Which Country Could Become A Monarchy?

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Yeah, sure, the Fidesz of Prime Minister Orbán has all power but suddenly they want to install an Austrian family as hereditary heads of state? I would say: dream on, folks. We will sooner see monarchies ending than new monarchies emerging.

Unless a 'puppet royal family' would be helpful to further the causes of those in power...
I would like to see the restoration of some monarchies.
I would like to see Nepal restore its monarchy. Especially because it was the last monarchy to be abolished. And I would like to see Prince Paras Shah, and then his son, Prince Hridayendra, as kings.

I would also like to see some old European monarchy being restored. But unfortunately, it is very unlikely. :whistling:
I’ve always said Romania is the only country with a whisker of a chance of its monarchy being restored someday, but nowhere else.


There is a considerable political difference between the current President there and the government in regards to Russia. The population there is also somewhat divided over this issue. So a political neutral head of state as well as a cultural focal point and anchor might be what is needed. The Georgians have a considerable pride in their very long and troubled history and culture.
Nepal riot police rout protesters seeking restoration of monarchy

Is there really any possibility of Nepal becoming monarchy again? Is it genuine or just some kind of anti-government protest? IIRC, there was pro-monarchy rally some months ago.

I don't know if there is any chance of the monarchy being restored in Nepal. But I like to believe so.
I think that from time to time demonstrations are held calling for the restoration of the monarchy. But I don't know if there is any monarchist movement in Nepal, or if any political party supports the monarchy.
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