The Wit and Humour of Prince Philip

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Adding one for his birthday. I just finished reading A.N. Wilson's biography of Prince Albert. In the notes at the back, he said the Queen was very gracious and helpful and let it be known that a book about Albert was needed.

Then he says he ran into the Duke of Edinburgh while he was in the middle of writing.

"When he heard, he expressed the view, with characteristic forcefulness, that the world did not need 'yet another' book about Prince Albert." Wilson ventured that there had been hardly anything recently written about Albert. The DoE wandered off to speak to someone else, but then returned.

"There is one good aspect," he said. "Prince Albert had a very short life, so you can write a very short book."

(Albert's book was not short.) Philip's book will be long. :lol:


I wonder what Philip's problem was with Albert, lol?

I wonder what Philip's problem was with Albert, lol?

Probably 70-plus years of comparison with his sainted great-great-grandpa. Also he's undoubtedly thinking about people doing this about him.
Albert and Philip do have a lot in common to compare. From what I know of Prince Albert, he also had trouble adjusting being married to the Queen and sought ways to make himself useful and make a name for himself. Albert was also a modernizer which is part of Philip's makeup too. Both were "foreigners" marrying into the British royal family. Both couples were endearing love stories for their time. 😄
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