Verbier - The Winter retreat for Mary & Frederik

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Apr 18, 2010
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Since the house in Verbier is owned by M&F and has been owned by them for ten years or so by now and they go there every winter, perhaps in the summer as well, I think we can safely label it a residence.
Not least since the family will use it as their home for a good deal of early 2020.

What do we know about the house?
It's located on a slope and it consists of several stories or layers if you prefer. Seemingly located on a quiet road.

Here are two photos of the house:

We also know the house is located 7 minutes walk from the school M&F's children attends. That's roughly 700 meters or so.
So to me that suggests the house is located within the area I have marked on this map:

It's on a slope.
Surrounded by trees.
And in an area with byroads.

It was bought right after the Financial Crisis started and presumably at a bargain price. It was in somewhat poor condition.
(There are a number of Danes living in Verbier, or who have houses too in Verbier, so IMO it's likely they kept an eye out for a good deal and are quietly looking after and maintaining the house on behalf of M&F.)

Verbier, even though it's crawling with celebs and royals is known to be a very discreet place to stay. In line with the Swizz (and Austrian for that matter) mindset of deep respect for other people's privacy.
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As this house is going to be mentioned further, in particular in certain segments of the DK press, I have decided to move all further posts, pics and articles to this thread.

Here is something about the economy, dug up be the magazine Her & Nu and kindly brought to my attention be a fellow member. :flowers:

First a little bit about Frederik's personal economy
Apart from his apanage, he inherited an amount from Queen Ingrid that is estimated to be more than 10 million DKK. How much more is not known.

Queen Ingrid's fortune at her death amounted to more than 100 million DKK in cash and stocks, shares, bonds and so on. Not to mention jewellery (and presumably various pieces of art as well.)
One item was the invaluable ruby parue, Mary is wearing so often.

Her fortune was primarily divided between her three daughters. But at Least Frederik received something as well. (*)

In 2009 Frederik bought the house in Verbier for at least 10 million DKK, according to the previous owner, Karl Karlsson.
The house was renovated for an X amount and according to local estate agents the house now has a value of some 17.4 million DKK.
There is a mortgage in the house.
And it has preciously been rented out for 65.400 DKK a week. (**)

Prior to buying the house in Verbier, Frederik sold a large penthouse apartment in Paris for 15 million DKK.

In 1998 Frederik worked at the French embassy and it was at that time he moved into (and presumably bought) the apartment, at the Hôtel Amelot-de-Bisseuil mansion located in Rue Vieille du Temple in the Marais neighborhood.
I will leave it to French members to tell us about that neighborhood.
It is not confirmed whether it really was that apartment that was sold in 2009, but it is more than hinted that it was in the article.

- So Frederik invests a good deal of his money in real estate and considering how the prices have sky-rocketed in recent years, it's a good investment.

The big question I ask now is: Will M&F sell their house in Verbier, when there is less attention about the place? Say in a couple of years.

(*) A rough guess by me would be 30 million DKK to each of Queen Ingrid's daughters plus various personal items.
The rest was divided among others, Frederik being one.
So a guess by me says that Queen Ingrid's fortune amounted to at least 120 million DKK, since Frederik alone inherited more than 10 million DKK.

(**) So I guess that Frederik has earned some 5 million DKK over ten years, despite the Financial Crisis, on this house.
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Thanks Mulher - I assume the Airbnb advert has been taken out? Sounds like they’ve made a good investment renovating it and renting it out.
You are welcome. ?

Well, it's no longer for rent by the bureau, but there are still external links to the house.
Whether M&F will decide to rent it out privately is another matter. Don't think so though.

I wonder how often it was rented out though. A few weeks a year should cover maintenance, taxes, cleaning, heating and so on.
And the interest on the mortgage should be covered by the increased value of the property.
That it was owned by royals for ten years, may not decrease the value at least. That is, if M&F should decide to sell now.
With four children and their love of skiing, I wonder why M&F would be inclined to sell their place in Verbier even when they come home from the school term. Haven't they been using the place all along in the last ten years, without people knowing that the actually owned it? Real estate is an area that the Crown Prince uses for investment purposes quite successfully but they seem to use and enjoy this property a lot.
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