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[FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Press report about the upcoming trip of the crown prince and princess to the Netherlands, shows pictures of the visit to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UE (2.05-2.26) and to Australia & New Zealand (2.53-3.25), also parts of the famous press conference in 2004 (from 3.39) during which Naruhito lashed out against the IHA (ends with a look (4.06) that seems to say, “There you have it!”)[/FONT]
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The December 23, 2016 TV special on CP Naruhito is on dailymotion:
皇室スペシャル2016 新時代 2016年12月23日 161223 - Video Dailymotion

There are long commercials (3-4 minutes) scattered throughout the 58 minute program which included stories from 3 classmates, lots of old footage, and re-enactments. There was something about Naruhito's school bag; a friend helping his search for a wife. I wish there was an English translation.
English subtitled TV program on CP Masako from 1997:
Chinese program on Crown Princess Masako (2 parts)

Part 1: How Naruhito and Masako met. Her childhood and career. IHA objections and marriage
Part 2: Stresses, fertility problems, mental breakdown, 2012 divorce rumors, Naruhito's devotion to Masako
From NHK archives... not youtube but this seemed the best place to post.

Video: Prince Naruhito’s 1st birthday, 1961

Video: Prince Naruhito’s 2nd birthday, 1962

Video: Crown Princess Michiko takes Prince Naruhito to Gakushuin kindergarten in 1964

Video: Prince Naruhito's kindergarten field trip in 1964

Video: Prince Naruhito graduates from Gakushuin kindergarten in 1966

Video: Prince Naruhito enters Gakushuin primary school in 1966

Video: Prince Naruhito’s 8th birthday

Video: Prince Naruhito at 9 years old. Studying geography and horseback riding with Prince Aya (Fumihito)

Video: Prince Naruhito's 13th birthday

Video: Prince Naruhito climbing in 1977

Video: Prince Naruhito comes of age (20) in 1980. Clips of university and press conference

Video: a clip of Prince Naruhito's coming of age ceremony in 1980

Video: Prince Naruhito at New Year’s Poetry Reading in 1983

Video: Prince Naruhito at Oxford, 1983

Video: Crown Prince Naruhito visits Spain, 1992

Video: CP couple visit the Middle East in 1995. The long planned visit began on January 20th, 3 days after the Great Hanshin earthquake. The couple returned 2 days earlier.

Video: CP couple visit Okinawa in 1997

Video: CP Masako speaks at the 50th anniversary of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce Women’s Association in April 1999. She had an increase in solo opportunities at this time.

Video: Crown Prince couple visit Yakushima, Kagoshima in May 2000. CP Masako's condition has recovered (from the miscarriage) and returned to public service.

Video: Princess Aiko’s 1st year, 2002

Video: Crown Prince couple visit a hospital in Australia during their December 2002 visit to New Zealand and Australia.

Video: 10th wedding anniversary in 2003

Video: Princess Aiko’s 2nd birthday in 2003. CP Masako spoke about motherhood at a reading promotion event in April. The CP family visiting a local park.

Video: Princess Aiko’s 3rd birthday in 2004

Video: Princess Aiko's 4th birthday in 2005

Video: Princess Aiko in 2006 - sports day, Chakko no Gi ceremony before 5th birthday

Video: Princess Aiko's first bus ride in April 2007 and sports festival at school

Video: Crown Prince couple visit Nagano Prefecture in June 2007. It was CP Masako's first regional visit in 8 months; she visited Tokushima Prefecture with CP Naruhito the previous October.

Video: Princess Aiko in 2008 - learning to ski, enters 1st grade

Video: Princess Aiko in 2010 - bullying incident, return to school

Video: CP couple attend the 15th anniversary of Great Hanshin earthquake. It was CP Masako's first overnight regional visit in 2 years.

