Welcoming new Moderator HRHHermione

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Site Team
Aug 13, 2004
São Paulo
I am pleased to advise that HRHHermione has agreed to join the Moderation Team.

She will be taking up a position as a Royal Family of Britain moderator from today.

HRHHermione is a regular contributor to a variety of forums and will be familiar to many members. She mostly posts in the British forum, which she will be moderating. In the year ahead we will see various exiting things in the UK, first and foremost the coronation of the new King. We are happy that HRHHermione will be there to support this forum.

She will be a great addition to the TRF team.

We will of course continue to look forward to her posts in the various forums, where she will continue to participate. We hope you will join us in welcoming her into her new role.

What good news.
Certainly HRHHermione will do a good job at TRF. :flowers:
:britflag: Congratulation HRH Hermione on your new moderating role.
Nice! Congrats to HRHHermione :flowers:
Congratulations, HRHHermione!

I look forward to your posts, and wish you luck moderating.
:royalscotland: :royalstandard:

:britflag: Congratulations HRHHermione on your new Royal Forums role as Moderator! :walesflag:
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