Old 12-08-2003, 07:54 PM
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The fact, that he is so shy in public...and until now I haven´t noticed any thing, that indicates that Daniel is preparing himself for the future as prince. And Victoria had so less time for him in the last months.
But of course I can be wrong.

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crown princess victoria, current events, daniel westling, relationships

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