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Dec 29, 2012
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Royalty fascinates me. Charles and I were born same year 2 months apart so it gave me one more excuse to follow. I even have "the wave" down!:)
Hello, Dicey, and welcome to the forums. Enjoy your time here; this is a great place to practice your wave!
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Hi-dee-ho from my neck of the nape of the woods. I hope you enjoy and support members of the Forums as much as I do.. I have learned much and hope to learn more. Welcome!
Since you are a Charles contemporary - may I ask what (if any) concerns you share with him?
Since you ask, I just find him interesting in a curious way. Camilla intrigues me. I wonder if he is feeling his age and would like to pass the throne over and onto Wills. Just thinking.
Since you ask, I just find him interesting in a curious way. Camilla intrigues me. I wonder if he is feeling his age and would like to pass the throne over and onto Wills. Just thinking.
Thanks for the answer. In just my opinion, Charles has waited his whole life to reign and reign he will. I expect him to communicate more then Elizabeth II (his whole life has been a series of greater communications than Elizabeth II, IMHO). It will be a fascinating monarchy to observe, as he has been far in front of the popular idea on many issues - which have caught up to him in many cases.
If I were writing his bio - I'd call it Charles, the Futurist, because he has had an eye for the impacts of today's choices well into the future. He is fascinating.
I also find Camilla intriguing. I see her as a person who had to wait well into life to hit her fate or calling in life. Theirs is a fascinating relationship.
Again, welcome!
One interesting tidbit....on my travels (Europe, states) when I come upon a Brit I always ask their opinion about a couple of issues that interest me, such as Charles passing over the throne, (the other Diana's death) and it has been pretty popular that yes they would like to see that happen. Interesting.
I would like an auto-biography, written by Charles, giving us insight into what he felt was the reality of his life. This is what I call the back story of a life. Not something written by someone observing from the outside. I have recently read the auto-biography of Benjamin Franklin and Booker T. Washington. There are others that should be just as fascinating, and Charles would be one because of the length of time he has been in a supporting role.
:welcome: I hope you enjoy your time here. This is a great forum for those who are into royalty and history.
Yes, would be a fascinating book for sure. I mostly would love to hear about his inner most feelings (right) about Diana and that crazy time of his life.
Welcome to the forums. I was born in the year the Queen was crowned, which gave me a feeling of connection.
I would be stunned if Charles abdicated in favor of William. That would be shirking his duty. And the only king who ever abdicated was Edward VIII, a huge scandal that I doubt anyone would want to revive.
Abdication has been an option in other countries such as the Netherlands, but the UK? I highly doubt it.
I have always been fascinated by history and royalty too. I'm American, but all my ancestors were from countries with monarchies: England, Scotland, the Netherlands, and Hawai'i!
Thanks for the welcome......I just think that Charles can see the popularity of his son who is young and capable and Charles will be 65 next year and seems quite happy digging in his garden talking to his potatoes with his beloved Camilla. I would think he would rather just retire to the comforts of doing only what he really wants to do. I am more than sure this will not happen, its just what I think and how I would feel. Edward VIII abdicated, I believe, because he wanted to marry a divorcee which would not recognized by the chuch. With the longevity of the Queens bloodline he will probably be an old man when his time comes.
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