Video: CP couple visit Miyagi Prefecture in June 2011

Video: retrospective for CP couple’s 20th wedding anniversary in 2013

Video: CP couple visit Fukushima in September 2013
TV Tokyo interview with Masako Owada in 1986 shortly after she passed the diplomatic examination. Video includes footage of 1993 engagement and press conference.
TV Tokyo Archives: Masako Owada bids farewell to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in February 1993
TV Tokyo combined all the 2020 footage for Emperor Naruhito's rice farming
November 1994 in Saudi Arabia, beginning a tour of the Middle East.
Review of Masako's year before her 57th birthday.
Visit to Oman on November 9-11, 1994
Visit to Qatar November 11-12, 1994
Highlight video: visit to Kuwait January 21-23, 1995

The Crown Prince couple visited Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Jordan from January 21 to 28, 1995. The Great Hanshin earthquake struck 3 days before the couple's departure on January 20 and there were considerations to postpone the trip. However, it was decided to proceed since the tour had already been postponed and arrangements were made with the countries to shorten the visit by 2 days.
Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako visited the United Arab Emirates January 23-26, 1995.
Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako visited Jordan February 26-27, 1995. The visit to Kuwait, United Arab Emeritus and Jordan was shortened by 2 days due to the recent Great Hanshin earthquake; the couple returned to Japan on January 29.
January 19, 1993: press conference after the engagement news
Prince Naruhito's Choken-no-Gi (audience) ceremony after his Coming of Age Ceremony on February 23, 1980
I think this is the first time I've heard Empress Kojun's voice. Also, Prince Naruhito could turn around to walk to his table whereas Imperial family members walk backwards in the Heisei era.
Crown Prince Naruhito, Crown Princess Masako and Princess Aiko at Tokyo Disneyland on March 13, 2006
Emperor Naruhito as running guide for blind track and field athlete Misato Michishita in 2018
Emperor Naruhito, Empress Masako, Princess Aiko and Yuri at Nasu Imperial Villa in August 2019 which turned out to be the last holiday retreat outside Tokyo before the pandemic arrived.
Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako visited Bahrain November 13-14, 1994.
Princess Aiko's 4th birthday video, harvesting sweet potatoes. Recorded November 3, 2005.
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December 8, 2001: Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako bring Princess Aiko home from the Imperial Household Hospital. The naming ceremony was held the day before.
Princess Aiko's 4th birthday video, harvesting sweet potatoes. Recorded November 3, 2005.

That's lovely! Love that "wow" from Masako and Aiko when Aiko pull a big sweet potato up:lol:

And thanks Youtube recommendation they showed me another cute video of Aiko back in 2004 (3 years old), filmed by Naruhito :wub:

August 2006: Crown Prince Naruhito's family privately visited the Netherlands for a 2-week recuperation at the invitation of Queen Beatrix. The trip also served as medical treatment for Crown Princess Masako's adjustment disorder.
A cute video of the family's dog Yuri.

Yuri used to be a rescued dog of a veterinary clinic, and joined the family in 2009. :flowers:

The family adopted Yuri after the previous dog Mari passed away. Mari's name is in Hiragana character (まり), Yuri's name could be written in Hiragana as well (ゆり) but the family chose the Kanji version (由莉) because at that time Aiko was capable to write Kanji characters (Hiragana is simpler than Kanji).
December 1999: Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako attend the wedding of Prince Philippe, Duke of Brabant, and Mathilde d'Udekem d'Acoz (now King and Queen Belgium)
Princess Aiko's school entrances and graduations, includes introductory visit to kindergarten ahead of the entrance
TV Tokyo compiled 2022 sericulture photos and footage into a video
ANN News Archive: Emperor Naruhito (Prince Hiro) with 12 winners of the Healthy Child Contest at Togu Palace on March 19, 1961.
Compilation video of Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako's September 16-17 visit to Hokkaido Prefecture for the 42nd National Sea Enrichment Convention
Longer video of Emperor Naruhito meeting participants of the G7 Speakers’ Meeting at the Imperial Palace on September 8
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